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cedkmartinguzman: it just does00:48
martinguzmancedk, but is there a way to get the domain to do a search and return the default value according to the field domain and the window action domain?00:50
cedkmartinguzman: I don't understand00:50
martinguzmancedk, for example: If have model with a Many2One field to stock.location (named to_location) with a domain = [(type,=,storage)]. Then I have a window action of that model with domain=[(to_location.code,=,LAB)]. What I want is to create a default method (default_to_location) inside the model and return the first  item in the result when searching applying both domains... Is it possible?00:57
cedkmartinguzman: no00:58
martinguzmancedk: ok, thanks! :-)01:01
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katrcedk: What do you think about a day view for GooCalendar?23:07

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