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jeancavalloHi all ! Is there a way to know if a given field has been loaded on a record ?11:55
jeancavalloI have a One2Many field with   lazy_loading enable, and would like to be able to work differently depending on whether or not it's loaded11:56
cedkjeancavallo: I don't think it is possible and even it is a bad practice12:17
katrcedk: What do you think about a day view for GooCalendar?14:51
cedkkatr: it will be a good improvement14:54
katrcedk: Great, maybe I can provide a patch someday.15:00
katrcedk: Is the calendar view already implemented in SAO?15:02
nicoekatr: the calendar view was not planned in the sao poc15:40
katrnicoe: O.K.16:35
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