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sisalpI'm told the macintosh keyboard is not fully "mac" with tryton08:40
sisalpin particular shift-lock doesn't lock numbers on the top of a french keyboard08:41
sisalpany mac addict with french keyboard to confirm ?08:41
Guest72696I found this to install tryton fom source:12:58
Guest72696hg nclone
Guest72696this installs last ver (2.9). How can I install Ver. 2.8 with hg ?12:59
cedkhg nclone
Guest72696Thank you, cedk !13:14
Guest89291Someone knows where to get JasperReport module for tryton 2.8 ?14:14
cedkGuest89291: I think you should ask to someone from NaN-tic14:55
cedkGuest89291: I guess it is here:
cedkGuest89291: but it seems they never did a release14:59
Guest89291ok cedk, thanks!15:22
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cedkbechamel: I rename pyson_domain into condition to match better Tryton naming for generic D&D17:41
bechamelcedk: ok*17:48
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beantechhi, when I start tryton using ./tryton then tryton uses /etc/tryton.conf if I use sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"23:28
beantech then I dont know where the tryton server is getting the conf from as it's not using the settings in /etc/tryton.conf.  How can I locate the conf?23:29
cedkbeantech: normally it outputs a log message about the configuration used23:41
beantechcorrect the message is "INFO:server:using default configuration"23:41
beantechSo it would suggest the it's using the conf in the etc folder of the tryton installation ":~/workspace/tryton_28/trytond-2.8.2/etc"23:43
cedkbeantech: so it uses no file23:43
beantechCan I start trytond using the conf in the local install eg :~/workspace/tryton_28/trytond-2.8.2/etc ?23:44
cedkbeantech: why not23:46
beantechSorry I see if I run ./bin/trytond then it uses that local file.23:46
cedkbeantech: if you don't specify a configuration file, it tries to find one in specific places23:48
beantechThanks for your assistance.  I getting into trouble becuase postgresql didnt have a user with correct permissions.  And the conf file issue was a little confusing.  But you have clarified it for me.23:56

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