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jvblascohow did u configure trytond to behave as a stateless server?13:03
cedkjvblasco: what do you mean?13:04
jvblascocedk: when u connect through json-rpc it keeps a session for that connection. I need the server to ignore user sessions13:05
jvblascocedk: is it posible?13:05
cedkjvblasco: no13:05
jvblascocedk: and how do u load balance tryton? For scalability purposes i mean13:06
cedkjvblasco: just run many servers13:06
cedkjvblasco: by the way, it is not linked to the stateless of the server13:08
jvblascocedk: but the load balancer doesn't keep track of tryton users sessions. I mean, if i have multiple tryton servers behind a load balancer, a user creates a session on server1 and the next request the balancer throws it to server2 u may have problems13:08
jvblascocedk: what do u mean?13:08
cedkjvblasco: why?13:09
jvblascocedk: cause server 2 may not be aware of user session in server113:09
jvblascocedk: don't really know if tryton implements any way to share sessions across a server cluster13:10
jvblascocedk: cause the token u receive when u loggin in server1 may not be usable in server213:11
jvblascocedk: login*13:11
jvblascocedk: maybe i made the bad question, sorry but my english is not as fluent as my spanish, is there a way to deactivate tryton token management?13:13
jvblascocedk: to behave like openERP does, u must authenticate for every request.13:13
corrojvblasco: since Tryton 2.4 (IIRC) the session is stored in the database and is therefore shared for all servers using the same database13:16
jvblascocorro: i c13:18
jvblascocorro: that should do the trick13:18
jvblascocorro: i'm having some issues with a prestashop module though13:18
corrojvblasco: not sure I can help with that13:19
jvblascoi uses the same connection backend that the magento module uses, but not sure why prestashop after some time crashes and i need to restart the server13:19
jvblascowhen magento doesn't have any issues at all13:19
jvblascotruth be told, magento makes 5 calls in the checkout process when prestashop is doing around 15-20 calls to the server13:20
jvblascowith almost the same code13:20
jvblascoi thought the session could be an issue13:21
jvblascoi will need to do more testing13:23
jvblascobtw if anyone wants to integrate someday with any ecommerce platform, avoid prestashop...13:24
jvblascojust my 2 cents13:24
lidsis is there a reason to keep data_ids instead of using ids ?14:30
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