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grek324Hello, is it possible to add shipment to sale with product of type  service, so that this shipment is related to that sale.?15:18
cedkgrek324: no stock moves are forbidden for service15:26
WUDHi, are the reports stored somewhere in the database?15:35
cedkWUD: no15:38
WUDI have updated one of my reports, but the updated changes aren't appearing15:43
WUDI've deleted everything and re installed my module n number of times15:43
WUDbut It's still picking picking up the old file15:43
WUDdoing a find also, only reveals two instances of that file15:43
lidsyou have to restart the trytond process to make it use the new report.. i hope it helps15:46
WUDDone that, didn't work15:47
b0r7WUD: did you 'register' your report in e.g sale.xml15:47
WUDyes, I have15:47
WUDI think the problem is something else15:47
WUDI set the contents of the file from the Tryton15:47
b0r7WUD: just looked at that option for the first time, do you mean you set Keywords via gui, yes? maybe the correspondnend 'markers' have to go in the report file aswell? (just guessing here)15:51
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