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WUDHow do I setup unoconv to run on another server07:57
WUDunoconv = pipe,name=trytond;urp;StarOffice.ComponentContext07:57
WUDif it's on a different machine on the same local network, what would the settings be07:57
cedkACTION thinking about unsubscribe to tryton ML because it becomes all I dislike10:17
udonocedk: I do not understand.10:25
cedkudono: lot of people just comment without knowing Tryton10:26
cedkudono: using authority arguments10:29
udonocedk: Another way could be to just response to discussions you really like/interested in/want...10:34
udonocedk: The authority argument I dislike too, when there is a correct quote and source missing, which I can proof. But the authority argument can be very good, too, because it shortcuts long discussions and decision making. Like saying "Tryton implemented the Active Record Pattern from Fowler." So IMHO the authority argument has two sides.10:41
cedkudono: your example is not an authority argument10:42
cedkudono: it is just a fact10:42
cedkudono: I don't see what makes your statement not a fact10:59
udonocedk: Yes it is a fact,  because "A fact [...] is something that has really occurred or is actually the case." I just mean it is not a helpful explanation for me, why my example should not be an authority argument. IMHO everything we can seriously talk about is made of facts...11:08
WUDIs there a specific extension that needs to be installed for LibreOffice If I have to convert my dot to a png?14:19
WUDusing unoconv14:19
WUDBecause I can't see an export to png option in unoconv14:19
WUDcedk: ?14:23
nicoeWUD: is this conversion available in unoconv and not in tryton?14:33
WUDIt's available in Tryton14:33
WUDodt to png14:34
WUDIt lists as an option, I'm just wondering if there are specific components I'd have to install14:34
nicoeWUD: I tried using unoconv on the command line to convert an odt to a png and it throws an error, so I guess there is something missing14:38
WUDwhat's the error?14:38
WUDerror 3088?14:38
WUDyou have libreoffice 4.0?14:38
nicoeWUD: ErrCode 207414:39
sharoonthomasnicoe: can you try without the --stdout arg ?14:39
nicoeI don't use the stdout switch14:39
nicoesharoonthomas: Here's my command line "unoconv -f png liste_vol.odt"14:40
WUD4.0 nicoe ?14:40
nicoeWUD: But I guess you should report your problem to libreoffice devs14:40
sharoonthomasnicoe: can you try with a different format say pdf14:41
nicoeWUD: 4.1.214:41
nicoesharoonthomas: it works with pdf14:41
WUDsame problem with me14:41
WUDmy PDF works, my PNG doesn't14:41
sharoonthomasnicoe: i think it needs additional packages to convert to png (which are not included in the core)14:42
nicoesharoonthomas: maybe14:50
WUDcan you tell me what additional packages sharoonthomas14:50
sharoonthomaswud: not sure anymore. see:
sharoonthomaswud: not sure about the package for conversion to PNG... is that what you are trying to do as well ?15:02
sharoonthomaswud: the README file seems to say the same thing "Various sub-packages are needed for specific import or export filters, e.g. XML-based filters require the xsltfilter subpackage, e.g. libobasis3.5-xsltfilter"15:03
WUDlet me look aroun for a suitable15:05
brenohey guys, do any of you have checked out erpnext? Any impressions? I was already settled with using tryton after reviewing OpenERP and a few others, both technical, community and licensing issues were the major points.15:30
brenoI just came across nexterp and before diving in it by myself I was wondering if any of you had any impressions about it?15:31
cedkbreno: errg! MySQL :-(15:34
brenocedk: haha yeah, MySQL is one big minus15:34
brenobut as far as getting a first minimum viable product going on that web interface really looks tempting15:36
brenowill have to dig deeper, it seems that architecture-wise it ain't very solid, they just have nailed a pretty polished web interface (bootstrap/jquery) with some nice RESTful integration with the backend15:37
cedkbreno: tax system seems limited15:39
brenocedk: oh! care to just namecheck a few areas in which you consider it limited?15:40
giedriusbreno: you should not take seriously an erp which is using MySQL as primary db (also i don't understand why tryton has the support for it)15:54
brenowell, i'd reckon that tryton is not exactly an erp, its a business framework which just happens to have an erp client as its official showcasing product15:55
brenoso you might say it's possible for instance to have a non-critical but still business-oriented app that could happen to run fine with the mysql or even sqlite backends that tryton also supports15:56
brenogiedrius: but for proper erp objectives yeah you're probably right :)15:56
giedriusbreno: what do you mean by "business-oriented" app?15:57
brenogiedrius: say, I develop an internal project management app for an advertising agency that happens to be powered with Tryton's project management module15:59
brenogiedrius: business-oriented yes, so critical that it rules out any possibility of using MySQL? perhaps not15:59
giedriusbreno: does contact form on company's website is business-oriented app?16:01
brenogiedrius: haha oh well16:08
giedriusbreno: what i want to point out is, that orientation doesn't matter, what matters is functionality, performance, stability, usability, customizability, etc. So to be constructive, its better to speak in these dimensions16:09
brenogiedrius: I was trying to find the original ticket were a discussion about implementing the MySQL Backend might have taken place, only found this "Add MySQL backend to Tryton (issue201067)"!topic/tryton-dev/ygr8Po1lx80 And there's no reference to that issue in the Tryton Roundup tracker page. Perhaps cedk can clear out why he though it was sound to integrate MySQL/sqlite into tryton16:11
brenogiedrius: agreed!16:11
giedriusbreno: speaking about tryton, in my opinion, is useless as framework itself. All the benefit you get from modules.16:11
brenogiedrius: oh, yeah, you probably misunderstood me. By framework I mean Tryton + base modules. Not so much Tryton as a client.16:13
brenogiedrius: for instance, in my case, I'm trying to build a web app that implements a simple (or as simple as possible) ERP for peruvian SMBs16:14
cedkbreno: because it was simple16:14
brenocedk: :)16:14
brenogiedrius: so I have no use for the PyGTK client, what I want to build is Django abstraction layer + frontend on top of Tryton, either through Proteus, JSON-RPC or Tryton as Python modules (I'm also checking out nereid)16:16
giedriusbreno: i understand, sometimes it is possible to use MySQL, but i don't see reason wanting to do this as postgresql is much more advanced and in the same time both being free, open source, well supported, etc :)16:21
brenogiedrius: oh! yeah, I'm def going with PostgreSQL ;)16:22
pokoligiedrius: do you have benchmarks about review1371002?16:24
giedriuscedk: it might was easy to implement, but doesn't it waste your time, as i saw some people complaining about problems with tryton+mysql and you telling them to use postgresql?16:24
cedkgiedrius: now it is possible to move it to external package16:25
cedkgiedrius: so it was more a POC that we can support other backend16:25
giedriuscedk: i see16:26
brenocedk: are the talks in the Unconference going to be taped?16:27
cedkbreno: we will try16:28
brenobugger, I'm from Barcelona but I live in Peru ;)16:28
pokoligiedrius: thanks!16:29
giedriuspokoli: np16:29
brenocedk: cool! without spoiling your talk, can you point me somewhere where I can read some more info regarding your "Why you should not do localization modules?" talk? Perhaps there is some discussion about it in tryton-dev? Because what I was about to do was just that, start working on a peruvian localization module, starting with the accounts chart and everything16:31
brenocedk: might not be the recommended way to proceed nowadays?16:31
cedkbreno: account chart is ok16:31
brenocedk: cool16:32
cedkbreno: it is about all the others when people think their country is unique16:33
brenocedk: lol, understandable16:33
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