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WUDI think its safe to say that at this point, the conversion of report to png, jpg or gif doesn't work in Tryton07:20
hedonism_WUDunoconv doesn't work too well09:23
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tonystarkhello, anybody here?19:50
tonystarkI've got a couple easy questions that needs answers before even trying out Tryton19:52
tonystarkThe reson I've decided at all to give Tryton a look is my problems configuring OpenERP and the way OE have chosen to set up the modularity of the system. I feel there are too many entry-points and different names for the same thing. As I've read tryton seems to be more concise and I wonder if that goes also for the way you define the information that is going to be accumulated in the system.19:55
tonystarkSecondly I wonder if there is a web-client like in OpenERP?19:55
tonystarkThe main reason I ask these things is that I've not found any screenshots/demos of tryton in action that gives hints about the way it looks and works. OpenERP is nice and working for me, but already at early stage I feel it will be hard to have consistency in the system for other adminusers than myself, much of the order in the system (OE) is left on me as my responsibility and I feel that a less orderly admin would be able to make t19:59
tonystarkeven trying to mess things up (but finding own ways to add information, wich would not be wise in the long run as I see it)19:59
Piloutonystark: web client:
tonystarkso by pointing to a mercurial-page you want to emphasize that ths is a developers-channel?20:03
tonystarkPilou: bump20:04
tonystarkgood thing you posted the issue-history.. raised a warning right away considering how few developers there are combined with a lack of local representatives that sells support on tryton20:12
lidsafaik this web client is still under developement, not sure it got released yet20:13
lidsthere is an other one here :
lidsbut it's not backed by the same development team20:14
tonystarkstarts to sound like a great idea guarded by high ideals :)20:15
tonystarkhope it works out, because most of the web and the clients thereon are cheats that degrades at best decently and assumes lots of things about the users20:16
lids ! you can try it here20:18
lidsthe goal is to support the same functionalities as the gtk client i think20:19
lids(admin / admin for the demo login)20:20
tonystarkcant even load the page, something with the certificates prob20:20
tonystarkthe url of the certificate does not match the actual url of the site20:21
tonystarkissuer is
lidswell, i saw the url on irc, i don't think it's official20:22
lidsthough it's already pretty functionnal20:22
lidsbut may not be enough for tonystark's armour20:23
tonystarkI'm looking for something that is good in production right away20:23
tonystarkwill keep an eye on tryton and eventually when it gets ripe I'll do a migration from OpenERP20:24
lidsthe gtk client and server are, but for the web client, i'll let somebody else speak :)20:25
tonystarkgot to give OE creds for having a pretty finished project (though I'll have to manage it by myself as I it, because of the messiness in general)20:25
lidsahah :)20:26
tonystarkEmployees can only access thru phone and I would have to x-forward the gtk-client.. not up for daily remote x-sessions.20:28
tonystarkencrypted remote x-sessions are still things for a more patient kind that myself :S20:31
tonystarkBut as I stated earlier, I'll be open to migration when (and if) tryton reaches a more stable point. Was in on pylons (a smart web framwork) early on and got a sour lesson on open source projects20:34
cedktonystark: Tryton is stable20:37
cedktonystark: running one installation since 200920:39
tonystarkcedk: bad wording.. meant the project in alles, documentation, user-base and foremost web-client (not gui relient)20:40
pokoliHi, how can I have access to edit wiki pages? I tried to edit want I have created an issue on wiki. It is the correct workflow?20:41
cedkpokoli: I can give you access if you give me your google account20:43
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pokolicedk: sended in PM! Thanks20:45

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