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SpartanWarriorhiya guise, someone with experience on nereid-project?00:25
SpartanWarriorI'm having some trouble with the install :(00:25
WUDHi, if I have to send an attachment with an email using get_smtp_server08:21
giedriussharoonthomas: mirror is out of date. No 3.0 branch and no new modules09:18
sharoonthomasgiedrius: ah! i need to update the script to setup the 3.0 branch09:18
sharoonthomasgiedrius: which are the new modules ?09:18
giedriussharoonthomas: dunning, bank, timesheet_cost, etc09:19
sharoonthomasgiedrius: thanks09:20
sharoonthomasgiedrius: will set things up probably EOD09:20
giedriussharoonthomas: upstream trytond cannot be run without these modules09:20
giedriussharoonthomas: can i help you somehow? Wouldn't it be good idea to write a script which does all these things automatically when new release or module is available?09:21
sharoonthomasgiedrius: yes of course, let me find the repo of the code which does the mirroring for you09:23
sharoonthomasgiedrius: the new 3.0 branches are up and also the new modules11:05
sharoonthomasgiedrius: let me know if there is anything missing11:05
katrHi! I noticed that Nereid adds an email and phone field on the address model.11:38
katrIs this really necessary? Can it not just re-use the contact mechanism model?11:39
cedkkatr: yeps, for me it is a mistake11:55
katrkatr: O.K., maybe something for the upcoming code sprint :).11:58
sharoonthomaskatr: thats something we want to fix, but just wondering how to do it without breaking backward compatibility12:34
sharoonthomaskatr: i have created a new issue to do the change: feel free to send a pr to the develop branch12:40
katrsharoonthomas: I already follow Nereid on github. Thanks for the great project!13:13
katrsharoonthomas: I hope it will be merged soon.13:13
katrsharoonthomas: ...into Tryton core.13:14
sharoonthomaskatr: i hope so too, are you coming to barcelona ?13:19
mariomophi, I need to fill a libreoffice variable with a tryton variable, I mean in libreoffice you can set variables, but I do not know how can I give the value I see in the tryton placeholder, for example, <line.accumulated_amount>14:47
mariomopI was told that in calc you can use something like: tryton://line.accumulated_amount, but that's not working for me in writer14:49
pokolimariomop: you can have a look at account_invoice report to know it15:46
mariomopok! I'll look at it15:47
mariomoppokoli: don't know if I got it... do you mean the "<choose test=...>" selector?16:02
mariomoppokoli: i'm trying to set an accumulated value to show it in the footer, a subtotal or partial total16:03
pokolimariomop: I don't know how to do this16:04
mariomoppokoli: ok, thanks anyway16:05
pokolimariomop: a normal field would be <invoice.number and ' ' + invoice.number or ''>16:05
pokolimariomop: but i don't know how to accumulate in relatorio16:05
mariomopok, my problem is not the accumulation, but how to set a "libreoffice" variable, with a value taken from a tryton variable, like <line.accumulated_amount>16:06
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smarromariomop: i think you can add your variable to the report context in the parser method, and then you can use it like a field16:17
mariomopsmarro: yes, I was thinking about doing that, I'll give it a try16:19
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motaroQuestion: I have in a form, various fields that point to an 'party.address', now I thought to save some time by creating a single One2One class where I point every field to use it. In my mind every field would instantiate a new object for it, but it seems that all the fields are pointing to the same instantiation.22:01
motaroThe first thought to solve it is to make a new class for every field, but that seems silly to me.22:02
motaroThe other thought is to change the fields on the class, that instead of being Many2One, make them Many2Many, but then I would have to make two separate mapping classes.22:04
motaroThis whole logic of the relations are still fuzzy on my head.22:05
cedkmotaro: a general advise is that you probably don't need one2one22:22
motarocedk: How could I make a field, where you select an object that exists?22:52
motaroIn this case are party.address22:53
cedkmotaro: yes a Many2One22:55

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