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motaroAnother issue, in Many2Many relation I want to show it the concatenation of elem1[0] + "," + elem2[1], or something like it?00:10
motaroTree control where the Many2Many field should appear I want to take the concatenation of id field in the list of objects.00:12
motaroAs a representation of the selected objects.00:12
motaroLittle by little I think I'm getting this.00:12
lidshas anyone cloned python-sql on github ?13:04
sharoonthomaslids: you mean mirror ?13:38
sharoonthomaslids: I maintain the mirrors for the tryton repos available on hg.tryton.org13:42
sharoonthomaslids: python-sql seems to be maintained elsewhere13:42
lidsoh cool, thanks for your repositories, they are pretty handy :)13:44
lidspython-sql is on google code13:44
sharoonthomaslids: ah ok13:44
lidsyou have some script that handle the mirroring ? it's easy to add a repository ?13:45
motaroHello everyone18:12
motaroI want to make a field visible, if a certain value from a 'fields.Selection' is picked. Anyone?19:51
Piloumotaro: see
Piloumotaro: sample:
motaroPilou: Thank you, I wanted to know cause the example I saw uses the a type field that I'm not sure where is located.19:59

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