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joarpokoli: ping16:17
pokolijoar: pong16:17
joarpokoli: the GeneratingReports UseCase for npo-acct has been expanded;
joarare you available to help me figure out if tryton support the reports listed there?16:23
pokolijoar: of course16:25
pokolijoar: let me read it16:25
joarpokoli: is related16:28
pokolijoar: I think we miss someones16:32
pokolijoar: but i not expect tryton working for your use case without customization :)16:32
pokolijoar: We have Trial Balance, Chart of accounts16:34
pokolijoar: I think that we need a very little customization for Income/Expenses Report. The information is there, but I'm not sure is presented the way you want :)16:34
joarthat's possible using the report generating templates, right?16:35
pokolijoar: Yes thats possible16:35
joarit seems that you do not have any object type corresponding to "Fund" though16:35
pokolijoar: about the "Fund" is like having budgets?16:35
pokolijoar: I know a module for budgets (but it isn't on tryton official module)16:36
joarI'm not sure myself16:36
joarLet's continue this discussion in #npoacct, so bkuhn can assist16:36
pokolijoar: oks16:37
zodmanACTION waiting ced recordings 18:10
pokolizodman: there are funny parts :D18:20

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