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2013-11-12 16:58 <breno> hi, quick (and probably obvious) question
2013-11-12 16:59 <breno> does nereid use flask as a json-rpc client to trytond?
2013-11-12 16:59 <cedk> breno: no, it import trytond
2013-11-12 17:00 <breno> cedk: thanks cedric, we'll review the code to see how it handles serving requests :)
2013-11-12 17:01 <pokoli> hi, i'm generating the states attribute of field on the fly (via fields_get). How can I put a variable inside the pyson statement?
2013-11-12 17:04 <cedk> pokoli: Eval
2013-11-12 17:05 <SpartanWarrior> \0
2013-11-12 17:05 <pokoli> cedk: It's not eval, because i want to evaluate the variable on fields_get, not on the client
2013-11-12 17:07 <cedk> pokoli: it is not possible because model and view are separated
2013-11-12 17:08 <pokoli> cedk: line 62. The hardcoded 44 must be the content of variable in fields_get
2013-11-12 17:09 <cedk> pokoli: so put
2013-11-12 17:10 <pokoli> cedk: AssertionError: statements must have the same type
2013-11-12 17:11 <pokoli> cedk: was the first thing I tryied before asking
2013-11-12 17:11 <cedk> pokoli: you must put a correct typed value for .get
2013-11-12 17:12 <jeancavallo> pokoli: get('id', 0) != 44
2013-11-12 17:12 <breno> cedk: ok so it seems nereid is reimplementing trytond with flask as a basis (from what we can gather in nereid/
2013-11-12 17:15 <pokoli> jeancavallo: thanks worked!
2013-11-12 17:15 <pokoli> cedk: jeancavallo: now another error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'
2013-11-12 17:16 <pokoli> but the model_name field is in the view :S
2013-11-12 17:16 <jeancavallo> pokoli: Are you sure it is in the same Eval ?
2013-11-12 17:17 <corro> breno: I don't think nereid is 'reimplementing' anything. It just imports trytond as a module and uses it's functionality without RPC interface. Just like the small example in the wiki:
2013-11-12 17:20 <pokoli> jeancavallo: maybe it's another Eval
2013-11-12 17:23 <pokoli> ACTION still testing if it's the same Eval or not
2013-11-12 17:26 <hellhound> corro: hi there, I have another question regarding what breno was asking. From what I could gather reading the TrytonServer code, there's are some other tasks that aren't called on the nereid wsgi app, specifically those that are in the ir.cron module.
2013-11-12 17:28 <corro> hellhound: I'm don't really know nereid yet, but that's most certainly true, yes. It does not make sense running a cron task in a wsgi worker process.
2013-11-12 17:28 <hellhound> corro: yes, that's true
2013-11-12 17:29 <hellhound> corro: how does nereid deals with those tasks?
2013-11-12 17:29 <nicoe> hellhound: I guess nereid does not deal with them
2013-11-12 17:30 <hellhound> corro: I believe that in that case trytond and nereid should be running side-by-side to cover that area
2013-11-12 17:31 <corro> hellhound: like nicoe said, that's nothing for nereid to handle. I have a small script you might be interested in, hang on.
2013-11-12 17:33 <pokoli> jeancavallo: It's the same Eval, but I'm getting None for the Eval('report_name') and default value is None. It was a wrong definition of report_name function field. So it's working by now.
2013-11-12 17:34 <jeancavallo> pokoli: Nice :)
2013-11-12 17:34 <hellhound> corro: cool
2013-11-12 17:35 <corro> hellhound: It's mostly an extraction of the cron implementation of trytond, so you don't have to run the whole server. I run this alongside my wsgi processes.
2013-11-12 17:36 <breno> corro: and you're using nereid? or another framework?
2013-11-12 17:37 <corro> breno: No, I'm running trytond inside a wsgi server (uWSGI) for load balancing purposes.
2013-11-12 17:38 <breno> corro: and how are you handling requests?
2013-11-12 17:42 <corro> breno: There is a patch for wsgi support in codereview: I found it mature enough for my purposes, but keep in mind it's neither official nor throughoutly tested.
2013-11-12 17:43 <pokoli> corro: so why not pushing it to trytond core?
2013-11-12 17:43 <corro> pokoli: It's not my patch, but I'd be happy to see it in core
2013-11-12 17:44 <breno> corro: cool! we'll take a look at it :)
2013-11-12 17:58 <cedk> pokoli: it is because it doesn't yet fully support the json-rpc functionnality
2013-11-12 17:59 <cedk> pokoli: for example, it doesn't server static file so it can not be used for sao (yet)
2013-11-12 17:59 <breno> cedk: are there plans to upload the videos from TUB talks to youtube or anything like that?
2013-11-12 18:00 <cedk> breno: yes, in fact, I'm currently copying them on my machine :-)
2013-11-12 18:00 <breno> cedk: nice!
2013-11-12 18:00 <cedk> breno: but we have some work to do on them before uploading
2013-11-12 18:01 <breno> cedk: what kind of work? perhaps we can help
2013-11-12 18:01 <cedk> breno: we get almost all the talks (except the first and one that was cut)
2013-11-12 18:02 <cedk> breno: just reduce the size, sync the sound with the video and make some montage
2013-11-12 18:02 <breno> cedk: yikes, was the first one the "How to release module" one?
2013-11-12 18:04 <cedk> breno: no the order was different
2013-11-12 18:05 <breno> cedk: oh ok, if you need help with the videos let me know, i got a media guy who has a lot of free time, you'd need to upload everything to dropbox or something though
2013-11-12 18:10 <pokoli> cedk: I see, there is any plans to implement it? Some issue related?
2013-11-12 18:11 <cedk> pokoli: I don't work right now on it
2013-11-12 18:11 <cedk> pokoli: but if someone provide the changes we could included
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2013-11-12 21:46 <SpartanWarrior> any hint of where would i find the cron module docs? :(
2013-11-12 23:02 <pokoli> SpartanWarrior: I'm not sure its documented. Can you explain your problem?
2013-11-12 23:20 <SpartanWarrior> well, I'm not having a problem exactly, I wanted to see some kind of reference before lurking the source, afaik it loads a model and calls a named method from it, besides some other metainfo
2013-11-12 23:23 <pokoli> SpartanWarrior: you have to take in account that your method is executed by the cron user
2013-11-12 23:24 <pokoli> SpartanWarrior: i have to go know, but if you look at the code it will give you a very good idea about what it happens :P
2013-11-12 23:32 <SpartanWarrior> in looking forward into it, don't worry :D i got more confident lol
2013-11-12 23:45 <oscar> How see translatated selection field in reports?
2013-11-12 23:49 <oscar> How can I see The second element (the human-readable name) from selection field on a report?

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