IRC logs of #tryton for Wednesday, 2013-11-13 #tryton log beginning Wed Nov 13 00:00:02 CET 2013
zodmanACTION want to see the tub2013 videos :)06:55
visheshHow do I get inactive records? Once records are set active=False, can they be retreived back via tryton api?09:38
rmuvishesh: something like09:56
rmuwith Transaction.set_context({"active_test": False})09:56
rmudon't know exact syntax, you should be able to find examples in tryton modules09:56
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sisalphello, is there some support offering for Tryton in Portugal ?13:55
cedksisalp: not to my knowledge14:14
motaroGood morning ladies and gentlemen.15:21
motaroHow can I disable the sort of a field in treeview?15:48
cedkmotaro: click on the header until it is not sorted15:50
motarono I mean programmaticaly15:55
cedkmotaro: you can define the order in act_window15:56
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