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grasbauergetting: ProgrammingError: can't adapt type 'array.array'12:04
grasbauercreating new database in 3.012:04
cedkgrasbauer: use python-sql 0.212:05
grasbauercedk: solved ;)12:08
cedkgrasbauer: be careful to use the right version of library defined in setup.py12:09
grasbauercedk: lot of versions on this dev-server - starting with 2.4 - need to setup clean virtualenv12:10
cedkgrasbauer: the easiest is to run python in the virtualenv of each server12:13
cedkgrasbauer: of python develop if you need to develop on the source base12:13
grasbauercedk: yes12:14
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sharoonthomasI just created a new report from the admin model view of but the report itself does not appear along with the model16:12
sharoonthomasany clues ?16:13
cedksharoonthomas: must add a keyword16:16
sharoonthomascedk: ok16:16
sharoonthomascedk: still does not seem to be working16:22
sharoonthomascedk: how do i do the equivalent of choosing a model but not the record on the keyword record from the GUI16:23
jeancavallosharoonthomas: Can you post a pastebin of your xml ?16:24
sharoonthomasjeancavallo: i don't have the xml, i just duplicated the invoice report from the GUI and am trying to do the same thing i would normally do from xml16:26
jeancavallosharoonthomas: Ouch. Good luck then...16:27
corrosharoonthomas: I have some experience with this. First, which report did you duplicate?16:28
sharoonthomascorro: invoice16:28
corrosharoonthomas: just as I thought. Invoice does not have a keyword by default16:29
sharoonthomascorro: ok16:29
corrosharoonthomas: second, do you get an error when you try to add a keyword with a model selected but no record?16:30
sharoonthomascorro: no error, but the reference field does not get saved16:30
corrosharoonthomas: what version of the client are you using?16:31
sharoonthomascorro: 2.6.216:32
sharoonthomasACTION is upgrading the client16:33
corrosharoonthomas: good idea, maybe its because of issue3375 (with 2.8 there is an error, though)16:34
corrosharoonthomas: version 2.6.7 contains the fix16:36
corrosharoonthomas: finally, make sure you change the report name from 'account.invoice' to something different, otherwise you'll end up having strange effects16:42
sharoonthomascorro: thanks16:42
sharoonthomascorro: upgrading the client helped :)16:42
corrosharoonthomas: you're welcome :)16:42
pobstetai want just change the color of sale opportunity model with this code but he don't work, an idee ?17:36
cedkpobsteta: because it is not a PySON string (but just a string)17:37
cedkpobsteta: it should be: colors="'blue'"17:38
pobstetacedk: i replace just in the expression colors="blue" by colors="'blue'" ?17:46
cedkpobsteta: yes a valid PySON17:47
pobstetacedk: server return : "trytond.exceptions.UserError: ('UserError', (u'Invalid XML for view "sale.opportunity".', ''))" ?17:50
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