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grasbauercedk: ping10:52
cedkgrasbauer: pong10:55
grasbauercedk: wanna finish this:
grasbauercedk: I read about a easier way to commit patches - but I can't remember where10:56
cedkgrasbauer: you mean hgreview ?10:57
grasbauercedk: don't know exactly ... following wiki is right now the proposed way - have to learn it each time again10:59
LordVangot a question: how suitable is tryton for DMS purposes (mostly would be scanned pdf - ocr would be nice)11:01
LordVan(I remember having read somewhere about tryton and DMS)11:02
cedkgrasbauer: yes11:05
cedkLordVan: tryton has only a simple WebDAV interface that can be linked with records of Model11:06
LordVancedk, ok so not really (yet) usable as a replacemetn for a document management system11:07
cedkLordVan: depends of your needs11:09
LordVanscanned pdfs, ocr , keywords, search,..11:09
cedkLordVan: DMS is a word just like CRM, it means so much11:09
cedkLordVan: Tryton doesn't do any of those things11:10
LordVanthat's what I thought11:10
LordVanjust trying to find a way to get rid of the -literarily- hundreds of folders with 'old' order stuffs11:10
LordVanand project docs11:10
grasbauerLordVan: you can write a model which indexes the documents (posibly with sharoons modul for elastic search) and stores a link to filesystem. then you could open the file in a browser11:13
LordVangrasbauer, hmm sounds like quite some work - and i'd have to obviously make sure it always works with new verison,..11:13
LordVannto sure if i have that sort of time to commit to it11:13
LordVananyway i got a different question that is more important right now anyway11:15
LordVanWe currently got a completely spreadsheet based system (also for things like order number lists,..) I want to migrate to tryton for the new year but I doubt I'll manage to get everything sorted to do invoices,.. through tryton by then too11:16
LordVanis it possible to do a migration in a sort of partial way11:16
LordVanwhat I mean is i want the lists of order numbers (and customer data as well) in a db asap11:16
LordVanbut i don't mind that much if the invoices are still written manually until i get the time to sort the templates,..11:16
grasbauerLordVan: like creating a new number in tryton and using it outside?11:17
LordVanyes basically11:28
LordVanso i know order 2013-1148 is for customer XY and also had an offer number 01234 , delivery note 123124 and invoice 12345411:29
LordVansince i think it'D take me a while to get this whole thing set up and i ain't got much time anymore11:29
grasbauerLordVan: setting up this in Tryton needs 2 hours + styling of the reports (documents) for your company needs11:31
LordVangrasbauer, not for someone who has never done it before ^^11:32
grasbauerLordVan: Offer==Sale, Invoice=Invoice, Delivery Note is part of the stock module11:32
grasbauerLordVan: where do you come from?11:32
grasbauerLordVan: Do you need accounting? Don't know if there is a accounting module for Austria nor if you need accounting from start11:36
LordVangrasbauer, not to start with at least. we got a book keeping program already anyway11:37
LordVanthe importabnt parts for me to start with are offers, invoices, delivere notes11:37
grasbauerLordVan: ok - so you need to start with tryton ;)11:37
LordVanthen after that our "project sheets" but that is more complicated and will require custom module11:37
LordVanand it needs to be simple enough for our PC N00bs11:38
LordVanalthough for some i have no hope ..11:38
LordVanyou knwo the ones where you move an icon on the desktop and tehy call you saying the program is gone ^^11:38
grasbauerLordVan: There is a project module as well - but anyway - start tryton ...11:38
LordVanI know about the project module but our needs are a bit specific - i discussed this with cedk before ;)11:39
LordVanI just really need to get this done for the next year. the current situation is driving me nuts11:40
grasbauerLordVan: And what are your doubts to not start a tryton installation right now?11:41
LordVanthat I havenT' figured it out myself yet how to 'properly' use it :911:41
LordVanie for writing an invoice e.g.11:42
LordVanalso my cliend on linux keeps crashing with some pygtk error .. :(11:42
LordVanbut that is not that much of an issue atm11:42
LordVanthe windows installer one seems to work11:42
LordVanwhich is going to be the main deployment anyway11:43
LordVanunforutnately ..11:43
grasbauerLordVan: So start and feel free to ask in the mailinglist - and you can start the next year as hero who has implementet a really nice erp :)11:44
LordVanbtw if i got multiple contacts for a customer can they be somehow linked ? so e.g. I go to customer A and it lists my different contacs?11:44
grasbauerLordVan: Party - contactmechanism11:45
sisalpLordVan: ask a guided tour to someone who speaks your language, you'll save a lot of time11:45
LordVanprobably ;)11:45
grasbauerLordVan: for example me ;)11:46
LordVangrasbauer,  ^^ where are you located? germany?11:46
sisalpgrasbauer: LordVan: I use NX shadow screen for this, quite efficient11:47
grasbauerLordVan: Yes11:47
grasbauerLordVan: Do you have already a running server installation?11:47
LordVangrasbauer, yes a test install11:48
grasbauerLordVan: so feel free to ask in or contact me personally11:50
LordVanah I was unaware of ^^11:50
LordVanprobably easier than thinking about the translations too :D11:51
LordVansisalp, ;)11:51
sisalpLordVan: you can also create a database on Port  : 809711:52
LordVansisalp, what would be the benefit of that compared to my own test install?11:53
sisalpLordVan: and get a true hosting for free by translating this page :
sisalpLordVan: easier to share with your teacher11:54
LordVano.o@ btw11:54
LordVanthe one in vienna doesn'T seem to exist anymore -- at least the webpage11:54
sisalpnicoe: the page should be updated then11:58
nicoesisalp: I was just thinking about that actually11:58
cedksisalp: hard to decide to remove without real knowdledge to what happens11:59
cedksisalp: it is not because the website is down that they don't exist anymore11:59
LordVanI can call them fo royu if oyu want me to -- after lunch ;)12:01
sisalpcedk: yes they have a mail too, we can try12:02
sisalpcedk: is not in the dns...12:07
nicoeLordVan: I was planning to send them an email but if you call them then it's faster12:07
rmuLordVan: I'm also from austria. small tryton installation, no accounting.12:10
LordVanrmu, :)13:10
LordVannicoe, it is a mobile number btw and no answer to my call just now13:12
nicoeLordVan: ok thanks13:13
LordVansisalp, I can'T read french  ^^13:14
LordVanrmu, self installed or did you get some support from somehwere?13:18
rmuLordVan: self installed13:19
rmuused tiny at first, then openerp, then tryton13:19
LordVani am still sort of trying to wrap my head around half the terms as in what is what ;)13:21
rmudon't bother looking at openerp13:25
LordVanI did before there was tryton ^^13:25
LordVanI've been following tryton for a while13:25
LordVanin fact been talking with cedk before the fork was actually exsitent haha13:26
rmuone thing that can be problematic if you use tryton like you described above isrecovering from stock-level chaos13:29
LordVanstock-level chaos?13:39
visheshcedk: If I'm right, there is no Concat function in python-sql? I've created an issue with patch
visheshcedk: Need this for bcrypt patch, which I just uploaded14:26
cedkvishesh: concat function is not standard14:27
cedkvishesh: but there is concat operator14:27
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visheshcedk: Ok. Thanks. I will update my patch with that.14:31
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LordVanif i want to update my tryton 2.8 server,.. to 3.0  is there some document about how to go about it?15:09
LordVanor is it enough to just emerge the new one15:09
cedkLordVan: normally a simple update should work15:09
LordVanok i will try it is only a test install anyway15:17
LordVanemerge -avu $(qlist -I -C | grep tryton) it is then ;)15:18
LordVancedk, i got an error installing python-sql15:20
LordVanfrom the overlay15:20
cedkLordVan: what are your locale ?15:25
LordVani just tried with LANG=C and LC_ALL=C15:25
LordVanPYTHON_TARGETS="python2_7 python3_3 -python2_6 -python3_2" btw15:28
cedkLordVan: could you try with
LordVancedk, yeah that seems to fix it15:40
LordVanI tend to use LANG=C LOCALE=C when using putty ;)15:41
cedkLordVan: strange because with such configuration I can not reproduce your issue15:41
cedkLordVan: it should be linked to something else but I don't know what15:42
LordVanbut i guess that line won't hurt anyone15:42
LordVananother thing cedk16:02
LordVanrenamed to configparser16:02
LordVancedk, because it is not using PYTHON_VERSIONS16:14
LordVanit is trying to install 3.316:14
LordVanor rather current active python16:15
LordVanI just changed my current python version to 2.7 as active and it worked fine16:16
cedkLordVan: Tryton is not python3 compatible16:16
LordVani know16:17
LordVanbut that one ebuild doesnt use PYTHON_VERSIONS16:17
LordVanit hink it is not using a certain eclass16:17
LordVanI just looked at the ebuild16:18
LordVanbasically it is missing PYTHON_COMPAT line and not inheriting distutils-r1 yet16:18
cedkLordVan: ok did not migrate correctly to distutils-r116:19
LordVanyep that waht i meant to say ;)16:19
LordVanthat one at least is easy to figure out & fix ^^16:19
LordVanout of curiousity are there plans for python3 any time soon ?16:20
LordVani recon it'd be quite a task16:20
LordVanACTION looks for docs how to upgrade tryton2.8 db to 3.016:21
cedkLordVan: fixed16:23
LordVancedk, cool thanks :)16:24
LordVanhmm i can'T find anything about the db upgrade in the README16:24
PilouLordVan: there is a wiki page:
LordVanah thanks16:26
LordVangoogle didn'T like me today16:26
LordVanPilou, i get an error just trying to connect to my tryton2.8 db and can'T find much on how to migrate to new db16:28
LordVanmaybe i'm being blind again ..^^16:28
LordVanACTION runs trytond -u all16:29
LordVanmight be good to mention that somewhere in the README or sth16:29
LordVananyway i'll probably continue tomorrow or later with this. cu later16:31
sisalpLordVan: to get a free hosting you have to use google or whatever to translate the page, indeed. Still hesitating to promote a free service worldwide.16:46
LordVancedk, got a minute?17:31
LordVangot an issue with my fresh tryton 3 install on gentoo17:32
LordVani think it has to do with new python-exec17:32
LordVanglib.GError: Datei »/usr/lib/python-exec/python2.7/share/pixmaps/tryton/tryton-icon.png« konnte nicht geöffnet werden: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden17:32
cedkLordVan: don'T know anything about that17:35
LordVanbasically it gets the PREFIX wrong in config.py17:36
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cedkLordVan: looks like Gentoo has screw up python in the same way as debian17:37
cedkLordVan: how do you call tryton ?17:38
LordVanthere are some discussions/bugs about python-exec17:38
LordVanjust 'tryton'17:38
LordVanhad some discussions in #gentoo-dev17:38
LordVanor rather just watched mostly ;)17:39
LordVansince i am not qualified to comment ^^17:39
LordVanI think the sys.argv[0] seems to be different with newer püython-exec17:39
cedkLordVan: on wiki it says: basename(sys.argv[0]) is not changed by the wrapping (the path is),17:39
cedkLordVan: but apparently it doesn't17:39
LordVanwell actually in the code there is os.path.dirname(sys.argv[0])))17:40
LordVanso it does use the dirname of argv[0]17:40
LordVanso it seems you can'T use that anymore17:40
cedkLordVan: do you use python-exec:2 ?17:40
LordVani needed it for something else i think17:42
LordVanstupid upgrade messed with my system .. ^^17:42
cedkLordVan: so there is a bug as the path is changed into /usr/lib/python-exec/python2.7/ when it should be /usr/17:43
LordVanseems annoying17:44
sisalpLordVan: to get a free hosting you have to use google or whatever to translate the page, indeed. Still hesitating to promote a free service worldwide.17:46
LordVansisalp, yeah but i want to get it working here anyway ^^17:47
LordVancedk, must be mgorny's wrapper then .. prolly17:49
sisalpLordVan: if for learning, I let you make your own experience, I thought you aim production on 1/01 ;-)17:51
LordVancedk, I just asked him about the wrapper: <mgorny> LordVan: yes, we decided that keeping basename(sys.argv[0]) is more important17:54
LordVansisalp, yes but i want it on the in-house server17:55
LordVandue to not that fast & reliable internet sometiems17:55
cedkLordVan: so what does it mean?17:58
cedkLordVan: it doesn't and they will fix it ?17:59
LordVanthat means we need some other workaround18:00
LordVanah hang on lemme paste my qeustion too18:00
LordVan<LordVan> mgorny, could it be taht the python-exec2 wrapper "breaks" dirname(sys.arg[0] ?18:01
LordVan<mgorny> LordVan: yes, we decided that keeping basename(sys.argv[0]) is more important18:01
LordVanso it won't work like that with the wrapper anymore :(18:02
cedkLordVan: I don't understand the answer18:03
cedkLordVan: does it mean that he find more important the dirname() return the python-exec path instead of the /usr/bin ?18:04
LordVanit means it seems they had to pick if dirname() or basename() return correct values18:06
LordVanand they picked basename18:06
LordVan- i think18:06
LordVanfeel free to head over to #gentoo-dev and ask mgorny ;)18:06
LordVani gotta run unfortunately. cu later/tomorrow.18:06
mgornycedk: LordVan mentioned you needed an explanation for python-exec:2 issues18:14
cedkmgorny: yes18:16
cedkmgorny: apparently he installs tryton from your overlay and tryton uses dirname of sys.argv[0] to find the share directory18:16
cedkmgorny: so normally tryton script is installed in /usr/bin/tryton and share in /usr/share18:17
cedkmgorny: but with python-exec, tryton thinks it is installed in /usr/lib/python-exec/python2.7/18:17
cedkmgorny: I'm wondering why not keep a correct dirname18:18
mgornycedk: we need to rename the scripts somehow to distinguish python versions18:19
mgornywe used to just keep them as 'tryton-python2.7' etc. but that broke a number of tools that relied on basename(sys.argv[0])18:20
cedkmgorny: rename the script is not a problem, the problem is moving the script18:20
mgornyso we switched to moving it as that kept basename intact18:20
mgornysadly, at the point nobody thought that there are packages that actually use dirname(argv[0]) == /usr/bin to find their data18:21
cedkmgorny: how could we do in an other way?18:21
mgornyhonestly? i have no idea18:22
mgornyso far we either thought of breaking basename or dirname18:22
mgornyor did you mean finding the data?18:22
cedkmgorny: finding the data18:22
mgornywhat are you doing currently? using ../share/... ?18:22
cedkmgorny: for me, tryton could be installed via in any directory but the layout is always DIR/bin DIR/share18:23
mgornyand do you want to support running from build directory?18:23
cedkmgorny: yes we store images in share that the gtk client needs18:23
cedkmgorny: yes also18:23
mgornycedk: the easy way for installs would be to use sys.prefix18:24
cedkmgorny: it doesn't work18:24
cedkmgorny: sorry maybe it will work18:25
mgornyi'm thinking of something like:18:25
cedkmgorny: does it work in virtual-env18:25
mgorny1. start with dirname(__file__), see if that dir contains build-dir layout18:25
mgorny2. then try sys.prefix18:26
mgornycedk: i can't think of a reason it wouldn't but haven't tried18:26
mgornythen, i think setuptools has some means of finding installed data, you could check that as well18:26
mgorny'pkg_resources' module18:27
cedkmgorny: we don't want to use pkg_resources because we want to be able to run it from source18:28
cedkmgorny: created:
mgornywell, i then suggest either using two-step like i described above18:32
mgornywith dirname(__file__) and then either sys.prefix, pkg_resources or any other solution18:32
mgornyor something autotools-like -- substituting data path during install18:33
mgornywith the latter having the advantage of respecting whatever was passed to as --install-data18:34
cedkmgorny: the code already does that but use dirname instead of prefix18:34
mgornyoh my, scary call18:37
mgornythe /share/pixmaps sounds like you really want sys.prefix TBH18:37
cedkmgorny: yes this code needs a refactoring18:43
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