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b0r7cedk: thanks, now i see it: the <field name="view" ref="sale_view_form" // ref="sale_view_tree /> explains them, jey.00:02
b0r7another thing that i don't understand: there is a <field name="search_value" ></field> with no value.. is this where the search value gets 'passed?' the user enters in the search field?00:08
cedkb0r7: it is a default search value00:09
b0r7ahh i see, i think its missing in the docs. thinkingloud:maybe i should familiarize myself with contribution doc-wise via hg00:15
Sandra__Hello everybody07:43
sharoonthomasSandra__: hello07:44
Sandra__I have a problem connecting to the server:07:44
Sandra__Hi sharronthomas07:45
Sandra__how are you doing?07:45
sharoonthomasSandra__: are you connecting to the server from the same computer (localhost) or from another computer ?07:45
sharoonthomasSandra__: good, thanks for asking :)07:45
Sandra___sorry .. my connection went down07:48
Sandra___I'm back now07:48
Sandra___so, the case is:07:49
Sandra___I'm using VirtualBox, with 2 Virtual machines, on both I'm using opensuse07:50
Sandra___on Box A I have the server07:50
sharoonthomasSandra__: got it, are you able to ping from one to the other ?07:50
sharoonthomasSandra___: is the server listing on all interfaces ?07:51
Sandra___so ,, I have tryton installed on both machines07:51
sharoonthomasSandra___: that is defined in the tryton config file07:51
sharoonthomasSandra___: by default the tryton server only listens to local connections, you need to explicitly set it to listen to other addresses07:52
Sandra___I'll copy the trytond.conf fie contents here07:52
sharoonthomasSandra___: you can use the pastebin or gist07:52
sharoonthomasSandra___: (rather than paste here)07:52
sharoonthomasSandra___: see
sharoonthomasSandra___: you should probably set that line to
sharoonthomasSandra___: where it will listen to all interfaces07:53
Sandra___yeah I did that already07:53
Sandra___it was localhost:800007:54
Sandra___still didn't work from BoxB07:54
Sandra___but from BoxA it is still working perfectly07:54
Sandra___I changed it to
sharoonthomasSandra___: still to be sure its using the same config file, can you check that the server logs a message like: INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on when it starts ?07:55
Sandra___mm ,, ok07:56
Sandra___goive me a sec07:56
Sandra___I'll stop trytond and start it again to see the log message07:56
Sandra___it says that08:00
Sandra___exactly the same :P08:00
sharoonthomasSandra___: and you are still not able to connect from Box B ?08:00
Sandra___not at all08:00
Sandra___I wonder if the problem is related to VirtualBox rather than my configuration08:01
Sandra___the problem is that I don't have physical devices to try with08:01
Sandra___by the way, I'm new to linux and this is the first time I deal with it ,, it took me almost a month trying to get GNU Health work on Ubuntu but I wasn't able to08:04
Sandra___Finally things worked out perfectly on OpenSUSE when I'm connecting from the localhost08:04
sharoonthomasSandra___: are you sure you are using the right profile on Box B to connect to Box A (dbl check the IP)08:05
sharoonthomasSandra___: out of curiosity: did you use the Open Suse package or install from sources ?08:05
Sandra___Open Suse package08:05
Sandra___the thing is I'm a biomedical engineer08:05
Sandra___and my computer knowledge is not deep08:06
sharoonthomasSandra___: can you open a browser window on box b and open boxA:800008:07
Sandra___so, please be patient with me :P08:08
Sandra___I'm on it08:09
Sandra___thank you very much for the help08:09
Sandra___I really appreciate it08:10
Sandra___mmm , what do you mean by opening a browser windo on boxB and open boxA:800008:12
sharoonthomasSandra___: type in the ip address of box a and port 800008:12
Sandra___I did that and I'm not getting anything08:13
sharoonthomasSandra___: if the tryton server is listening and you are able to connect, it should at least show an error08:13
sharoonthomasSandra___: which means Box B is unable to connect to Box A, so networking between your virtual boxes is the culprit08:13
Sandra___it's keeps trying to connect .. but nothing happens08:14
Sandra___I'm getting nothing08:14
Sandra___I'm expecting that the problem is related to the network08:14
sharoonthomasSandra___: i guess it is08:14
Sandra___I'll tell you how I configured VirtualBox to get the connection between the 2 devices08:16
sharoonthomasSandra___: not very familiar with virtualbox08:17
Sandra___that is my problem as well ,, even though it is easy, I've learnt how to deal with it this week08:17
Sandra___it gives several options how to connect the virtual machines to a network08:18
Sandra___one of them is called bridging08:18
Sandra___in this mode ,, it connects the Virtual machine to the Physical network through the computer interface that the hosting computer is using08:19
sharoonthomasSandra___: are you using bridging ?08:19
Sandra___and the Machines get their ip address and default gateways from the router that the host is connecting to08:19
Sandra___and become just as any other host on that network08:20
Sandra___so, my laptop has this ip:
Sandra___Virtual Machine A:
Sandra___Virtual Machine B:
sharoonthomasSandra___: from VM B are you able to ping VM A ?08:21
Sandra___all of them getting the default gateway as which is the router08:21
Sandra___ping works with no problems08:21
Sandra___from my laptop to VM A and VM B08:22
Sandra___also from VM A to VM B08:22
Sandra___so ping works between all of them08:22
Sandra___I though that the firewall on my laptop (running windows) might be the problem blocking the ports needed for the connection to be established08:23
Sandra___as all traffic passes through my laptop08:23
Sandra___so I turned it off08:23
Sandra___but still the problem remained08:24
Sandra___so, I'm wondering if the problem is related to VirtualBox networking08:24
Sandra___which ports do we need for the client to connect to the server, only 8000, or their are other ports?08:25
sharoonthomasSandra___: only 8000 (commonly used by jsonrpc)08:27
sharoonthomasSandra___: check the firewall for box a and check if it is blocking traffic since it works from box a08:27
Sandra___it's turned off on both of them08:28
Sandra___I turned off the firewalls on all the machines to make sure it's not the problem08:28
Sandra___how can I test if there is connectivity between VM A and VM B through port 8000?08:29
Sandra___is there a Konsole command that I can use?08:29
Sandra___Still there?08:50
sharoonthomasSandra___: an alternate way to check the connection is what we tried with the browser08:51
sharoonthomasSandra___: why don't you try from your primary host (the laptop itself) and connect to the tryton server on Box A ?08:52
Sandra___already tried that :)08:52
Sandra___didn't work : /08:52
sharoonthomasSandra___: IIRC virtual box needs restarting every time a network configuration changes ?08:53
Sandra___I have tryton installed on the three devices, my Laptop (windows) and the 2 VMs (OpenSUSE)08:53
Sandra___and I already have done that08:54
Sandra___by the way:08:55
Sandra___using Internet Explorer, I got this message after trying
Sandra___The webpage cannot be displayed08:57
Sandra___•Some content or files on this webpage require a program that you don't have installed.08:57
sharoonthomasSandra___: apparently its able to connect to port 8000 of box A. Can you check you tryton login profile ?09:00
Sandra___it says: could not connect to the server09:03
Sandra___hello Laura10:33
Sandra___sharoon: finally everything is working fine, as I was expecting the problem was related to VirtualBox configuration ,, now everything is working perfectly :)10:34
sharoonthomasSandra___: cool10:38
Sandra___yup :)10:39
Sandra___man ,, this was a big challenge to make it work10:39
Sandra___thank you for the help ;)10:39
Sandra___I would like to ask you about something else ,, do you have experience with backing up servers?10:40
sharoonthomasI think so, otherwise there are others more knowledgable here10:43
Sandra___this will be my next step10:44
Sandra___learning how to backup my server10:45
Sandra___because I can't afford loosing the database once I implement GNU Health in a real production environment10:46
Sandra___right now everything is working perfectly on my testing environment10:47
sharoonthomasSandra___: at openlabs we use only postgres as database. with postgres we use streaming replication for a realtime backup on a different server. From the secondary we take backups using pg_dump and we upload it to Amazon S310:47
jeancavalloSandra___: It mainly depends on what data availability you need, that is how much time / data you accept to lose.10:48
Sandra___I need to backup my data every month10:48
Sandra___I can accept loosing one month of new data10:49
sharoonthomasSandra___: then all what you should need is a backup of postgres database taken using a tool like pg_dump10:49
Sandra___sounds good to me ,, now, remember that I'm a biomedical engineer with no deep knowledge in computer sciences10:50
jeancavalloSandra___: Depending on how you decide to go with your hosting, they might provide this kind of service10:51
Sandra___I have good knowledge related to networking, CISCO and Microsoft ,,, but not much knowledge regarding servers and linux10:51
Sandra___I will host my server localy10:51
Sandra___so I have to learn how to do everything by myself as we don't have an IT specialist10:52
jeancavalloSandra___: Then indeed you will have to learn a little. Here is a good starting point for a postgres backup script :
Sandra___yup ,, it is time to learn more things :)10:53
jeancavalloSandra___: Engineers usually love that !10:53
Sandra___it's always nice to learn something new10:54
Sandra___seeing GNU Health working in the test environment was worthy the time I spent learning how to implement it ,,, now I would love to see it working at our clinic10:56
Sandra___what is left for me to learn at this moment is how to backup the data that we will have :) ,, so the next few days I will be reading a lot10:57
Sandra___I will be in contact with you guys here to share what happens with me10:57
Sandra___thanks a lot for the help10:57
Sandra___time to sleep now10:57
jeancavalloSandra___: good night then :)10:58
Sandra___you too10:58
Sandra___sweet dreams10:58
jeancavalloSandra___: Actually its 11AM here :)10:58
Sandra___here it's 4:58 AM10:58
Sandra___I'm currently in Colombia ;)10:58
Sandra___so take care guys10:59
Sandra___bye sharoon, bye everybody10:59
Sandra___sweet dreams10:59
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