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sharoonthomaspokoli: jeancavallo: I have added support for inter sphinx to the tryton documentation project to x-refer tryton documentation where required.
pokolisharoonthomas: merged :) we should enforce that new contributions use this syntax10:59
sharoonthomaspokoli: yes and thanks for merging11:19
maxwellHi, can you help me with new server setup on ubuntu?13:46
maxwellI have configured my trytond.conf file13:46
maxwellbut I could not connect from tryton client to tryton server13:46
maxwellthe client is on the windows machine13:47
maxwellclient says "Could not connect to the server"13:48
maxwelltryton started normally and does not output any error on the server13:49
b0r7maxwell: whats is your trytond setting for jsonrpc?13:51
b0r7trytond.conf, i mean13:51
maxwelljsonrpc = localhost:800013:51
b0r7try *:800013:52
b0r7and restart the server13:52
maxwellb0r7: same error :(13:53
maxwellNow I got an error on server side13:53
maxwellin log13:53
maxwellb0r7: thx, this means that connection now works13:54
b0r7maxwell: np13:54
maxwellwhere to get initial mysql tables?13:55
maxwell::ffff: - - [23/Jan/2014 15:11:55] code 400, message Bad request syntax ('\x80:\x01\x03\x01\x00!\x00\x00\x00\x10\x00\x009\x00\x008\x00\x005\x00\x00\x16\x00\x00\x13\x00\x00') [Thu Jan 23 15:11:55 2014] INFO:database:connect to "template1"13:55
b0r7maxwell: sorry, im using postgresql with trytond, haven't played with mysql.. but..13:57
maxwellb0r7: Yes, but how you did setup db?13:58
maxwellb0r7: I suppose there must be some initial tables with some initial data?13:58
b0r7maxwell: i just registered a user 'tryton' for postgres .. wait there was a guide..13:59
maxwellb0r7: this one?14:00
maxwellb0r7: I followed it14:00
b0r7maxwell: jup, and you did start trytond as user 'tryton'14:01
maxwellb0r7: yes14:05
b0r7maxwell: do you use postgres or mysql?14:06
maxwellb0r7: mysql14:06
b0r7maxwell: just to rule out the obvious trytond.conf: db_type, db_user, db_password are making sense, you can connect via $mysql -u etc..14:09
jeancavallomaxwell: Are you sure that the client and server version are the same ?14:10
maxwellb0r7: yes, mysql connection parameters are correct14:13
maxwelljeancavallo: both are 3.0.114:13
jeancavallomaxwell: Can you start the client with the -v flag and see what request fails ?14:17
b0r7maxwell: i coud be totally wrong but database:connect to "template1" sounds like postgres, sorry to ask again.. is db_type realy mysql in trytond.conf (can't test myself at the moment)14:18
jeancavallob0r7: maxwell; Bad request should mean that the server does not understand the client's request no ?14:19
maxwellb0r7: there was nothing, then I changed it to mysql, btw error does not appear anymore14:19
maxwellsorry guys, chrome crushed (I'm using webchat)14:28
maxwelljeancavallo: there isn't any additional information14:28
maxwelljeancavallo: when using -v option14:28
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maxwellso I've tried with postgresql15:51
maxwelland it worked15:51
maxwellconnection works15:51
maxwellbut when I press "create" button on database field in client15:51
maxwellnothing happens15:51
maxwellany ideas?15:52
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pokolimaxwell: there is any message on the server logs?16:05
pokolimaxwell: you entered all the fields on the create database form?16:05
maxwellException: Module stock_supply not found16:07
maxwellnow I get these error16:07
maxwellpokoli: Exception: Module stock_supply not found16:07
pokolimaxwell: so you're missing stock_supply module. You need to install it16:09
maxwellpokoli: but this is fresh install16:09
pokolimaxwell: you may have a module that depends on this module so it's needed16:09
pokolimaxwell: how do you installed trytond?16:09
maxwellpokoli: is there any other documentation?16:11
maxwellpokoli: I installed this module with pip16:15
maxwellpokoli: and now I cannot start my server16:15
maxwellpokoli: message is the same Exception: Module stock_supply not found16:15
pokolimaxwell: but how dit you installed the server?16:15
maxwellpokoli: by pip16:16
maxwellpokoli: wait16:17
maxwellpokoli: now trytond --version tells me, that I have 2 version16:17
maxwellpokoli: wtf?16:17
pokolimaxwell: because stock_supply depends on trytond (the server) and pip installs the server as dependency16:17
pokolimaxwell: you must install the module for the same serios of the trytond server and pip will not install the server as it would be an already satisfied requirement16:18
maxwellpokoli: I suppose the problem16:25
maxwellpokoli: is in the fact that there are two versions of trytond on server16:26
maxwellpokoli: 1 was installed via apt-get and the second as I found by pip16:26
maxwellpokoli: thank you16:26
pokolimaxwell: yes that's a common problem :P16:28
pokolimaxwell: you're running de apt-get version so the module is not found. If you run the pip installed version you wouldn't have any problems16:28
maxwellpokoli: I have already uninstalled all and installed fresh trytond verson from pip16:30
maxwellpokoli: now i suppose all works fine16:32
pokolimaxwell_: i will recomend you using virtualenvs16:36
maxwell_pokoli: yeah I usually use them on my django project16:37
maxwell_pokoli: but this is test virtual server so I just trying to test tryton16:37
maxwell_pokoli: etc.16:37
jvblascoguys, is it possible to redefine with a module a workflow already defined in another module?17:27
jeancavallojvblasco: I would say you have to override __setup__ and redefine the transitions17:28
jvblascojeancavallo: same way u override the RPC option, to expose a method in the RPC interface?17:29
jvblascoand what about the code hardcoded to the already existing states?17:30
maxwell_now i'm getting error17:32
maxwell_    raise Exception('Module %s not found' % module) Exception: Module purchase not found17:32
maxwell_but if i type pip install trytond-purchase17:32
maxwell_it says that this module is already installed17:32
maxwell_if I add -U option17:32
maxwell_then when launching trytond -- I get error ImportError: No module named trytond17:33
pokoliI'm getting Calling method XXXXX on model YYYY is not allowed! in a selection method, any tips?17:34
jvblascomaxwell_: try trytond -d DatabaseName -u all17:35
jvblascomaxwell_: And retry after that finishes17:35
maxwell_jvblasco: executing this command i got – Exception: Module purchase not found17:35
jeancavallojvblasco: What do you mean by 'hardcoded'17:36
jvblascomaxwell_: does pip freeze show the purchase module installed?17:38
pokolijvblasco: you can also modify it via the __setup__ method17:39
jvblascopokoli: can i modify fields with the setup method?17:39
pokolijvblasco: of course17:39
jvblascopokoli: Is that really True?17:39
jvblascopokoli: OMFG, u made me a son today17:39
jvblascopokoli: one of the few puzzle pieces i thought tryton was missing lol17:40
jvblascojeancavallo, pokoli: then it's all good, i c everything is overrideable. All good ;)17:40
jvblascomaxwell_: may i see a pip freeze? i think u are having problems with tryton versions17:41
pokolijvblasco: if you find anything thats not overrideable feel free to coment on tryton-dev :)17:41
pokoliif anyone has the problem I commented 30 minutes earlier, the solution is to add your method name to __rpc__ of the clas17:59
pokolithe problem was that the field is a Function field, so tryton doesn't add it automatically, and you have to add it manually17:59
jvblascomaxwell_: and how did u set up the database?18:19
jvblascomaxwell_: i mean u have problems with some databases or the server just doesn't start?18:20
maxwell_jvblasco: there was some problems with mysql18:20
maxwell_jvblasco: then i just gave up and used postgresql18:21
jvblascomaxwell_: i cannot help with mysql18:21
maxwell_jvblasco: and connection worked succesfully, so now I have troubles test system with client18:21
jvblascomaxwell_: and u switched to postgres and server doesn't start?18:21
maxwell_jvblasco: server starts sucessfully, but when i try to connect to it18:22
maxwell_jvblasco: i have error I mentiod before18:22
maxwell_jvblasco: and on client i get an error: Exception: Module purchase not found18:23
maxwell_jvblasco: when trying to connect18:23
pokolimaxwell_: use a virtualenv :)18:23
jvblascomaxwell_: to a database?18:23
maxwell_jvblasco: to a tryton server18:23
jvblascomaxwell_: oh yeah virtualenv rulez18:24
pokolimaxwell_: it sound that modules are conflicting, you're accessing another tryton instance that doesn't have your modules available18:24
maxwell_pokoli: I tried it, but then I had some errors too18:24
jvblascomaxwell_: that option, or the database is corrupted sowehow, just try to create a new database18:24
maxwell_pokoli: I will try one more time. Can you get me some advices in installing with virtualenv?18:24
jvblascomaxwell_: pip install virtualenv?18:24
jvblascomaxwell_: i know a package virtualenvwrapper exists, but never used it myself18:25
jvblascomaxwell_: Have u tried to create a brand new database after the switch to postgres?18:25
pokolimaxwell_: just create the virtualenv and install your module (it will install the server and other modules dependencies)18:26
pokolimaxwell_: mkvirtualenv && pip install trytond-purchase18:26
pokolimaxwell_: and you should get it running18:26
jvblascosee u tomorrow guys18:53
pobstetawhat is the error of this code :
pobstetait's ok i find the error !20:38
hellhoundhey guys, I'm currently implementing a web frontend for tryton and I got a question related to user permissions: how can I make a given tryton module visible on the menu for new users?22:58
hellhoundprogrammatically of course22:59
cedkhellhound: what do you mean by "making visible module on menu" ?23:00
hellhoundcedk: when I log into tryton using the gtk client using that user's credentials I only see the party module23:02
hellhoundcedk: also the products module, don't know why though (it is installed in my trytond distribution)23:03
cedkhellhound: it depends of the group in which the user is23:03
hellhoundcedk: you mean that I have to create a user group and assign permissions to it?23:04
hellhoundcedk: I know there's a panel for that on the user view23:04
cedkhellhound: modules come with groups23:05
hellhoundcedk: huh didn't know that either23:05
hellhoundok, I'll look into it23:06
hellhoundcedk: I got another question, is there a way to completely separate tryton's modules for each user?23:31
hellhoundcedk: I mean, like running separate instances23:31
hellhoundcedk: we are building a SaaS with tryton as it's backend23:32
hellhoundand we are relatively new to tryton23:33
cedkhellhound: what are you calling user?23:36
hellhoundcedk: a tryton user23:36
cedkhellhound: using the same trytond or not depends of the requirements23:36
cedkhellhound: do you need to share data between companies, for example?23:37
hellhoundcedk: well, probably not23:37
hellhoundcedk: so, it's not possible then?23:42
hellhoundcedk: unless I run separated instances?23:42
hellhoundI mean, separated databases23:42

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