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rmujust for the record and for smarro: changeset introduces the "maximized window cannot be minimized"-behaviour09:46
DominikAnyone ever used the getmail module? What do I have to set for Process Parameter -> Model? getmail.server is wrong.14:20
pokoliDominik: which getmail module are you talking about? can you post the url?15:27
Dominikpokoli: The zikzakmedia getmail module from
DominikI would like to import mails into an inbox. But the mailbox provided by electronic_mail doesn't provide the getmail method...15:30
cedkDominik: it doesn't look very interresting15:34
Dominikcedk: My problem is that if I can't import mail from IMAP to Tryton I can't use Tryton for my project.15:35
Dominikcedk: Would it be better to use fetchmail/procmail on my local server?15:35
pokoliDominik: have a look at
pokoliDominik: the Model is used to refer which function is used to import the mails.15:36
pokoliDominik: so the model you enter there must have a getmail classmethod which imports the emails15:36
Dominikpokoli: I found that. But no standard model in Tryton seems to provide that function.15:36
Dominikpokoli: zikzak provides a project_helpdesk module with that function I am installing it right now.15:37
Dominikjust for testing15:37
pokoliDominik: yeah, so if you want to import another model, you have to create a the getmail function in the model like the project_helpdesk one15:38
Dominikpokoli: ok. thanks. I have no experience with python. But I am starting. So it could be my first project to add that to a mailbox.15:39
pokoliDominik: in what model you have to import?15:40
Dominikpokoli: electronic.mail.mailbox15:40
DominikOk. I just got my first e-mail imported into a project.helpdesk object from IMAP.15:42
DominikWould someone be interested in a writeup of the steps it took me? I searched for this about 2-3 days...15:42
DominikCould spare some others the time...15:43
cedkDominik: Tryton is not an email server15:44
pokoliDominik: you have to wrote your own function for electronic.mail15:45
Dominikcedk: I know. But I need to archive emails together with projects. And therefore I need to import them.15:45
cedkDominik: store them in a mailbox somewhere15:45
Dominikcedk: They need to be tied to projects and customers. And it should be a single coherent system.15:46
cedkDominik: storing them in Tryton has no usage15:46
Dominikcedk: I need a single tool for CRM and project management. And I need to have all emails together with that projects. That is a "must" requirement.15:47
cedkDominik: "have all emails together with that projects" has no meaning15:47
sharoonthomasDominik: of course i agree with the need and that is why electronic_mail exists :)15:48
sharoonthomasDominik: there are several examples on how to fetch emails from an inbox using python and most of the client libraries return an email object to you... if you get an email object you can call the function create-from_email and pass the email object there and an email is created within tryton electronic_mail module15:49
Dominiksharoonthomas: Hi! thanks for that info. I will have a look at it.15:50
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Dominikcedk: The point is to have a single place for all project related resources.15:51
cedkDominik: please define "single place" ?15:51
Dominikcedk: one tool, on object in that tool. In my example: a project in tryton should not only hold all project info but also (at least have a link to) all the client communication.15:52
cedkDominik: Tryton is not a email client, so what's the point to store email if you can not read them?15:52
Dominikcedk: I use sharoon's module (electronic.mail) for that. Right now I can read mails into helpdesk tickets. That's a start15:53
cedkso without an IMAP (or other MUA) protocol, storing email in Tryton is useless15:53
cedkDominik: how can you read an email with a email client ?15:54
pokolicedk: but you can read them if you transform them to tryton objects, so basically what Dominik needs is a mechanism to transform emails into tryton objects15:54
Dominikpokoli: thanks. That's it.15:54
Dominikcedk: sorry if you missunderstood me. I just started with Tryton and it is so much to learn...15:55
cedkpokoli: you can not transform or you don't read the original email15:57
pokolicedk: don't understand15:58
cedkDominik, pokoli: all I say is that such solution is very poor compared to a archiving/sorting solution15:58
cedkpokoli: you can see email in Tryton client15:58
cedkpokoli: Tryton client doesn't support MIME15:58
pokolicedk: agree, but a most of the time this solution is good enough15:58
cedkpokoli: at least I will not accept it for me15:59
cedkpokoli: and I think users deserve better15:59
Dominikcedk: Can you tell me how would you solve the problem to link a project to all relevant emails?16:00
cedkpokoli: more over, better solution exist (propritary) like Gmail16:01
cedkDominik: it will depend of the constraints, the architecture of the business etc.16:01
cedkshared mailbox is the solution16:02
DominikI have to go. Thaks for the discussion! It was very helpful!16:04
cedkand for sorting email:
zodmanamazing proyect the lamson :)16:25
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hellhoundhey guys, I'm new to tryton and was wondering if there's a way to assign permissions per object16:37
cedkhellhound: yes: ir.model.access16:39
hellhoundcedk: ok, so that's the __other__ way you were talking for data separation16:40
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pekka2I need to use ac10017:56
pekka2wrong channel :)17:56
mariahi, could i print a report sale with nereid?18:06
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