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maxwellhi all10:55
maxwellI'm trying to make own module, do you have some manuals or maybe some example module I can use for better understanding?10:56
maxwellcorro: I followed it, bu t it is too simple11:02
corromaxwell: then maybe you should have a look at a simple module like 'party' next11:03
maxwellcorro: ok, thx a lot I will inspect it11:04
maxwellhi is there any possibility to override standart form saving?14:17
maxwellor can i get some signal14:17
maxwellafter new record is made?14:17
cedkmaxwell: overide create14:17
maxwellcedk: can you please explain a little bit detalized? or give me some link where i can get more information, thx in advance14:21
corromaxwell: example from module 'party':
maxwellcorro: thx14:28
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pokoliHow can I enable global search on some model via xml of a module?17:11
cedkpokoli: can not17:13
pokolicedk: why not?17:14
cedkpokoli: you can put code in __register__ of the Model17:14
cedkpokoli: because ir.model doesn't have an xml id17:14
pokolicedk: what do you mean by put code in __register__ ?? Put an update query on the register of the ir model to update the desired records?17:16
cedkpokoli: yes17:17
pokolicedk: thanks :)17:17
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pokolismarro: you have a babi report filled by xml?19:03
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smarropokoli: yes, let me find the changeset19:14
pokolismarro: would be great if I can review it :)19:15
pokolismarro: I have an error while creating a report, as dimensions (One2Many) is required, did you encountered that?19:17
smarropokoli: yes, i have removed the required on dimensions and measures19:18
smarropokoli: and
pokolismarro: perfect! No need for the changeset. We will try to provide a solution on this19:19
smarropokoli: great, by the moment we have removed this report... waiting babi first stable release on pypi ;-)19:20
smarropokoli: i have to leave, see you19:22
pokolismarro: will inform you with the solution, see you :)19:22
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