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pokolicedk: we have found that sepa_creditor_identified is a required field in Spain, and it's a code that must be validated09:51
pokolicedk: may I add it to the review?09:51
cedkpokoli: show the documentation, first09:51
pokolicedk: page 8 of,d.ZGU&cad=rja09:52
pokolicedk: point 1.5.209:53
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cedkpokoli: the check should be added to python-stdnum09:54
cedkpokoli: and the identification is already required for validated mandate09:55
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pokolicedk: but I'm talking about party.sepa_creditor_identifier, not mandate identification10:00
cedkpokoli: ha ok, you can not make it required10:01
pokolicedk: but we can validate on process_sepa function that all parties involved on the filed have a sepa_creditor_identifier10:02
cedkpokoli: that's wrong, only the company must have it10:02
pokolicedk: Our bank says that this field is required for all parties involved in the file10:04
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cedkpokoli: that's make no sense10:08
cedkpokoli: even the name tells it is the *creditor* identification10:08
pokolicedk: here in spain is calculated based on nif10:09
cedkpokoli: the doc explicitly explain that this number is to allow credited party to complain10:10
cedkpokoli: maybe your bank is overuling the norm10:11
cedkpokoli: moreover, you can make direct credit to non-buisness parties like individual10:12
pokolicedk: yes, maybe our bank is overuling the norm10:12
pokolicedk: individuals have also nif, so you can also calculte the AT-0210:12
cedkpokoli: I personally don't have such creditor identification but I have some company making direct debit on my account10:14
cedkpokoli: you should ask your bank why you need the *creditor* id of the party who is *debited*10:15
pokolicedk: ok, i will talk to my bank10:16
cedkpokoli: but validation will be good via stdnum10:18
pokolicedk: i will propose a pull request to stdnum to add this validation10:19
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lidson this page, we can read "The company model represents the actual organisation the users of Tryton are members of.", is that true ?18:32
cedklids: better to say: it is the companies managed with Tryton18:37
lidscedk: ok, thx. what's the best practice to store an organisation and its employees with the current model with the current party model ?18:41
cedklids: just party18:43
lidsor just the best practice? for example, should I only store employees bundled with the company name ?18:43
cedklids: there is a WIP for a relationship module18:43
grasbauerhi - what is state of art for bulk creating objects? I have a modul that fetches on initial setup about 130.000 sets from a webservice. I create dicts from this data: I guess inserting them via create() would result in a never ending process - because of the validation?18:45
lidscedk: i found the blueprint, there is something more ?18:46
cedklids: a codereview18:54
cedkgrasbauer: create them by bunch of 100018:54
grasbauercedk: need to commit the transaction?18:55
cedkgrasbauer: no18:55
grasbauercedk: ok18:55
cedkgrasbauer: except at the end18:55
grasbauercedk: thanks18:55
lidscedk: ok, thanks18:56
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