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jvblascomorning everyone08:44
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buxywhat's the purpose of the account_statement module ?13:00
buxyIs it a way to make it easier to input moves ? is it a way to reconcile already existing moves lines ?13:01
cedkbuxy: it is to book statements13:02
cedkbuxy: and common usage of statements are bank statement13:03
cedkbuxy: but it could also be used to cash registry13:03
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buxywhy does it require a special kind of "journal" ? shouldn't the moves from bank statement be recorded in the "cash" journal ?13:04
buxyor are those two kind of journals entirely unrelated ?13:05
buxyhum I guess the latter13:05
buxyto be able to differentiate bank statements / cash registry and so on, nothing to do with the moves themselves I guess13:06
buxyI was wondering if there was some "recurring_move/invoice" module, I mean I have expenses that are the same each month and it's tedious to type everything manually13:07
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cedkbuxy: no but you can use the copy action13:16
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buxycedk: can we configure the "Account Move" view to display the description ? At least it would be possible to quickly identify the correct move to duplicate.14:02
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grasbauersale - - should this check the default accounts of account.configuration before raising an erro?14:32
cedkbuxy: copy the invoice!14:33
cedkgrasbauer: it is done with the Property14:34
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grasbauercedk: ah - ok - need to set a default property for product.template or product.category14:40
grasbauer"Learn, learn and keep learning," W.I. Lenin14:41
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buxycedk: When you use an invoice, you have two moves, one for the invoice and one for the payment of the invoice, since most of those recurring expenses are auto-debited, I tend to add them in the accounting after the fact in a single move (expense->bank, instead of expense->party & party->bank).14:50
buxyUsing an invoice just brings more overhead and no real value to me.14:51
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cedkbuxy: but what about taxes report15:39
cedkbuxy: and by the way, this sounds breaking the accounting principles15:39
buxycedk: "tax lines" are at the "move" level, not at the invoice level, so it seems to me that I should be ok ?15:40
buxy(or rather "move line")15:40
buxyI took care to fill them properly.15:41
cedkbuxy: if you fill it is easier, good for you. Personaly, I find invoice easier to edit the invoice date, the payment term etc.15:44
buxyI should probably go down that way, the "cost" to me is that I keep a paper copy of all account moves with the required proof (paper invoice, credit statement, etc.)15:46
buxyso 2 papers to write down is annoying and the payment proof tends to be just the bank statement15:49
buxyOne way to mitigate this would be to be able to print the moves from tryton directly.15:52
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buxywhen I click on the "pay" button on a supplier invoice, there's nowhere where I can pick the account used for the payment, it seems to automatically use the default account configured in the journal21:30
buxyhow can I select the account to use for the payment ?21:31
cedkbuxy: it is the one of the journal22:07
buxycedk: so I need one journal for each bank account and even one for the credit-card associated to my bank account?22:08
cedkbuxy: bank account is normally managed by statement and not manual pay wizard22:09
cedkbuxy: and for supplier it will be the account_payment22:10
cedkbuxy: account payment to generate payments but still the statement to book it22:10
buxycedk: you mean that if I record the payment via account_statement, it will use the account_payment configured on the party?22:14
buxyor were you referring to some other way to record the payment?22:14
buxyhum, no, the party just has accounts for payable/receivable (aka customer/supplier account, not bank account)22:17
cedkbuxy: there is no account_payment on party22:17
buxyso where's account_payment? on the statement journal?22:18
cedkbuxy: what is "account_payment" ?22:21
buxycedk: you wrote "and for supplier it will be the account_payment"22:22
cedkbuxy: but it is to prepare the payment22:34
cedkbuxy: for example, there is also the account_payment_sepa in review22:35
cedkbuxy: that will allow to generate the sepa file to send to bank22:35
cedkbuxy: but any way, if you pay your supplier invoices by bank transfer22:37
cedkbuxy: you should use the account_statement to fill your bank statement22:37
cedkbuxy: FYI, the pay button on the invoice is really just for people who don't want to do accounting22:42
buxycedk: in that case, it should be better hidden under "actions" or something less visible because it seemed to me to be the canonical way to pay22:43
buxycedk: should I submit all such usability issues in the bug tracker?22:43
cedkbuxy: it was hidden but community wanted to show it any way22:45
cedkbuxy: despit I was not in favor22:45
buxythanks for the context22:57
buxyinteresting read22:57
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