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marianov_Hi. I'm a Django developet new to Tryton. What readings would you recomend to learn about the system? I have not even installed it.15:09
marianov_I'm curious about how it compares to Django for building customer bussiness applications15:10
jeancavallomarianov_: Hi, and welcome15:11
jeancavallomarianov_: This is the official "technical" documentation :
jeancavallomarianov_: There is also the wiki which contains some information about installing, and a Hello World module15:12
jeancavallomarianov_: Finally, there is a project of documentation for tryton here : It is far from being complete as of now, but still contains some useful information.15:13
marianov_I've seen them, but is there any introduction with the "selling points" of the system/api? something like
marianov_It would be great for people who know nothing about it to join. I don't yet understand if it's a framework (like Flask or Django) or a system, like Drupal15:15
marianov_(I don't mean to be rude)15:15
cedkmarianov_: it is both15:15
jeancavallomarianov_: THe best thing I can think about is the wikipedia entry, which lists some of the functionalities :
marianov_Ok, so I would use it instead of Django ? For example to build a citizen complaints application15:16
cedkmarianov_: but oriented business application15:16
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marianov_The wikipedia entry is the most clear introduction I've seen to Tryton. Maybe you should put that same descripton somewhere in the homepage ("Tryton at a Glance" ?)15:20
cedkmarianov_: which part because it is mainly a copy/paset of the home page15:21
jeancavallocedk: I think the framework features iare not displayed on the home page15:22
marianov_"The three-tiers architecture consists of the Tryton client, the Tryton server and the Database "15:23
marianov_there is no mention of a client in the homepage15:23
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marianov_and the "Technical Features" of the wikipedia article help clearly understand what Tryton actually is.15:24
marianov_And the "fork from TinyERP 4.2" also helps a lot ;-)15:25
cedkthe website repo is there:
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