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plantiancedk: okay, thanks, is there a trick to passing boolean arguments over xmlrpc? they seem to generate a protocol error00:35
plantianOr maybe, how can I log 500 errors in trytond ?01:02
plantianPilou: thanks, "keys must be a string"01:05
Piloudo you use jsonrpc or xmlrpc ?01:07
plantianI think I'm actually using jsonrpc.01:07
plantianPilou: The object returned by products by location has (location_id, product_id) as keys, I just have to wrap it in another method and return a list I think.  It means I have to maintain another tryton module though.01:09
PilouWith json, keys in dictionnary must be a string (For example: "import json; json.dumps({('aa','bb'):'cc'})" raise the same error). As you said, your problem is that products_by_location return a dict with tuples as keys.01:24
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sisalphello, seems hg is broken for me today. Whichever version I ask for, I get 3.1dev instead11:56
grasbauersisalp: read about the change to named branch: there is only one repository and you need to checkout with the switch to the branch you want. e.g hg update -b 3.011:58
sisalpgrasbauer: thank you, do you mean is no longer valid ?12:07
grasbauersisalp: don't know - I always use hg12:08
sisalpgrasbauer: hg use is documented on this page12:08
grasbauersisalp: I see - the series urls must be changed12:09
sisalpis there a documentation on the change ?12:09
grasbauersisalp: ist was dicussed in the mailinglist12:09
sisalpthe dev list ?12:10
grasbauersisalp: don't remeber exactly - but I also run in this issue ;)12:10
cedkthe website is not really wrong because you still retreive the repository12:13
cedkbut not with the right branch per default12:14
sisalpI found the discussion [tryton] Get older Tryton version (2.8) via "hg nclone"12:14
sisalpcedk: not really wrong but doesn't give the right branch ;-) ok I'll do my homework but the page is misleading12:16
cedksisalp: yes I think we should just remove it12:22
sisalpcedk: yes12:23
sisalpcedk: does nclone still ok with named branch ?12:24
sisalpcedk: seems it just get ttrytond12:24
cedksisalp: it is normally12:25
sisalpwhat is wrong with my command  : hg nclone   -b 3.0  ?12:34
sisalpI want the server and its addons12:35
grasbauersisalp: it breaks because there are modules that are not brnached12:35
grasbauersisalp: I used a ugly workaround12:36
sisalpreally ugly ?12:36
grasbauersisalp: hg nclone
grasbauerthan remove the unbranched modules12:37
grasbauerhg update   -b 3.012:37
sisalpok, rotten indeed ;-)12:38
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sisalpI suppose it is expected that a dev server is not fully aligned everytime , isn't it ?12:39
cedksisalp: what does it mean?12:43
sisalpcedk: grasbauer indicates some modules don't come with nclone -b 3.0 because of module organisation. Is it correct ?12:45
cedksisalp: because it doesn't exist a 3.0 branch on some12:46
grasbauercedk: so you can't nclone a branch12:46
sisalpcedk: so it is not the reason why my command only loads the server part ?12:47
sisalpcedk: Iget only account  account_asset  account_be  __init__.py12:49
cedksisalp: it fails on the first one that fails13:00
cedkgrasbauer: you can if all repo has it13:01
grasbauercedk: yes - but this could lead to trouble if someone tries to nclone trytond 3.0 to get a working copy13:02
sisalpgrasbauer: I was in this case and will change my mind13:02
sisalpgrasbauer: I will use hg only for dev version.13:03
cedkgrasbauer: hgnested could probably be improved to skip in such case13:08
grasbauercedk: +113:09
sisalpmy demo servers no longer use hg but now use virtualenv and pip like production servers13:25
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dada-phello everybody! I'm fairly new to tryton and have a question about using on_change. I'm trying to write a module which would provide total amount rounding for invoices. The idea is to have rounding (legal obligations) only in invoice but not in sale. First problem is that the invoice lines are the same as sale lines (with sale_invoice_method not manual) so how to insert additional line to invoice only? Second problem is sale_invoice_g14:48
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dada-pClose example to what I'm trying to do is sale_shipment_cost but it changing sale and not invoice (use of rounding is depending on payment method therefore cannot be a part of sale. and also in case of grouping - can be only one rounding per group and not in each of the sale)14:54
dada-pany ideas how I should go about?14:55
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cedkdada-p: don't understand at all what you are talking about. I don't see any link between adding lines and rounding method15:15
dada-pI'm trying to do rounding by adding additional line (product) with calculated price into invoice - as rounding have to be registered in accounting on separate account.15:19
cedkdada-p: don't understand15:20
cedkdada-p: you don't change the rounding by adding new lines15:20
dada-pare you telling that there is rounding already implemented in tryton? in sweden, total amount in invoice have to be rounded to integers, without cents.15:22
dada-pin order to remove cents, normal practice is to add some amount (<1 positive or negative) to the totals. See here
dada-pthe adjustment can't be just dropped but have to be registered on separate account15:25
cedkdada-p: I will not add a line for that but just override the creation of accounting move15:29
cedkdada-p: where you could add the extra line when the invoice is validated15:29
dada-pin Invoice.create_move?15:31
cedkdada-p: yes15:32
dada-phow to be flexible with account on which it has to be register? By creating configuration in Account?15:34
dada-pAlso, both rounded amount and rounding has to be present in printed form of Invoice. So I have to alter Invoice.total_amount and add Invoice.rounding, isn't it?15:37
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cedkdada-p: don't know the specific detail of the requirement15:58
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pokolicedk: pinh16:27
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cedkpokoli: pong16:36
pokolicedk: do you plan to release python-sql before 3.2?16:37
gouratm i use php invoicing app, but wonder if tryton is overkill as just invoicing app for small/freelancer company to be used for keeping records and sending quotes & invoices (maximum about few hundred per year)?16:37
cedkpokoli: don't know16:38
cedkpokoli: but release of python-sql is not linked at all with the release of Tryton16:38
cedkgour: we have a customer like that16:39
gourcedk: tryton is easy to customize for such purpose, iow, tailor invoice/quote template with custom logo etc, l10n etc.?16:42
pokolicedk: I have a tryton test that breaks on sqlite because of
cedkpokoli: not linked to tryton16:44
cedkpokoli: and for me, this issue will not be fixed16:46
pokolicedk: I understand. No problem on my side, i will fix my test to run correctly16:47
pokolicedk: so we can agree that it's an issue of sqlite, and sqlite must be fixed?16:48
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gouris it safe to use sqlite for e.g. above use-case - single user on intranet/localhost or single machine?16:56
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cedkpokoli: at least, it is sqlite that doesn't implement completly the standard17:06
cedkpokoli: but I don't think we could create a flavor for that17:07
cedkpokoli: a flavor to re-write completly a query sounds wrong17:07
pokolicedk: I agree on that's sqlite that doesn't implement completly the standard, it's sad but it's the reality17:08
pokolicedk: I tought modifiyn insert to return SELECT UNION, but it sound as a dirty hack for sqlite17:08
cedkpokoli: yes17:09
cedkpokoli: I agree on flavor for unspecified SQL behavior like limit/offset17:09
pokolicedk: so for me you can mark the issue and invalid ;)17:10
pokoligour: as far as it's possible i will recomend you postgresql17:11
gourpokoli: ok. i'm running free/pc-bsd-10...17:13
pokoligour: sorry but i don't know what is free/pc-bsd-1017:13
gourpokoli: pc-bsd is desktop version of freebsd17:14
gourwhich modules would i need for just quotes/invoices and no need for stock, we're selling services17:16
pokoligour: I'm not a bsd expert but I just found some tutorials to install postgresql server on pcbsd17:17
pokoligour: so you have no excuse on using postgresql :)17:17
pokoligour: at least account_invoice and it's dependencies17:17
cedkgour: account_invoice and his deps17:18
gourtemplate customization is done via xml files, right?17:19
cedkgour: you can do it via client and store it in the DB17:23
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gourcedk: that's new(er) feature?18:02
cedkgour: no18:02
gourinvoice module can generate pdf as well?18:04
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