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plantianIf I have two warehouses and I want to move product from one warehouse to the other warehouse is it possible to move it all in the same shipment?  Internal shipments seem to be only from a single location to a single other location.01:08
cedkplantian: normally the assignation process will search to children location01:13
plantianThe value of the field "Moves" on "Internal Shipment" is not valid according to its domain.01:18
plantianI think I broke it.  Okay, well maybe I can't move from one warehouse storage zone directly to the other.01:18
cedkplantian: I think the domain for moves of internal shipment is wrong and should be child_of01:23
plantianSo close though.01:26
plantianI think I can make it work I just have to enter everything 3 or 4 times.01:28
plantianI think I have 2.8, do you think that patch will work?01:34
cedkplantian: normally yes01:37
cedkplantian: for tracking:
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amsysok I found bugs and code review, is there any tracking of planned improvements?08:19
amsysACTION found blueprints08:20
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pokolihi amsys, just make a comment on the blueprint11:48
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cedkamsys: it is a community project, nothing is planned12:33
cedkamsys: things happen when someone push them to a ready state for inclusion12:34
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amsysok ;)14:02
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