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nvznhi, i was thinking of using tryton to get a POS going.  I wonder if anyone has any advice or documentation they recommend for this?14:17
nvznits funny, i'm trying to do this for a bike shop too14:28
cedknvzn: there is:
cedknvzn: but at the last TUB2013, we discussed about it:
cedknvzn: the result was that we should create a common Mixin class for Sale b2b and sale b2c14:50
cedknvzn: and sale b2c should have a different workflow and customizable14:51
nvznhmm, i dont even think we have taxes in our sales14:59
cedknvzn: a quick solution will be to use an existing POS and just create in Tryton the interfaces to import the daily sales done on the POS15:22
cedkwhich will update the stock etc.15:22
nvznim installing lemonpos now15:32
nvzni wonder if it can be integrated with tryton15:32
nvzni'm not even sure we need an erp15:33
nvznthe inventory and financial stuff could be great15:33
nvznand journal/logging15:34
nvznissue tracking (ticketing)15:34
nvznbut we really just need a POS to start with15:36
cedknvzn: don't know about it15:39
nvzni wonder if its a bad sign that is parked15:40
nvznlast update was more than a year ago on sf repo15:41
nvznideally the pos would work in OSX15:44
nvzni guess lemon wont cut it15:50
nvznmaybe something web-browser based?15:53
cedknvzn: if I had to write one, I will go with web15:54
nvznyeah, i'm thinking of writing one15:55
nvznbut my coding is mostly in matlab for too long15:55
nvznand rather simple15:56
nvznthis could be a good exercise15:56
nvznin futility16:00
nvznany suggestions for a good/easy to learn web framework that would integrate nicely with tryton?16:08
Pilou or
PilouThere are also some (old?) code snippets on the wiki (
nvznapache ofbiz looks interesting16:24
nvznthanks pilou for the links16:25
PilouIf you search a FOSS POS there is Pasteque (
nvznbut a watermelon is a melon d'eau here16:37
cedkpasteque is just a fork of OpenbravoPOS16:43
nvzni want to fork pasteque just to have a project called orangeglo16:45
Pilou<humorously>Tryton is just a fork of TinyERP16:56
nvznfork the world16:57
nvzni'm off, to enjoy my father's day16:58
nvznthanks for the infos16:58
cedkPilou: it will be great to know why they fork it17:00
PilouWhen they forked OpenBravoPOS was no longer maintained (According to the wikipedia french page of Pastèque).17:13
cedkstrange I thought OpenbravoPOS was pretty well maintained17:15
cedkPilou: ha yes17:26
cedkso there are room for a good OSS POS :-)17:26
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pokolinvzn: zikzakmedia guys have developed a sale_pos module for tryton, which adds some views to make the sale workflow more pos friendly20:52
pokolinvzn: have a look at
cedkpokoli: it was not considered as the path to go20:54
pokolicedk: sure, but i was just pointing in case it's interesting for him20:55
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