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funnybunnyhi there!15:38
pokolihi funnybunny15:41
funnybunnyhi pokoli15:42
funnybunnyi am looking for some advice..15:42
funnybunnyi think i kinda ruined my tryton db..15:42
pokolifunnybunny: what happenend?15:42
funnybunnyat least from the client side.. i created an invoice which is now "paid"..15:43
funnybunnyand had an exchange rate set to 7500,00 when i really was 0,7515:43
pokolifunnybunny: customer or supplier invoice?15:43
funnybunnyi mistook , for . and didn't check twice15:43
funnybunnynow it's booked in cash and revenue..15:43
pokolifunnybunny: just create a customer credit note15:44
pokolifunnybunny: there is a wizard to create the same invoice as credit note15:44
funnybunnybut i'd like to remove this totally wrong invoice15:44
pokolifunnybunny: and then create the new invoice with the correct amount15:44
funnybunnyit's now 35 cents instead of 2156,-15:44
funnybunnywill that remove the wrong invoice? or just balance it out?15:45
pokolifunnybunny: balance it out15:45
funnybunnyis there no way to remove the invoice without firing up some postgres admin tool?15:46
pokolifunnybunny: customer invoice/credit note can not be caneceled once posted15:47
funnybunnyugh, i was fearing that..15:47
pokolifunnybunny: your invoice was generated from a sale?15:48
funnybunnyso i'll need to read through the code to see which columns in which table to delete ?:D15:48
funnybunnyi manually entered it15:48
funnybunnyas an invoice15:48
funnybunnywhich rows in which tables*15:49
pokolifunnybunny: you have to delete the accounting moves related to the invoice15:49
cedkfunnybunny: you could probably fix the balance by creating negative lines15:49
pokolifunnybunny: and update the invoice state to draft in order to modify it15:49
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pokolifunnybunny: but I will recommend you to create the credit note as it's easier15:49
funnybunnypokoli: that'll probably be best..15:49
funnybunnynegative lines will be extra work later..15:50
funnybunnyi rather clean this up than increase the mess15:50
pokolifunnybunny: I've never done this, so don't guaranty anything15:50
funnybunnyodd that not even an admin can undo an accounting line15:50
pokolifunnybunny: please don't do it in production database, before testing it in a copy that you can delete if you mess it up15:51
funnybunnywell, guess i am lucky this is an open source project then? the inner workings can't hide from me :D15:51
funnybunnythis is for my own company.. and i only just setup this db15:51
funnybunnyactually it's the first invoice .D15:52
pokolifunnybunny: why not reinstalling then?15:52
funnybunnybecause i already input parties15:52
funnybunnycould i just remove the accounting related modules? will that clean their tables?15:52
pokolifunnybunny: maybe truncating account_invoice and account_move may do the trick15:53
pokolifunnybunny: truncating in a cascade way15:53
pokolifunnybunny: but (another time) i can not guarantee anything15:53
funnybunnythe client can't do that though, right?15:53
funnybunnysure, i need no guarantees, only suggestions :)15:53
pokolifunnybunny: not from tryton client, but yes from the database client15:54
pokolifunnybunny: I only want to make sure you know this is not recomended and you can loose your data if you erase the wrong table15:54
funnybunnyi am certain it is not recommended to hack about in the db15:55
funnybunnybut if it's that or start the db with 2 useless lines.. i rather.. :)15:55
pokolifunnybunny: do whatever you want with your data :)15:56
funnybunnyokay, so deinstalling and reinstalling the invoice module didn't touch the data :o15:58
pokolifunnybunny: which database are you using?15:59
funnybunnyshould be postgres15:59
pokolifunnybunny: so connect to the database and truncate account_invoice and account_move tables15:59
pokolifunnybunny: that should do the trick for you16:00
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newzencedk: i have build rpm's for install trytond and tryton client. I would like to share. How?16:12
cedknewzen: which distribution because we already have fedora16:13
newzencedk: Fedora are very old. v 2.6.1. Im build for CentOS716:14
funnybunnyi truncated account_move and account_move_line and set the invoice back to draft16:14
funnybunnythat seems to have worked.. i see no more bookings and the invoice is editable again16:15
cedknewzen: so proposed it to CentOS16:15
pokolifunnybunny: nice :)16:15
newzeni builded for tryton 3.2.3 server and 3.2.4 for client16:15
cedkfunnybunny: what about sequence?16:15
funnybunnynow... how do i verify that the amount, based on the entered currency exchange rate, will be the right one?16:15
pokolifunnybunny: just add a exchange rate for the currency on the invoice date16:16
cedkfunnybunny: it will be the right one because we have tests16:16
funnybunnycedk: sequence?16:16
cedkfunnybunny: the sequence records which define how invoice/move are numbered16:16
funnybunnyso if my company's main currency is euro.. and 1 euro is .75 dollars..16:16
funnybunnyi just enter an exchange rate of .75 for dollar, right?16:17
funnybunnycedk: those should be based on the invoice table, no?16:17
cedkfunnybunny: I'm not talking about the id but the number16:17
funnybunnythe number_next_internal field is 1 for ir_sequence16:19
funnybunnybut yeah, i'll check if the invoice has the corrent sequence number.. thanks^^16:19
pokolifunnybunny: so in currency, search USD dollars and enter the exchange rate16:21
funnybunnyyeah.. i did that..16:21
funnybunnyi did it wrong :D16:21
funnybunny.75 wasn't right.. guess it was expecting 1/.7516:22
cedkfunnybunny: it is relative: 1 € == rate $16:23
cedkfunnybunny: maybe improving the doc will be good16:24
pokolifunnybunny: cedk: and adding a help message on the field also will be good16:24
funnybunnycedk: agreed.. now i got rounding problems, lol16:27
funnybunnyis there a way to have the exchange rate be automatically infered by "what was to pay" -> "what has been received"?16:28
funnybunnybecause now i got 30 euro more than i actually got..16:28
funnybunnyor should i just add that as a negative line and call it "exchange expenses"?16:28
cedkfunnybunny: yes you can put the write-off in a lost account16:29
funnybunnythe exchange rate field kind of needs more decimal places :(16:32
funnybunnynow my calculation is off by 8 cent.. which is ... just wrong16:32
cedkfunnybunny: don't understand16:43
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funnybunnycedk: i am missing 3 decimal places for my exchange rate, so the balance is off by 8 cents (rounding error).. i fixed that by just making it disappear in a journal of itself16:56
funnybunnybut one more thing.. is there a clean way to include my account data in the invoices?16:56
cedkfunnybunny: what is you rate?17:00
cedkfunnybunny: and the currencies?17:01
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funnybunnyeurusd was .752517:09
funnybunnybut since i received usd i needed to do 1/.7525 which has some more decimal places17:09
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cedkfunnybunny: don't understand17:13
cedkfunnybunny: such rate can be exactly entered17:14
cedkbecause there are 6 decimal number17:14
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funnybunnysure, but 1/.7525 is 1.328903654 :)18:34
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newzencedk: the sao code with bootstrap have something to test?21:09
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cedknewzen: not really21:22
cedklast time I tried:
cedkit was not good enough21:23
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