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vezjakvhi all, i have problem commiting translations to account_payment_clearing, it says http 403 forbidden. Is this repo available?10:15
cedkvezjakv: normally yes10:18
cedkvezjakv: are you sure you push only translation10:18
vezjakvcedk: yes, only locale/sl_SI.po. the only diff from other repo is that this file is added (not updated) since new module10:21
cedkvezjakv: try in verbose10:23
cedkvezjakv: maybe in a wrong branch10:26
vezjakvcedk: hmm,  hg summary -v says: parent: 1:5a64b06dc4cf tip  update sl_SI translation branch: default commit: (clean) update: (current)10:28
vezjakvcedk: and hg push -v: searching for changes 1 changesets found abort: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden10:29
cedkvezjakv: very strange because there is nothing different for this module10:43
vezjakvcedk: maybe something wrong with my local repo, I noticed that phase on this repo is draft10:44
cedkvezjakv: or are you keeping an ssh connection since Sep 1710:44
vezjakvcedk: ssh conn: not that I am aware of that :(10:45
vezjakvcedk: fyi, i did fresh clone of stock_supply_production, made locale/sl_SI.po changes, commited and tried to push -> same http 403 error forbidden occured. cannot explain why this so .. :(10:52
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cedkvezjakv: you are perhaps using the http connection instead of ssh10:57
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vezjakvcedk: yes, http instead of ssh, stupid of me, thanks, sorry for inconvenience11:41
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newzengood morning here, there some way to print cheques in vertical way ( esc/pos epson tm-u375p )12:14
cedknewzen: what cheques are you talking?12:16
newzencedk: chèque de banque12:17
newzencedk: Je lui ai expliqué?12:18
cedknewzen: I guess you what to print paiement on cheques12:19
cedknewzen: in I think it will require to create a module account_paiement_cheque which will add few information on the journal and a report with the right layout12:20
newzencedk: have you any report example printing to esc/pos printer in vertical? the printer is small and in theory espcial for cheques print12:23
cedknewzen: no but first thing to know is what does such printer take as input12:31
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sharoonthomasis it possible to sort based on function fields ?14:15
cedksharoonthomas: yes with the order_ methods14:18
sharoonthomascedk: awesome, thanks will do14:19
pokolisharoonthomas: you have an example on the move_fields of account_move14:19
sharoonthomaspokoli: cool, thanks14:19
pokolisharoonthomas: have done this on a custom module this morning :P14:19
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oscar__Hi Devs I need quick help,16:22
oscar__I am trying push all translation es_CO for modules to branch16:23
oscar__but I getting "abort: push creates new remote head", Yes I forget Pull and update (I do it yesterday) before commit and push16:24
oscar__What is the best way for solve this16:25
oscar__is:  hg pull  and hg merge or not?16:26
Pilouoscar__: see!topic/tryton-dev/edPglYU8LQw16:27
oscar__Pilou: thanks16:30
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notzippyWas looking at the code, it appears once a sale has reached the confirmed state there is no way to cancel the sale, is that correct ?20:41
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cedknotzippy: yes, you have to cancel everything it created21:08
notzippySo then it can never be deleted then either ?21:13
notzippyAssuming I have deleted the created shipments, invoices, and moves that were created by the sale ?21:15
cedknotzippy: no something confirmed must stay in the system21:17
cedknotzippy: but you can cancel the shipment, the invoice etc., then the sale will be done21:17
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notzippy cedk: thanks21:55

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