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corroshort question for those experienced with the analytics modules: does it make sense to you to provide a default analytics account per party? It feels kind of wrong to me, but I'm not sure why.15:01
pokolicorro: I don't see why analytic account should be related to party15:13
corropokoli: When there are parties that are very often related to the same analytics account. Like for example the electricity provider bill usually goes to the same analytics account. But I'm not experienced with the analytics modules, maybe that's a wrong thing to do.15:20
pokolicorro: for me it's not the party that is related to the electricity, it's the product you use to introduce the electricity expenses15:23
pokolicorro: we have a module to define the default analytic account of a product (and use it in invoices, sales and purchases)15:24
pokolicorro: see
corropokoli: thanks! I'll check if it's really the party that defines the analytics account in this case.15:28
pokolicorro: I can imagine any case that the party defines the analytics account15:28
pokolinicoe: did you have any script to generate on all modules?15:40
nicoepokoli: no, I just used vim and some macro15:42
pokolinicoe: thanks, maybe we will develop some when migrating our modules :)15:42
cedkI think we should perhaps start thinking about a generic TestCase class with such test included15:45
pokolicedk: +1 and also test_depends15:47
cedkpokoli: also all the others15:49
pokolicedk: not test_view as there are modules that doesn't add any view (not sure if in core) but we have some cases15:49
cedkpokoli: so it should be improved to not fail in such case15:50
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corropokoli: fyi, I've got now an example for analytics accounts per party: they use mostly the same products for different parts of their business, e.g. the same hardware for POS and server solutions. So the product does not provide enough information for the default analytics account, but the party does in most cases.16:06
pokolicorro: could you provide a better example? for me it doesn't make sense to use the same hardware for POS and server solutions :)16:07
cedkpokoli, corro: for me, a good design will be a rule engine which try to guess the good analytic account base on past orders16:07
cedka little bit like the currency of supplier is guess from past orders16:08
cedkbut such engine must be much more complex than the purchase currency :-)16:09
corropokoli: just think about the backend of a POS solution, there you're probably going to see the same infrastructure as for a "normal" server project :)16:09
pokolicorro: and the same customer may buy both solutions16:10
cedkso a kind of data mining like baesians, genetic algo etc.16:10
corropokoli: yes, but they want to separate the business parts of their company16:10
pokolicedk: but we must be able to customize the where criteria, as there is no generic one16:11
cedkpokoli: I don't understand16:12
corrocedk: Sounds a bit too complex for this case. I guess it would be sufficient to just select the account based on the party configuration for this scenario.16:12
cedkcorro: this is never a good way to solve specific case16:13
pokolicedk: on purchase you're searching for past purchases of the same supplier16:14
pokolicedk: and on analytic modules which will be the search criteria (e.g same supplier)16:14
pokolicedk: I think it will be diferent depending on the company needs16:14
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corrocedk: well it's probably going to be a customer specific addition anyway, the analytics modules are already generic enough to support such a use case16:15
cedkpokoli: exactly that's why I'm talking about data mining16:16
cedkpokoli: we don't know the critera so we have to guess them16:17
cedkcorro: such request is a common request but always with different critera16:17
cedkso a generic solution must exist16:17
pokolicedk: maybe we can find a generic solution to give sugestions of any field, not only to analytic_accounts16:18
cedkpokoli: of course, you can design the engine that can be reused16:19
cedkpokoli: but you can not activate on all fields16:20
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pokolicedk: of course not on all fields, but it can be activated on more fields related to recursive processes16:22
cedkpokoli: it will still need module code to activate such feature16:25
cedkpokoli: also predefine which fields can influence the value16:25
corrocedk: Maybe it's even more generic than just for analytics accounts. A lot of Many2One fields could profit from such a behavior. Maybe we could activate such a learning behavior on the field configuration?16:25
pokolicedk: yes, i was thinking on some kind of mixing to provide the infrastructure, but without a real case it's dificult to implement the mixin16:27
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pobstetaIn a tree view, how to capture the current line of selection as the selections ?17:27
cedkpobsteta: it is active_id in the wizard context17:28
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pobstetacedk: it works as a wizard ? Can I get the selected line as client-side changes?17:32
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cedkpobsteta: no because selection is not a change17:34
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mintusHi out there, anybody there, who get this work with ubuntu17:38
pobstetacedk: in the tree view when selecting a line, the line number appears in the widget between the two green arrows (record before and after) . Is there another function that would give me the selected line number as does the widget ?17:40
cedkpobsteta: no selection is not a state send to the server17:41
cedkmintus: Tryton is packaged for Ubuntu:
cedkpobsteta: if you want the user to select many things, it is a Many2Many17:44
cedkpobsteta: and you can display it with the multiselection widget (which use the selection)17:44
mintuscedk: fine, i try (apt-get install) tryton-modules-all and tryton-neso17:46
mintuscedk: this will install a lot of modules, tytron client 3.2.1 and tryton-neso 3.2.117:47
cedkmintus: yes17:50
cedkmintus: neso is sqlite only and mono-user17:50
mintuscedk: thats ok, i just want to test it on a single machine. I select "create new database" from file menue and then?17:50
mintuscedk: After that a modul-configuration-screen appears, wich only shows a "ok" button, i click on it and a "add user screen" apears. i add a user. whats next?17:52
cedkmintus: use it17:53
cedkmintus: but probably you want to activate some modules17:53
mintusTHATs the point, i now see a Modules site with only a module "ir" and a "modus" res in it.17:54
mintuscedk: i guess i have to see something like "account, product or stock" in this screen? am i right?17:55
cedkmintus: yes17:56
cedkmintus: so probably you did not installed the trytond_* modules17:56
pobstetacedk: no it's a One2Many. I have a class A with One2Many of class B. This class B as a One2One class C. i want in the tree view A all attributes of class B and C17:57
mintuscedk: i installed  "tryton-modules-all" (trytond_modules* is not availible)17:57
mintuscedk: i'll try it again..... :-(18:00
cedkpobsteta: that's not possible except if you create a UnionMixin of B and C, and display it as a tree18:01
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pobstetacedk: have you an example of unionmixin ?18:34
cedkpobsteta: in the test18:37
cedkpobsteta: but unionmixin are readonly18:38
pobstetacedk: thanks !18:47
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notzippyAre binary attachments stored in the database ? I could not find them in the ir_attachment table18:56
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cedknotzippy: no in the database path19:54
notzippyThanks, missed that option in the new document,19:57
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TeeverWhat's the best way to get Tryton 3.4 to run on debian?23:05
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TeeverI'm running into a weird bug with the pip install instructions23:17
TeeverIt appeared to install fine but it won't launch.  gives me an error about a missing /usr/share/pixmaps/tryton/tryton-icon.png file.23:18
TeeverI appear to have found a solution.  I uninstalled and noticed that it was placing the files in /usr/local/share/... so Ijust copied them to /usr/share/...23:32
TeeverThe program started.  I'll see if it works.23:32
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cedkTeever: otherwise Tryton is packaged in debian23:46

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