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Teever3.4 is in sid and I have nothign but trouble when I pull packages from unstable01:05
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yangoonTeever: 3.4 is also built for jessie and wheezy:
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marius__why don't tryton treat draft move with planned date < today as forecasted qty?08:41
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umangHi. What would be the best way to calculate the tax amount separately for each invoice line?09:26
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buxyWhat is the best way to export a yearly balance as CSV ?11:27
buxyOpening the chart of account provides the correct data but it's not exportable as CSV due to
meanmicioGood morning, all !11:28
buxyHi meanmicio11:28
meanmicioAny idea if the the TUL 2014 presentations are up ?11:28
meanmiciojust don't want to replicate the links11:28
buxyand otherwise the balance related stuff is just a report11:29
pokolibuxy: you can add a custom action that show it in flat tree view (without tree) and export it from there11:31
buxypokoli: I was more looking into a solution that doesn't involve me digging into code :-)11:38
pokolibuxy: maybe may do it for you, but it will be XLS instead of CSV11:44
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meanmicioFunding mission accomplished for SAO :)14:55
pokolimeanmicio: :D14:56
meanmiciopokoli : :)14:58
meanmiciothanks to B2CK and to all the contributors !14:58
munronmeanmicio: Great!!!14:58
pokolinow he only have to wait (and test it) to make it happend :D15:01
meanmiciopokoli: :D I'm confident it will be a success (although I love the GTK native client, anyways :) )15:02
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pokolimeanmicio: me to, i doubt i will stop using GTK client15:07
nicoeMany thanks to everybody …15:24
pokolinicoe: an many thanks to B2CK for starting the campaign :)15:25
pablovanninitryton flask15:30
nicoepokoli: you're welcome ;à15:35
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hornhi - if i press ignore on a user_warning - is it saved by user and for which time (sessionbased) ?15:42
nicoehorn: it's saved in the database until the call to raise_user_warning is triggered again15:50
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nicoehorn: if the user check the 'remember my choice' then it's not deleted15:51
nicoehorn: otherwise it is15:51
nicoehorn: check res.user.warning and for the code15:52
hornnicoe: thanks15:52
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lukioHi, I'm trying to use flask-tryton to create an invoice.18:34
lukiothis is the code that I have write:
lukiobut that return me an error:18:34
lukio    error_args=cls._get_error_args(
lukio  File "/home/tryton/.virtualenvs/tryton34/lib/python2.7/site-packages/trytond/", line 74, in raise_user_error18:34
lukio    raise UserError(error)18:34
lukioUserError: ('UserError', (u'El valor del campo \xabEmpresa\xbb en \xabFactura\xbb no es v\xe1lido seg\xfan su dominio.', ''))18:34
lukioI check it and the field company is ok. any idea what could be the problem?18:35
lukiothanks in advanced18:35
pokolilukio: which is the main company field of the user you're using to connect to the datbase?18:43
pokolilukio: what I mean is that the company you're using is not on user company, so it breaks the domain18:44
pokolilukio: so you should set the company in context on the tryton.transaction decorator, or set in the default context18:46
lukioand how do i set up the default context?18:47
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pablovanninipokoli: great, now its working, great help19:58
pokolipablovannini: i imagine it was related to lukio question20:00
pokolipablovannini: nice to know that it worked20:00
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