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marius__what's proper way of starting using tryton for accounting? What is the correct way to move amounts into accounts?09:51
pokolimarius__: sorry but i don't understand what are you asking09:57
pokolimarius__: if you want to use accouting, use the account module, create a chart of accounts and then just create Moves09:57
marius__pokoli, I have fiscal year that ended in another system and I want to start new fiscal year in tryton10:02
marius__so I want to move accounts from the old system10:03
marius__only the totals probably10:03
cedkmarius__: you must create a big move with the balance of each account on an adjustement period10:04
cedkmarius__: for account with party required (payable/receivable) you must have a balance per party10:04
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marius__thanks cedk , will try10:19
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cedkpokoli: with who and where could I talk about the stock_lot_expire module?12:10
pokolicedk: I asked to my mates, i will keep you informed :)12:19
pokolicedk: you can send an email to Guillem, do you have the email address?12:31
cedkpokoli: would prefer an open discussion12:37
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pokolicedk: talk to guillemNaN :)12:39
cedkguillemNaN: I don't understand the usage of removal and alert date12:41
cedkguillemNaN: nor why you need a special location for expired12:42
cedkI would like to create a standard module called stock_sled (shelf life expiration date)12:44
cedkwith a sled date and an optional expiration date12:44
cedkI think those date should be computed at the reception of the goods using the reception date12:45
cedkI don't think we need to prevent to move expired product12:46
cedkbut just a warning when it goes to customer12:46
cedkI want that expired products not being computed in the stock quantity12:46
cedkusing the sled date with option extra delay12:47
cedkACTION bbl12:49
guillemNaNremoval and alert date are used to advert user about it12:52
guillemNaNwhen the lot should be removed, and the alert date is a previous advert.12:52
guillemNaNthe configuration by location allows to be more flexible. the restriction (not only advert, it must to be more strict) is also for productions12:54
cedkguillemNaN: see nowhere it is usage12:55
cedkguillemNaN: when it should be removed is at the sled date12:55
guillemNaNalert and removal could be removed. now we doesn't have any use case and could be added in another module12:55
guillemNaNcedk: nop, for pharma industries it's more strict.12:56
cedkguillemNaN: you mean the delay between the sled date will very per product12:57
guillemNaNcedk: expiry date is fixed information of lot. depends of kind of product you have different security margins12:57
cedkguillemNaN: any way, it doesn't need to be stored on the lot12:57
guillemNaNcedk: yes, an option is have this margin in the product.12:58
guillemNaNcedk: the only advantage to have it materialized in the lot is if this margin change in the time... but it could be managed by history if it's needed12:58
cedkguillemNaN: for the move, I realy thing the location type is enough12:59
guillemNaNcedk: correct12:59
cedkguillemNaN: indeed, for changes it is better without storing it as if laws change it apply also on your current products12:59
cedkguillemNaN: OK I will work on a rework of this module13:00
guillemNaNcedk: provably. We agree it's enough have the margins in the product. changes over it should be customer/industry specific modules13:00
guillemNaNcedk: so the final design is one expiry date in the lot, one or two margin in product and some kind of configuration about the allowed location types using this margins, isn't it?13:02
cedkguillemNaN: two dates on lot: sled and expiration date13:03
guillemNaNcedk: ok, nice. the sled date is what is used to allow or not the move13:04
guillemNaNcedk: enough for us13:05
guillemNaNcedk: already exists a review?13:06
Timitoscedk: if you don't store the expiry date on the lot. what date will you use to compute the expiry date?13:13
guillemNaNTimitos: it will be stored 2 dates in the lot13:13
TimitosguillemNaN: thx. seems that i missed the last few posts13:14
guillemNaNcedk: have you seen this review? 788100213:16
cedkguillemNaN: not yet13:40
cedkguys, in this, Fabien Pinckaers states that Tryton is dead :-)13:43
cedkalways good at jokes :-)13:50
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marius__cedk, any plans for 3.4.2?13:50
pokolicedk: don't see where do you read this joke14:00
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Timitospokoli: its in the comments14:16
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marius__why tests in tryton are written so that order of execution is important..14:21
marius__I hate that ;)14:21
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cedkmarius__: because we must rely on database14:41
cedkmarius__: but I agree that unittest should try to be independent14:41
marius__it's really hard to write tests for a module14:43
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cedkmarius__: it depends what you are testing14:46
cedkmarius__: trends means almost nothing for a real free software14:49
cedkmarius__: Odoo always shows trends because the implicit goal is to sale the company14:51
cedkmarius__: for the unittest order, I think almost any are sequencial, except some depending on company or account for which we should better to create tools to setup per test such things14:57
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cedknicoe: reminder:
nicoecedk: indeed15:50
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pokolicedk: any plans for release 0.5 version of python-sql17:19
pokolii will like to use CTE on one of my developments :)17:19
cedkpokoli: I would like to include schema before17:29
pokolicedk: nothing prevents you to commit schema before the release17:40
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laurent_Hi, I'm installing tryton 3.4.0 server on a ubuntu server installation and I don't really understand what is the correct configuration for Postegresql for the client to be able to create databases18:17
laurent_what I mean is, I don't know what (and how) is the tryton client expecting to find18:18
cedklaurent_: the client doesn't connect to the database18:18
cedklaurent_: only the server trytond does18:18
cedklaurent_: also the server only answer to database creation from the client if the super_pwd is set18:19
laurent_thank you, I have created a password using that command18:20
cedklaurent_: otherwise the easy way is:
laurent_and included it in a file named trytond.conf18:20
laurent_But I keep getting a wrong password error18:21
laurent_ok, I will try this option right now18:21
cedklaurent_: are you sure you are connecting to your local server and not the demo for example18:22
laurent_cedk: yes, I'm sure, localhost:800018:23
cedklaurent_: so maybe the password is not correctly encrypted18:26
laurent_cedk:yes, I'm cheking that, I re-encrypted the same password and got a completely different encrypted string18:27
laurent_is that normal? is there a random elemento to encryption?18:27
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cedklaurent_: yes18:28
cedklaurent_: there is a random seed18:29
laurent_cedk: when following your suggestion for the database creation I get: FATAL :password authentication failed for user "user"18:34
cedklaurent_: are you creating a database or just login?18:36
laurent_cadk: I've been trying to login18:40
laurent_at some point I assumed to problem had something to do with the database18:41
laurent_but now that you mention it, it doesn't really make sense...18:42
laurent_I start the server trytond pointing at the trytond.conf file, but I canĀ“t login with the password I used18:43
cedklaurent_: you have to create a database first18:45
laurent_I tried creating it with the client18:49
laurent_and with the command in the link you sent me18:50
laurent_in both cases it says I have the wrong tryton server password18:54
cedklaurent_: this is strange19:21
cedklaurent_: when do you get this message?19:22
cedklaurent_: there is two kind of password: one for DB management and one link to user for login19:25
laurent_I opne the client, cancel the login, go to create new database, enter the name, tryton server password I previously encrypted(but the non-encrypted version), enter a new password for the database19:25
laurent_click on create and get the error message that tryton server password is incorrect19:26
cedklaurent_: are you sure the server is reading your configuration file?19:28
laurent_I actually have the same password right now for DB management and tryton encrypted...19:28
laurent_yes, I get a message when starting the server19:29
cedklaurent_: but with the doc, you don't need the super password, so how can it fail on the same error19:49
laurent_I really don't know...19:52
cedklaurent_: probably because you don't try to login but still create a database when the database is already created19:53
cedklaurent_: can not help more if you don't explain what you are doing19:54
laurent_ok, give me second, I'll try to be more specific19:56
laurent_I downloaded all prerequisite packages to run trytond, I downloaded tryton and trytond from the tarball and unpacked them on a user a created on my ubuntu server. With that same username I created a user in postgres with the ability to create databases20:00
laurent_I created a trytond.conf file with the uri for postgres and with a super password I generated20:01
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laurent_I start the server with that config file and then I start the client20:02
laurent_there, I cancel the login window and attempt to create a new database20:02
laurent_for the tryton server password I enter the non encrypted version20:03
laurent_Am I missing something at this point?20:06
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cedklaurent_: so you did not try to follow the doc20:38
cedklaurent_: are you sure you put the super_pwd into the session section?20:41
laurent_If you mean the one for creating the database, I got error20:41
cedkI tested again this way and it is working here20:41
laurent_yes, I'm positive20:41
cedklaurent_: what error?20:41
laurent_FATAL :password authentication failed for user "user"20:42
cedklaurent_: that's not possible20:42
cedklaurent_: what are you doing when you follow the doc?20:42
laurent_Iget that in the terminal after entering: trytond -c <config file> -d <database name> --all20:43
laurent_using the config file I created20:44
laurent_the whole path to it of course20:44
cedklaurent_: please put somewhere the all log20:44
laurent_ok, I had an error in the URI21:14
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