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VaticanCameosIs it normal behaviour for a user warning to not appear after the user has clicked Yes (proceed)? The warning_name is set as the active record for which the warning was raised. For example, '%s' % party. always is not set.11:11
pokoliVaticanCameos: you have to add the id of the record in order to raise a diferent warning for each record11:14
VaticanCameospokoli: Yes, the warning_name param should be unique. it can't be the active record and necessarily has to be the ID11:18
VaticanCameospokoli: It does raise a different warning instance for each record. What I was trying to say is that once the user clicks yes on the warning without ticking always, the warning no longer appears for that particular record.11:21
VaticanCameosProbably because the warning record does not get deleted and Warning_.check() returns false.11:22
pokoliVaticanCameos: it's the expected behaviour, once the warning is accepted is not raised anymore11:23
pokoliVaticanCameos: if you want to raise the warning for two diferents points of the application, you have to create two diferents identifiers11:23
VaticanCameospokoli: hmm I see. so then it's expected behaviour.11:23
marany ideas why calendar would look like this: ?11:30
cedkmar: probably you don't have the goocalendar11:40
marhow do I get it?11:43
marpip install goocalendar?11:43
marinstalled it though pip 0.1, still doesn't show :/11:45
marpip freeze | grep Goo                                                                                                                       12:44  marius@marius-HP-ProBook-4530s11:46
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cedkmar: have you pygoocanvas? did you restart the client?11:50
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marcan I somehow install pygoocanvas through pip?14:28
cedkmar: probably not, you should use your package manager14:33
mari'm using virtualenv, can I somehow tell it to use the global one for goocanvas?14:34
mar(on existing virtualenv)14:34
cedkmar: it is defined on creation14:41
cedkmar: but maybe it can be changed, I don't know14:41
pokolimar: AFAIK you have to  create the virtualenv using --system-site-packages flag14:53
mari've symlinked, looks like it works now14:53
maris someone trying to investigate this issue?14:54
cedkmar: if it is not assigned so nobody15:09
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david_Hi, anyone here who can help me set up VAT, preferably UK VAT?15:22
marany ideas on this one: ?15:23
pokolidavid_: vat validation? or what you mean by "set up VAT" ???15:24
nicoemar: It's only part of the traceback15:25
marthat's what traceback tryton shows :/15:26
marwhoops, sorry,
david_pokoli: I suspect I mean enter the tax definitions and then use them in invoices.  Whatever I have tried so far gives a tax value on the line items of (0).15:26
nicoemar: can't you scroll the TextArea?15:26
pokolidavid_: you have to create the UK chart of accounts (and their taxes)15:27
pokolidavid_: see
david_pokoli: OK, I will follow that, once I have defined it (looks like a single file) how do I load it into Tryton (sorry, I am a newbie) and the page goes not seem to say how to load it15:29
nicoemar: Is it related to issue449215:30
nicoemar: ?15:30
mari'm not sure, maybe15:30
marissue4492 is
mari beleave15:30
pokolidavid_: you have to create a module, and install this module in order to make all the data available15:31
marit tries to render 6 rows, but because of 2015-02 has exactly 4 weeks (starting from sunday) it fails to do so15:31
pokolidavid_: chart of accounts modules are quite simple as only contain one (or more) xml files to load into the database15:31
marI tried to make goocalendar return 6 weeks anyway and got that error and I'm not sure if it's because of that issue or its separate thing15:32
pokolidavid_: you can have a look at other chart of account modules, for example this is the french one
david_pokoli: thank you I will see what I can do.15:33
pokolidavid_: you're welcome, feel free to come back here if you have any doubts :)15:33
marnicoe, have you tried calendar view in tryton with the patch?15:48
marfor 2015-02?15:49
nicoeNo, from the code I just though it would fix the issue15:49
nicoemar: Did you?15:49
marI'm unable to do it because of
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