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funnybunnydamnit, not again!11:45
funnybunnyi forgot the admin password for my local db :(11:46
funnybunnyis there some sort of a script that i can (ab)use to reset it?11:46
marum, proteus?11:50
funnybunnyyes, that might work.. no idea how though :D11:54
pokolifunnybunny: something like
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funnybunnyoh, it's res.user not user.user12:14
funnybunnypokoli: i can't seem to get the database_name thing to work12:22
funnybunnyplus i can't find any documentation for proteus about that (except the sqlite thing which i don't understand either)12:22
funnybunnyis this a URI string or something?12:22
pokolifunnybunny: i just write it fast without checking, so that why i said "something like" :)12:23
funnybunnyyeah, it gave me some clues, thanks.. but then.. oh well12:23
pokolifunnybunny: yes dtabase is the URI12:24
pokolifunnybunny: same as you used on trytond.confg12:24
pokolifunnybunny: I assume you are in 3.4 version :)12:24
funnybunnyi am.. it says it misses DB_NAME though if i use the uri string from the config12:24
funnybunnyand can't connect if i do postgresql:///user:pass@localhost:5432/tryton12:25
pokolifunnybunny: add os.environ['DB_NAME'] = yourdatabase before config.set_trytond12:39
funnybunnyhrm.. turns out that my postgresql server died sometime last year :o12:40
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sharoonthomascedk: about your comments about product-attribute-strict, do you understand the issue ?12:49
cedksharoonthomas: yes but it is not an issue for Dict13:02
sharoonthomascedk: the selection field in specific is the only issue we have13:02
sharoonthomasbut is there another  way to get around it ?13:03
cedksharoonthomas: it is just a matter to prevent changing selection definition13:07
sharoonthomascedk: that means validation that newly saved selection options do not make current attribute selections on products invalid13:07
sharoonthomascedk: that is what i meant by option 1, but implementing that in a  scalable way is the question13:08
cedksharoonthomas: or simply never remove selection13:08
sharoonthomascedk: yep, that would work. rename == remove. also how do you handle translatable selections ?13:09
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cedksharoonthomas: one must option will be to inactivate an entry when still keep it on existing13:12
sharoonthomascedk: then the selection text can have more formatting13:15
cedksharoonthomas: yes or a second list of inactive13:19
pokolicedk: while developing analytic_purchase scenario I found some issues in the code, may I fix it in a separate patch (and issue)13:20
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cedkpokoli: yes13:21
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pokolifunnybunny: you managed to change the password?13:26
funnybunnyapparently there was no need.13:27
funnybunnyturns out postgresql was not running and tryton simply said "password or user wrong"13:27
funnybunnywhich was ... oh well :)13:27
pokolifunnybunny: but on the server logs there should be a message saying it can not connect to database13:28
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cedksisalp: hello, troller ;-)13:42
sisalpcedk: ok, but I am ashame of it13:43
sisalpcedk: the only possible move for Odoo is to ... gpl ;-)13:45
sisalpcedk : It validates the choice for Tryton13:46
cedksisalp: as usual VC doesn't work well with freesoftware13:49
sisalpnot sure investors are concerned in the case, else they would have stopped it earlier.13:51
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cedksisalp: as far as I see they are not profitable13:52
sisalpcedk: lgpl will unleash competition. I wouldn't bet a penny on their plan.13:54
sisalpcedk: closing software was nasty, but more realistic.13:57
sisalpnot sure this is the place to talk about this, sorry for the noise.13:58
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udonosisalp: hi, do you have a link?14:10
sisalpudono: no link, only leaks, everything is discussed off-line14:12
udonosisalp: what a pitty14:12
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cedksisalp, udono: we need wikileaks14:49
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udonocedk: yeah14:50
sisalpodooleaks is available ;-)15:04
cedksisalp: it will no more be anonimous then15:05
sisalpthen will be difficult to trace #friday15:08
cedksisalp: via tor15:13
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sisalpvia odoo is enough, the robot doesn't check identities. #okIleave15:15
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david_I have read through the french VAT defintions, but not getting very far.  Is there a good description of the uses of and relationships between the tax code templates, the tax templates, the tax rule templates and the tax rule line templates.  I have read the HowToCreateAChartOfAccounts wiki entry but that really does not help.16:28
nicoesisalp: so the opendays have turned into the odoodays at least they are coherent ;)16:41
nicoedavid_: There is not descrition AFAIK16:41
nicoedavid_: no*16:41
nicoedavid_: A tax rule template contains a list of tax rule line template16:42
nicoedavid_: tax codes are used when creating a tax report16:42
nicoedavid_: every object terminated by " template" means that it can be instantiated to create a "real" tax / tax code / tax rule16:43
nicoedavid_: the "real" objects are then used by Tryton when computing the taxes / prices / etc16:44
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david_nicoe: OK, I understand about the template bit, so what you are saying is that the basic item is an object.  The codes then seem to be referenced in the fields such as invoice_base_code any by what you say are then used in reports, but what are the rules - they (at least in the french case) seem to be almost empty.16:48
david_nicoe: and looking at the french case I seem to have to define separate accounts for each tax rate, but the sales and purchased for each rate go into thesame account - is that right?16:50
nicoedavid_: buxy can probably help you, he's the maintainer for the french account chart16:53
david_nicoe: then again in the french case there are three versions of each rate, so there is one for TVA @ 19_6 which is the parent of a TVA @ 19_6_1 and of TVA @ 19_6_2, and the _1 has way more fields than the _2 and I can not see why there are two?16:53
nicoedavid_: it's probably related to some french legislation (different reporting needs maybe something like that)16:54
david_nicoe: ok, can you tell me what the rules are for?16:55
nicoedavid_: the tax rules?16:55
nicoedavid_: they are there to specify that under some conditions a tax became another tax16:55
nicoedavid_: For example when you sell from BE to UK there is no VAT16:56
nicoeSo the new tax must be "0% intra-communautaire" or something like that16:56
nicoedavid_: You can then specify on your party form for the customers from the UK that this rule should be used when invoicing them16:57
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buxydavid_: join on #tryton-fr and we can discuss about it in French16:58
david_nicoe: OK, so for a first pass I could leave those out and just concentrate on the codes and taxes.16:59
david_nicoe: trouble is that my french is limited to whatI learned at school 45 years ago, i.e. extreemly limited.16:59
david_buxy: sorry the last line addresses to nicoe: is really addressed to you, my french I suspect is not up to any real discussion being very limited.17:00
david_buxy: I am trying to build a UK VAT module for tryton, and I was using the french one as a model, and having difficulties understanding what is needed.17:01
buxydavid_: ah ok17:03
buxydavid_: so the basic logic is to have "normal taxes" associated products, those are taxes applied on invoices for customers that do not have any "tax rule" applied to them.17:04
buxyin general that's the case for national customers17:04
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buxythen you have tax rules that map those "normal taxes" into "special taxes" to cover all the other special cases17:04
david_buxy: good, that will cover my initial requirement, but rules will obviously have to be added in the end.17:05
buxywhen you export outside of EU, you have no tax anymore, so you have a tax rule (named "Ventes hors communaut├ęs" in the french case) that drops all taxes (because there's no target tax).17:05
david_buxy: that makes sense.17:06
buxyWhen you sell within the EU, it's very complicated and the current rules of the french chart of accounts are not correct. But the idea is the same, you map the normal tax into a set of special taxes.17:06
david_buxy: why in the section are there three ending 19_6: 19_6, 19_6_1 and 19_6_2?17:07
david_buxy: this is around line 1411 of tax_fr.xml17:07
buxydavid_: that's to cover the "reverse charge" mechanism of the European VAT17:08
buxy"reversal of VAT liability" => you both declare the tax as due and deductible on your own VAT declaration17:08
buxyso you actually apply the tax twice (in opposite orders) and they annihilate themselves17:09
buxyACTION screams at the level of complexity of VAT in EU17:10
david_buxy: I hear your screams.  Why do you have so many different rates defined.  I through EU VAT only had standard (>15%), 2 reduced (<=5%, in the UK case reduced at 5% and zero at 0%), and Exempt.  Then obviously the actual rate can vary from time to time and that is done in tryton using the startdate field17:12
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nicoedavid_: maybe it is because France changed their rate recently17:17
david_nicoe: yes, in something like Quickbooks you had to do something like that, but thenin tryton there is this wonderful start_date and end_date facility so you can have multiple tax code lines which are used on a date basis.17:18
buxydavid_: we have 3 basic rates in France, but many exceptions17:23
david_buxy: OK, I will give it a go based on what I have learned today, and report back.  Got to run now, back later.  Thanks for your help.17:23
buxysometimes for specific kind of activity (printed press is very low), sometimes for specific places (Corse, islands, ...)17:24
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