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jiteshhey guys11:03
jiteshcan u please help me out to create a proper config file11:03
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jiteshdespite of explicitly mentioning the config file it falls back to sqlite11:06
jiteshwhere as i wanted postgres as my backend which i mentioned in my config file11:07
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cedkjitesh: are you sure it loads your configuration file11:10
jiteshi did doubt that11:11
jiteshand i tried other stuffs like creating a bin and etc inside tryton d file11:12
cedkjitesh: "-c" option11:12
jitesh@cedk i did use -c option to run my tryton server with my config files11:15
jvblascojitesh: does the user running tryton have permissions on the config file?11:15
jiteshi made it accessable for all11:17
jiteshand please note: i installed tryton on my virtual environment11:17
jiteshwill that be fine?11:17
jiteshi was trying to run TrytonAsModule :  in my virtual environment and it dint require any server to run independently11:19
cedkjitesh: which version of trytond? and are you sure you are using the right configuration syntax?11:21
jiteshbut even after explicitly mentioning the trytond and conf path in that TrytonAsModule it still hits back with an error sqlite is not found while i was trying to use postgre11:21
jiteshtryton is version 3.4.211:21
jiteshand for syntax shall i post the code here?11:22
cedkjitesh: no copy/paste in chan11:22
cedkjitesh: use a paster service11:24
jiteshiam sorry iam not aware of any such thing11:26
cedkjitesh: for example:
cedkjitesh: and what is the configuration file?11:31
jitesh1 min i am uploading it11:32
cedkjitesh: I think you are just not using the right keywords and so they are ignored11:32
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jiteshplease check this11:36
cedkjitesh: it looks OK11:41
jiteshbut when i run it i get the error as dbname.sqlite doesnot exits11:42
jiteshiam not running tryton just importing the modules11:44
jiteshbut before working on transactions it fails as the db is not found11:45
jiteshi created a db in postgres11:45
Timitosjitesh: do you start the tryton server with "trytond -c PATHTOCONFIG" ?11:45
jitesh@Timitos noi am not running tryton server just importing the modules11:46
jiteshiam folllowing this11:47
cedkjitesh: this howto is probably out dated (2 years old)11:47
jiteshand hence i reached here seeking help from you guys11:48
cedkjitesh: this should give you a more up to date:
jiteshcedk, i will go through it11:54
pokolijitesh: you can use TRYTOND_CONFIG environment variable to set your config path11:55
jiteshpokoli, can you please show me a sample syntax11:55
pokolios.environment['TRYTOND_CONFIG'] = 'path_to_your_file'11:59
jiteshpokoli, thanks i will try that12:00
pokolijitesh: sorry os.environ['TRYTOND_CONFIG'] = 'path_to_your_file'12:01
pokolijitesh: memory it's bad somethimes12:01
jiteshpokoli, thats fine absolutely12:01
jiteshpokoli, unfortunately that dint work either....i do know it will be just a minute mistake but cant find out where it is...12:04
jiteshIOError: Database "dbname.sqlite" doesn't exist!12:04
pokolijitesh: could you paste the full code you are executing? the script you call12:04
jiteshpokoli, i have pasted it12:08
jiteshfails at line no 3112:10
pokolijitesh: I'm running the test script without any problem12:13
cedkjitesh: all I can see is that the path could be wrong12:13
pokolijitesh: i just have addapted the file location and it works well here12:14
pokolijitesh: so that's way I imagine, the path is wrong or your user doesn't have right to read the file12:14
jiteshand this is the error paste
jiteshpokoli, cedk so is the mistake is at postgres user rights??12:15
pokolijitesh: don't think so as you will have a postgresql error12:16
cedkjitesh: no for me the path to your configuration file is wrong12:17
jiteshpokoli, ok but as user 'jitesh' i have the rights to the file12:17
cedkjitesh: I have the same kind of behaviour if I put a wrong path12:18
cedkthe python config parser doesn't fail if a wrong path is given12:19
jiteshcedk, but the file was in that location12:19
cedkjitesh: we can not be sure as you hide it12:20
jiteshi ran it through nautilus and the file was there in that location12:21
jitesham i doing anything wrong?12:21
cedkjitesh: check with a console, I don't know what nautilus could simulate12:23
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jitesh'cd' works fine with the location to the configcode12:24
cedkjitesh: maybe you are using a relative path which doesn't work from the location where you run the code12:26
jiteshi guess i use abs path from the '/' to all the subdirectories till the config file12:27
jiteshpokoli, i also checkd the pemission of the file...its available for all user group and others no restrictions12:27
cedkjitesh: if yourself you guess...12:27
jitesh:) trust me iam doing 'cd' from random locations12:28
jiteshand it always goes to the proper location12:28
cedkjitesh: as you seem to not want to show the path, we can not help further12:30
pokolijitesh: are you using full path or relative one? could you move the file to somewhere it's accessible (i.e: /tmp) and test from there12:32
pokolijitesh: maybe file it's accesible but directory not, so it fails silently and ignores the file12:32
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jiteshcedk, pokoli  this is the paths
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cedkjitesh: very strange to put it there, have you try somewhere else like /home/projects/trytond.conf ?12:44
jiteshoutside virutal environment it wont work12:45
jiteshi wanted that to run only in my virtual environment so dint try outside that12:46
pokolijitesh: configuration file it's not related to virtualenv, i tried your script with a config file in my home directory and works as expected12:47
jiteshi dnt have tryton installed outside my virtual environment12:47
pokolijitesh: you only need to activate your virtualenv in order to make the script work12:47
jiteshok then i will try what cedk asked me to do12:48
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jiteshthe file was not moving till i applied rot power12:59
jiteshand then i placed it in /home/projects12:59
jiteshhad to change its ownership to me again and ran the script inside virualenv13:00
jiteshbut that dint work again13:00
jiteshi also updated the location in my script and printed it to debug properly13:01
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pokolijitesh: so the root power shows that you don't have proper permisions13:04
pokolijitesh: could you recreate the file with your user (so permision is correct)13:05
jiteshpokoli, iam on it13:21
jiteshpokoli i changed the entire ownership of project directory to me in recursive mode13:29
jiteshpokoli, and then i recreated that conf file again with my previlages13:30
jiteshbut then again it failed with sqlite error13:30
pokolijitesh: sorry but don't know whats happening on your side13:36
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jiteshcedk, pokoli thank you for the precious time u spent on my issue... #respect13:40
jiteshwill be taking a break for now13:40
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WarsawHello guys!17:16
WarsawI have made progress in my instalation of Tryton in Win$17:16
WarsawI can run << python trytond -c trytond.conf >> in the c:\python27\scripts folder. I prepared a trytond.conf file for this17:17
WarsawThe only thing that I configured were: [jsonrpc]17:17
Warsawlisten = localhost:800017:18
Warsawhostname = localhost17:18
Warsawuri = postgresql://tryton:admin@localhost:543217:18
Warsawtimeout = 30017:18
Warsawsuper_pwd = pTerJOXihUsGc17:18
WarsawI just realised that I should have << listen = *:8000 >>17:19
WarsawNope, that didn't work17:20
WarsawI get an [Errno 10057] about a request, because the socket is not connected17:21
WarsawMmm... any idea of why this may be?17:22
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WarsawI think that there is no tryton user in PostgreSQL17:28
Warsaw(using PgAdmin III)17:31
WarsawI cannot create a database17:33
WarsawCould someone help me with this?17:33
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cedkWarsaw: try first without the client17:37
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WarsawLet me try17:38
WarsawApparently, I don't have psycopg2... :S17:41
WarsawI'll be back :)17:41
WarsawRequirement already satisfied (use --upgrade to upgrade): psycopg2 in c:\python27\lib\site-packages Cleaning up...17:42
WarsawI will add << c:\python27\lib\site-packages >> to the Path: << setx Path "%Path%;c:\python27\lib\site-packages" >>17:43
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WarsawIt didn't work. What I did was to follow :18:10
Warsaw(1) Download psycopg2 from here
Warsaw(2) rename to zip18:10
Warsaw(3) extract contents of the folder PLATLIB into C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\18:11
Warsaw(4) python -c "import psycopg2"18:11
WarsawI have a new problem now:
WarsawI get a ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application18:59
cedkWarsaw: probably wrong version of lxml19:01
cedkWarsaw: 36vs64 bit maybe19:01
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Warsawit went automatically via pip install19:09
cedkWarsaw: so you have a compiler19:09
cedkWarsaw: usually, it is easier to install such package with the setup.exe19:09
cedkexpecially lxml because it requires xml libraries that are quite huge19:10
WarsawI thought that it was easier with pip install. Actually, I think that it went through << pip install trytond >>19:10
WarsawI will try to download lxml from pypi19:10
WarsawI have checked this: << python -c "import lxml" >>, and it works19:11
cedkWarsaw: I guess lxml root has no code19:11
WarsawShould I check (how?) or just download from PyPI?19:12
WarsawYAY! it seems to be woking. I downloaded the EXE from
Warsaw[Tue Mar 03 12:17:12 2015] INFO:trytond.server:Update/Init succeed!19:17
WarsawIt didn't ask me for a password19:20
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Warsawcedk: I'm going to restart. I am not being able to connect to the database. I'll be back20:08
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yangoon1cedk: hi, was it intended to remove TODO files on bugfix releases?21:55
yangoon1or some undesired side effect?21:56
yangoon1 :(22:12
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