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cedkyangoon1: all TODO should be removed00:30
cedkyangoon1: so any way, it is too late00:38
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WarsawI think that I have made progress, but I still cannot log on to the database01:33
WarsawI reinstalled tryton by downloading the tar.gz file for version 3.4.201:33
Warsaw(I'm talking about Win$)01:34
Warsawthen, I untarred the file and ran << python install >>01:34
WarsawI had to install bcrypt (from tar.gz sources and << python install >>)01:35
Warsawand cffi01:35
Warsawin the same way01:36
WarsawThen, I created a database for which tryton is the superuser (I never found out how to grant permissions to the tryton user in PgAdmin III)01:37
Warsaw(I used the GUI dialogs)01:37
WarsawThen, I initialised the database as suggested by cedk (thanks). I ran the line: python c:\Python27\Scripts\trytond -c C:\Python27\Scripts\trytond.conf -d Test --all01:39
Warsaw(based on )01:40
WarsawAt the end, it did ask me for a password. I just used admin01:40
WarsawThen, I openned Tryton Client 3.4.1 from the Start Menu01:41
Warsawand tried to connect to localhost:8000, Test (database) and user name tryton with admin as password01:42
Warsawbut it didn't work01:43
WarsawI get the following error01:43
WarsawOh, yes, I started the server by doing:01:43
Warsaw<< cd c:\python27\scritps >>01:44
Warsaw<< python trytond -c trytond.conf -d Test >>01:44
Warsaw(before running the client)01:45
WarsawI just killed the server to run << python trytond -c trytond.conf >> only (without -d Test)01:47
WarsawConnection error! Bad username or password!01:49
Warsaw(in the GUI)01:49
Warsaw INFO:trytond.protocols.dispatcher:bad login or password 'tryton' from ::1:51672 using JSON-RPC on database 'Test'01:50
Warsawin the Console01:50
WarsawI'm thinking that may be my postgresql.conf is wrong01:56
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alimonWarsaw: try with username admin02:02
Warsawlet's see02:02
WarsawWhy does this work?02:03
alimonWarsaw: because the admin user is the default is not the database user02:03
Warsaw(I got another error, but it's progress)02:03
alimonyou can use different db user02:03
Warsawthamks alimon02:04
alimonyou welcome02:04
WarsawNow I get this:
alimonWarsaw: no idea i don't have windows for test it02:11
WarsawI HATE WINDOW$$$$$$$$!!!!!02:11
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Warsaw_See you02:38
Warsaw_I'll keep trying later. :) Thanks02:38
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yangooncedk: Agree completely on removing TODOs, but only on trunk please11:21
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pokolinicoe: do you plan to publish typi in tryton website?12:00
nicoepokoli: of course12:01
nicoepokoli: but it still needs a lot of polishing and we had some ideas when discussing with C├ędric12:02
nicoepokoli: But it might be a good idea to publish the code and let the code evolve12:02
nicoepokoli: into the sandbox12:03
pokolinicoe: it will be great if you make it public, so we can join (at least) the discusion12:04
nicoepokoli: I haven't committed anything yet ;)12:04
pokolinicoe: I imagine it, don't hurry12:05
nicoepokoli: And cedk hasn't seen the code12:05
pokolinicoe: if you upload a review i can review it also :)12:11
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WarsawHello guys18:26
WarsawI have been trying to run trytond from Window$18:27
WarsawI have trytond running apparently (I don't know if it's right or not)18:28
Warsawtrytond shows a log on the console18:28
WarsawHowever, I cannot connect with the client18:29
Warsawtryton client is version 3.4.118:29
Warsawtrytond (server?) is version 3.4.218:29
WarsawI'm planning to file a bug report, but I don't want to bring more work to the developers without being sure that it can be solved18:32
WarsawThe first question that I have is: can I run client 3.4.1 with trytond 3.4.2?18:33
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nineinchnickWarsaw: I think yes, is your database running and did you configure a connection to it when starting trytond??18:39
nineinchnickand did you initialize it?18:39
WarsawHi nineinchnick18:39
WarsawI think that I did. cedk recommended a webpage with the instructions:
WarsawAt the end of the process, it did ask me for a password18:40
nineinchnickand how do you start trytond now?18:40
nineinchnickI think the error message is the client is the same regardless if it can't connect to trytond or trytond can't connect to the db18:41
WarsawWhen I try to connect, it seems to be connecting18:41
Warsawthe console of trytond shows this: [Wed Mar 04 11:05:02 2015] INFO:pool:init pool for "Test"18:41
Warsaw[Wed Mar 04 11:05:05 2015] INFO:trytond.protocols.dispatcher:successful login 'admin' from ::1:50295 using JSON-RPC on dest'18:41
WarsawI can click on Connect on the client GUI, but then I get an error about common.pyc18:42
nineinchnickoh so you DO connect18:42
nineinchnickyou said something else earlier18:42
nineinchnickwhat's the error?18:43
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WarsawAfter I click "Connect" with the details of the database (localhost:8000, etc.), it asks me for the admin password18:45
WarsawI put the password (admin, also)18:45
WarsawThen, I get this:18:45
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1323, in process    File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1142, in process_exception    File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1321, in rpc_execute    File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1312, in run    File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1339, in process    File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1332, in return_18:45
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1323, in process18:46
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1142, in process_exception18:46
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1321, in rpc_execute18:46
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1312, in run18:46
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1339, in process18:46
Warsaw  File "tryton\common\common.pyc", line 1332, in return_18:46
WarsawI installed trytond using the python install18:46
WarsawI installed some dependencies using pip install xxxx18:46
Warsawand installed the client with the EXE from the webpage18:47
Warsaw(I don't know if this is relevant)18:47
WarsawI start the server like this:18:48
Warsawcd c:\python27\scripts\18:49
Warsawpython trytond -c trytond.conf18:49
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nineinchnickWarsaw: use some kind of pastebin to paste multiple lines18:49
nineinchnickdon't flood irc18:49
nineinchnickit looks like a problem with your python setup18:50
nineinchnickmaybe python version mismatch?18:50
WarsawI installed python 2.7.918:50
WarsawShould I uninstall everything?18:51
Warsaw(from tryton, dependencies and python?)18:51
nineinchnickdon't rush to it, lets try to narrow it down18:51
nineinchnickwhere did you get the client?18:51
WarsawI'm also thinking of postgresql.conf18:51
nineinchnicknaah that should be good, if you initialized db successfuly it means its working18:52
WarsawOk, that's valuable to know18:52
nineinchnickcan you paste the full error somewhere? it looks like just a part of the stack trace18:53
WarsawThis is shown in the client:18:54
nineinchnickthat's all?18:55
WarsawThen, the console shows:18:55
Warsaw[Wed Mar 04 11:45:33 2015] INFO:trytond.protocols.dispatcher:successful login 'admin' from ::1:50949 using JSON-RPC on d est'18:55
nineinchnickcan you make a screenshot of that error?18:55
nineinchnicki'm pretty sure it's not everything18:56
nineinchnickitn't it in a scrollable window?18:56
WarsawWhere can I paste a picture?18:58
WarsawI know pastebin, but I think that I can't paste pictures, right?18:58
nineinchnicki'm sure there's something like that for pictures but I'd just mail it, I pm'd you my email18:59
WarsawYep. Thanks. I sent it :)19:00
nineinchnickhmm maybe the scrollbar is drawn outside of the window, did you try selecting all that text with ctrl+a?19:01
WarsawI just did, but it's the same ... ???19:02
nineinchnickWarsaw: a quick google revelead this:
nineinchnickapparently there's a timezone issue19:04
WarsawSORRY, I didn't see that one. Thanks19:05
WarsawLet me check19:05
WarsawYep! That seems to work! :D YAY!19:11
WarsawI'm so excited19:11
Warsawif this works, I will try to install it not only for my mom, but for other small businesses around here19:11
Warsaw"I have a dream..."19:11
WarsawThanks nineinchnick19:12
WarsawI will try to document my process and post it somewhere19:13
nineinchnickWarsaw: that's cool, you can google how to set the timezone to UTC permanently, it shouldn't have any side effects19:13
nineinchnickactually it's a good idea if a computer dual boots windows and some linux, because linux uses utc by default19:13
WarsawIgnorant's question: if I run linux, does the windows installation gets the UTC modified?19:16
WarsawFor the log: I restarted the trytond process and openned the client again19:16
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nineinchnickno, linux does not mess with windows19:17
nineinchnickit could just change the system clock due to auto synch from the internet19:17
nineinchnickbut same goes for windows19:18
nineinchnickthey'll just switch it back and forth19:18
nineinchnickit's annoying19:18
nineinchnickthat's way you should set their timezone to the same value19:18
WarsawI hope that, in the future, I can convince my mom to get Linux-compatible hardware so that we can just run Linux19:18
nineinchnickand since UTC is more sane, usually you set windows to utc instead of setting linux to something else19:18
nineinchnickuh, linux is compatible with almost anything19:19
nineinchnickmore than windows19:19
WarsawYes, but my mom got this crappy thermal printer which I couldn't install19:19
WarsawThat was the whole problem from the beginning19:19
WarsawI had actually configured tryton in Linux already19:19
Warsawbut I couldn't set up the printer19:20
WarsawI even tried with proprietary drivers19:20
WarsawJust crappy stuff19:20
nineinchnickwhat's the vendor?19:20
WarsawEC Printer19:20
Warsawec 5890X19:21
WarsawI got the19:21
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nineinchnickoh that's unusual19:21
nineinchnickit's usb or serial?19:21
WarsawI got the driver from some gainsha vendor, I think19:24
WarsawJust crappy stuff19:25
nineinchnickthat'd be a lot of hacking to get it to work19:25
WarsawI thought that it would be easier to go around Win$ than making it run19:25
nineinchnickor buy a new printer ...19:26
nineinchnickI guess windows is cheaper19:26
Warsawbut this little business is falling into pieces19:26
nineinchnickyou probably could run it in a VM :-)19:26
WarsawI have never done that in Win$ ,but you are right!19:26
WarsawI should have done that19:26
nineinchnickI think you could redirect the lpt port to the VM and maybe share it as a network printer from there19:27
WarsawGood idea19:27
WarsawBut, you know?19:27
nineinchnickbut i don't know if that would still require a driver on the client side19:27
WarsawI think that if I make this run, I can convince people to just turn to Linux later19:27
WarsawI guess it does...19:27
WarsawYes, I think it does19:27
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Warsaw(turning people into Linux:)19:28
WarsawThat is why I also wanted the PostgreSQL19:28
Warsaw(thinking that it would be easier than SQLite)19:29
nineinchnicklast thing you can try is to run the driver on linux through some ndiswrapper or other compatibility layer19:29
Warsaw(I'm not an expert or anything)19:29
nineinchnickPostgreSQL is a very good choice, the best db there is in my opinion19:29
nineinchnicksqlite is good but very simple, doesn't support a lot of standard features19:30
Warsaw(searching for ndiswrapper)19:30
nineinchnickoh sorry it's only for network drivers19:31
WarsawOk, no problem19:31
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WarsawSo, let me see if I can install the POS module now :) (one step at a time)19:32
WarsawIs there a clean way to close the server other than doing CTRL + C in the console?19:39
nineinchnickit's the clean way19:44
nineinchnickctrl+c sends a signal which is handled gracefully by the server19:45
WarsawOk :)19:55
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WarsawGuys, my first small contribution:20:48
WarsawI'm trying to install zikzakmedia's POS module, but it kept complaining about a dependency of trytond-sale-shop20:49
WarsawI had just installed it with << pip install <ZIP file> >>20:50
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Warsawbut it got installed as trytondzz20:50
Warsawso I modified the file20:50
WarsawI changed PREFIX = 'trytonzz' to PREFIX = 'trytond'20:51
WarsawI was trying to install the trytond_sale_payment module20:52
Warsaw(as a requirement for the POS module)20:52
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