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wsirc_763Want to connect to a locally freshly installed gnuhealth with proteus.15:11
wsirc_763config = config.set_trytond(database_name='gnuhealth',database_type='postgresql', password='344erf4nh4', config_file = '/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf')15:12
wsirc_763ImportError: cannot import name CONFIG15:12
wsirc_763can enter that server manually but still can not enter it with console. Any idea? Thank you.15:13
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wsirc_763export PYTHONPATH="/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin"18:37
wsirc_763this helped but then next error message comes behind in same command:18:38
wsirc_763Error message: Exception: Module health_pediatrics not found18:38
wsirc_763What about the modules, I just wanted to login first, did not I?18:38
wsirc_763Any ideas?18:39
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wsirc_763Server:  Database: health28 User name: admin Password: gnusolidario20:32
wsirc_763I mean could one try to connect with proteus? Where is the url then to be put in the interface?20:35
wsirc_763Any idea, tia20:35
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rmuwsirc_763: proteus can either use XMLRPC or in-process-trytond21:12
wsirc_763hi rmu21:20
wsirc_763how would go such a command line with the config.set_trytond interface then?21:21
rmuwhat do you want to do21:22
wsirc_763trytond --all -d gnuhealth: KeyError: 'res.user'21:45
wsirc_763at: config.set_trytond(database_name='gnuhealth',database_type='postgresql', password='444nh4',config_file='/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf')21:46
wsirc_763anybody an idea?21:46
wsirc_763rmu:Server: Database: health28 User name: admin Password: gnusolidario21:47
wsirc_763I want to connect there with proteus..21:47
rmuwsirc_763: so you need to use XMLRPC, proteus can't use the protocol the tryton client uses AFAIK21:49
rmuwsirc_763: and use config.set_xmlrpc("http://xmlrpc-url")21:49
wsirc_763rmu: ah, there is where the url go into? (; It is proteus.21:52
wsirc_763I thought you spoke of proteus could not - but you say it can.21:53
wsirc_763Any way one needed a 2-3 liner for such a login - how should that be done with proteus ...21:55
rmuwsirc_763: the tryton client does not use xmlrpc21:56
rmuwsirc_763: proteus can not use the protocol the tryton client uses21:56
rmuwsirc_763: proteus can use xmlrpc21:56
rmuwsirc_763: if you want proteus to talk to a trytond process you have to use xmlrpc21:56
rmuwsirc_763: login is the same as with set_trytond21:57
wsirc_763Does that make effect at question of login, what do you mean?21:57
rmuwsirc_763: i don't understand21:59
rmuyour question21:59
wsirc_763Does that make effect questioning the login, if it goes through xmlrpc or not?22:02
rmuwsirc_763: AFAIK, it does not matter22:05
rmuwsirc_763: in the xmlrpc-case, user/password is included in the url22:08
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wsirc_763In : config.set_xmlrpc('')22:25
wsirc_763ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for 500 Internal Server Error>22:26
wsirc_763rmu: did not function..22:26
rmuwsirc_763: wrong port. 8000 is the port for tryton client, not xmlrpc22:26
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wsirc_9799Hi was off.23:12
wsirc_9799error: [Errno 111] Connection refused  In : config.set_xmlrpc('')23:12
wsirc_9799I do not know which port to choose?23:13
wsirc_9799this way: config.set_xmlrpc('')23:18
rmuwsirc_9799: are you sure xmlrpc is enabled on ?23:25

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