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wsirc_7398Hi had problems to login non-interactive as well to your software. Here you see the status quo ongoing. If someone possesses an advice/comment/explanation I would be glad to hear it. Tia12:31
wsirc_7398"/trytond –logconf /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/gnuhealth_log.conf -v –all -d gnuhealth #from console 1, “five minute long module -work seen in logs. Then: “Update/Init succeed!“, server stopsexport PYTHONPATH=”/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin” ;  ipython # console 2  from proteus import config, Model  config.set_trytond(database_name=’gnuhealth’,database_type=’postgresql’, passwor12:32
pokoliwsirc_7398: what are you trying to achieve?12:33
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wsirc_7398want to connect via config.set_tryton to the indicated server/db.12:34
pokoliwsirc_7398: the first command updates the database, so you don't need that to connect12:35
wsirc_7398Here is where I am stuck. Is there something wrong with my proceeding uptonow?12:35
wsirc_7398pokoli: yes but it runs as well the tryton server, does not it?12:36
pokoliwsirc_7398: proteus runs it's own trytond when runnin using set trytond, so no need to start another :)12:37
wsirc_7398So it is running anyway, which is condition for the login, is not it?12:37
wsirc_7398pokoli: really?12:37
pokoliwsirc_7398: no, you only need a server running, when you use set_xmlrpc12:37
pokoliwsirc_7398: yes, proteus imports trytond when using set_trytond and uses it's own server to connect to the database12:38
wsirc_7398pokoli: ok12:42
wsirc_7398pokoli: thank you12:42
wsirc_7398So then your bet it to forget about config.set_tryton, and use  config.set_xmlrpc from the beginning on? The tutorial around treats with the former?12:45
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wsirc_7398The question why it is not functioning demonstrated way remained anyway open.12:45
wsirc_7398why Exception: Module health_pediatrics not found" to config.set_trytond(database_name=’gnuhealth’,database_type=’postgresql’, password=’444nh4′,config_file=’/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf’)12:47
pokoliwsirc_7398: you local copy of trytond misses the health_pediatrics module, but this module is in the database so proteus can not start correctly12:47
wsirc_7398So what is left to do then?12:48
pokoliwsirc_7398: how you created the database?12:51
pokoliwsirc_7398: checkout the module code to trytond/modules folder12:51
wsirc_7398pokoli: with the tryton client at first login according to the gnuhealth handbook12:53
wsirc_7398gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ ls gnuhealth/tryton/server/modules/|grep pedia health_pediatrics health_pediatrics_growth_charts health_pediatrics_growth_charts_who12:55
pokoliwsirc_7398: so it seems that you have two trytond and proteus it's not using the right one12:56
wsirc_7398pokoli: It is there, so?12:56
pokoliwsirc_7398: are you sure proteus it's importing this directory?12:57
wsirc_7398config.set_trytond(database_name=’gnuhealth’,database_type=’postgresql’, password=’444nh4′,config_file=’/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf’)12:58
wsirc_7398Is the only one proteus says to trytond.12:59
wsirc_7398It is to say: that I indeed managed to login manually.13:00
pokoliwsirc_7398: it's not related to set_trytond13:00
pokoliwsirc_7398: proteus imports trytond, so you have to ensure that PYTHON_PATH is set correctly, so trytond it's imported from the right place13:02
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pokoliwsirc_7398: i can't give more hints without knowing how you installed trytond and proteus13:02
wsirc_7398I installed proteus by debian source. And I installed as said by handbook from the sources.13:06
wsirc_7398gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ cat gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf [database] uri = postgresql://localhost:5432 path = /home/gnuhealth/attach  [jsonrpc] listen = *:8000  [session] super_pwd = f13:12
wsirc_7398[options] #admin_passwd = admin #ble auto-reload of modules if changed #auto_reload = True13:12
wsirc_7398And I installed as said gnuhealth by handbook from the sources.13:13
wsirc_7398cycling new kind of error messages come up: Exception: Module health_lifestyle not found13:15
wsirc_7398What might be the best move now?13:16
pokoliwsirc_7398: installed by python
wsirc_7398proteus? no by apt-get13:25
wsirc_7398and gnuhealth:
wsirc_7398  wget   Uncompress the file:  tar xzf gnuhealth-latest.tar.gz cd gnuhealth-*   Run the script  ./gnuhealth_install.sh13:26
pokoliwsirc_7398: don't know which trytond is importing proteus, but I'm sure not the on one /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.313:28
pokoliwsirc_7398: could you append this dir to path before importing proteus?13:28
wsirc_7398config.set_trytond(database_name=’gnuhealth’,database_type=’postgresql’, password=’444nh4′,config_file=’/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf’)13:29
wsirc_7398In : from proteus import config, Model13:29
wsirc_7398This is what I am saying to proteus13:30
wsirc_7398and this:In : export PYTHONPATH="/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin"13:31
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pokoliwsirc_7398: before importing proteus13:31
wsirc_7398gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ which trytond /usr/bin/trytond gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ echo $PATH /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games13:32
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wsirc_7398gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ echo $PATH /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $ which trytond /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin/trytond gnuhealth@kubuntu:~ $13:41
pokoliwsirc_7398: it's PYTHON_PATH related, not related to sys PATH13:42
wsirc_7398both paths anyway are exported pointing to: /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin13:43
wsirc_7398now I get: ImportError: No module named trytond.config13:45
wsirc_7398after apt-get remove tryton-server  and any idea?13:46
wsirc_7398So what is the final advice for it? Leave it as broken? And later bring it to the bug-database?13:54
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wsirc_7398pokoli: thank you anyway for the run. (;13:58
pokoliwsirc_7398: several possible solutions13:58
pokoliwsirc_7398: correctly set python path13:59
pokoliwsirc_7398: or simlink modules from your modules folder to the correct one13:59
wsirc_7398In : import sys  In : print(sys.path)['', '/usr/bin', '/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/modules', '/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin', '/usr/lib/python2.7', '/usr/lib/python2.7/plat-x86_64-linux-gnu', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-tk', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-old', '/usr/lib/python2.7/lib-dynload', '/home/gnuhealth/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages', '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages', '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-pac14:20
wsirc_7398gives still the error message: ImportError: No module named trytond.config14:21
wsirc_7398I mean this sound really buggy, does not it?  trytond.config is a configuration file not a module? Who he comes up with it now?14:23
wsirc_7398or simlink modules from your modules folder to the correct one: before apt-get remove tryton-server I got such messages of missing modules, no I get another one, possibly more serious one..14:25
pokoliwsirc_7398: you have an incorrect path14:25
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pokoliwsirc_7398: incorrect python path, so proteus is not able to import trytond and all of the modules14:25
pokoliwsirc_7398: nobody told it was easy :P14:26
wsirc_7398pardon it is me I am dyslectic. Where?14:26
pokoliACTION was joking14:27
pokoliwsirc_7398: basically its a matther of putting all the components in the right path14:28
wsirc_7398Where did you find the incorrect path or was it figuratively meant.14:28
pokoliwsirc_7398: because you have all the required components (trytond, proteus and modules)14:28
pokoliwsirc_7398: but proteus doesn't find trytond, so that's a incorrect path14:29
pokoliwsirc_7398: i will try adding /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3 to PYTHON_PATH14:29
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wsirc_7398pokoli: Take care is not it:PYTHONPATH14:35
wsirc_7398instead of: PYTHON_PATH14:35
wsirc_7398I get: ImportError: cannot import name CONFIG14:42
wsirc_7398by export PYTHONPATH="/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/modules:/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/bin:/home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/trytond-3.4.3/"14:43
wsirc_7398pokoli: have you got or someone else got the same problems with exactly the same invocation syntax? Then it is time for a bug report, is not it?14:45
wsirc_7398or is it more a feature gap as not all necessary paths are can not be informed to proteus arbitrarily?14:47
pokoliwsirc_7398: i usally avoid modifying PYTHONPATH from outside a python script, sorry for the name mess14:51
pokoliwsirc_7398: it's not a proteus bug14:51
wsirc_7398it seems hardcoded where proteus gets the tryton config path from. So when you can not tell him where to find it in user space then it shall not be considered appropriate for this kind of case, no?15:01
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wsirc_7398Then it were not a bug, but a feature gap, which was to be acknowledged by the manual readers, were it not?15:03
wsirc_7398sorry for the name mess: np, I held it under control.. (;15:04
wsirc_7398then  config.set_xmlrpc15:09
wsirc_7398will be the next bet? See you till then..15:10
pokoliwsirc_7398: set_xmlrpc will avoid path mess15:11
pokoliwsirc_7398: you need to explicity start xmlrpc on your server and then it should work15:11
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wsirc_7398ok will see ...15:18
wsirc_7398thx so far15:18
wsirc_7398ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:444nh4@localhost:8000/gnuhealth: 500 Internal Server Error>  In : config.set_xmlrpc('http://admin:444nh4@localhost:8000/gnuhealth')15:27
wsirc_7398nmap localhost|grep 8000 8000/tcp open  http-alt15:28
wsirc_7398cat /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf [database] uri = postgresql://localhost:5432 path = /home/gnuhealth/attach  [jsonrpc] listen = *:8000  [session] super_pwd = fxxxxxxU  [options]  jsondata_path = /var/www/localhost/tryton xmlrpc = *:8069 jsonrpc = localhost:800015:30
pokoliwsirc_7398: you have yo use port 8069 for xmlrpc not 800015:31
wsirc_7398ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:444nh4@localhost:8000/gnuhealth: 500 Internal Server Error> what could have went wrong?15:32
pokoliwsirc_7398: check the port15:32
wsirc_7398Question? which one?15:33
wsirc_7398I have 8000, 5432 and 8069, of which I see two with nmap? Where is it bad?15:35
wsirc_7398I see: "8069 for xmlrpc not 8000"15:35
wsirc_7398Where to fit in?15:35
wsirc_7398jsonrpc = localhost:8069?15:37
wsirc_7398 listen = *:806915:37
pokoliwsirc_7398: see
pokoliusually 5432 is for postgresql (database server), 8000 for jsonrpc and 8069 for xmlrpc15:39
pokoliwsirc_7398: but you can use the ports you want if you define correctly in the configuration file15:39
wsirc_7398PORT     STATE SERVICE 8069/tcp open  unknown  Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.39 seconds root@kubuntu:~# nmap localhost -p 806915:51
wsirc_7398[Mon May 18 13:46:53 2015] INFO:trytond.server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on *:806915:51
wsirc_7398ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:444nh4@localhost:8069/gnuhealth: 500 Internal Server Error>  In : config.set_xmlrpc('http://admin:444nh4@localhost:8069/gnuhealth')15:51
wsirc_7398root@kubuntu:~# cat /home/gnuhealth/gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf|grep 80 #listen = *:8000 listen = *:8069 xmlrpc = localhost:8069 #jsonrpc = localhost:8000 #jsonrpc = localhost:806915:52
wsirc_7398what was wrong?15:53
wsirc_7398serverlogs says that I am having SON-RPC protocol on *:806915:53
wsirc_7398but xml-rpc is supposed to? Or did I misunderstand a detail?15:54
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wsirc_7398Is there anybody who had it working once? Can you please give me a trytond.conf and the invoking syntax, the
wsirc_7398gives not only general information unfortunately.16:10
pokoliwsirc_7398: which proteus version and server version do you have?16:10
wsirc_7398 ii tryton-proteus 3.0.0-3  trytond-3.4.316:14
pokoliwsirc_7398: you have to use same series, so if you have trytond-3.4, you should use a proteus from 3.4 series16:15
wsirc_7398by pip?16:16
wsirc_7398root@kubuntu:~# pip install tryton-proteus  Downloading/unpacking tryton-proteus   Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement tryton-proteus Cleaning up... No distributions at all found for tryton-proteus Storing debug log for failure in /home/kubuntu/.pip/pip.log16:18
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wsirc_7398Successfully installed proteus Cleaning up... root@kubuntu:~# pip install proteus16:21
wsirc_7398ok then16:21
pokoliwsirc_7398: ensure that you install 3.4 series, as last available version is 3.616:22
pokoliwsirc_7398: pip install "proteus >=3.4,<=3.5"16:22
wsirc_7398root@kubuntu:~# pip uninstall proteus Uninstalling proteus:   /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/proteus-3.4.3.egg-info16:25
wsirc_7398thank you for that now we have matching versions, but:16:26
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wsirc_7398ProtocolError: <ProtocolError for admin:444nh4@localhost:8069/gnuhealth: 500 Internal Server Error>16:26
pokoliwsirc_7398: could you upload server log to pastebin (or similar) ?16:28
pokoliwsirc_7398: I can not say anything else with more info16:29
cedkwsirc_7398: you run a json-rpc protocol on 8069 instead of an xml-rpc protocol16:39
wsirc_7398so then thank you, how do I make my config run xml-rpc protocol, ask I?16:43
wsirc_7398hi cedk16:43
wsirc_7398see conf in pastebin16:45
pokoliwsirc_7398: you have to create a new section from xmlrpc, not modify jsonrpc16:49
sisalpseems hg nclone       -b 3.6 gets a partial list of modules16:56
cedksisalp: it can not work as new module without a 3.6 branch are there17:01
cedksisalp: you must use
wsirc_7398In : config.set_xmlrpc('http://admin:444nh4@localhost:8069/gnuhealth') Out: proteus.config.XmlrpcConfig('http://admin:444nh4@localhost:8069/gnuhealth')17:06
sisalpcedk: [server/trytond/modules/account]17:25
sisalpabandon : HTTP Error 404: Not Found17:25
wsirc_7398pokoli,cedk: You were right, my user mistake have been not to follow the hint in the config official config-file. cat gnuhealth/tryton/server/config/trytond.conf|grep -A1 xmpm  #these changes #xmpm [xmlrpc] #xmpm listen = localhost:8069 -- #xmpm xmlrpc = *:8069 -- #xmpm ssl_xmlrpc = False [Mon May 18 15:20:21 2015] INFO:trytond.server:starting JSON-RPC protocol on localhost:8000 [Mon May 18 15:20:21 2015] INFO:trytond.server:starting XML-RPC pro17:26
wsirc_7398thank you two17:26
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wsirc_7398had been nice and I am happy in the end of the day (:17:40
cedksisalp: fixed17:40
sisalpcedk: hg nclone works for me. Thank you.17:51
cedksisalp: becareful, I just saw that ldap_connection was still listed there17:52
sisalpcedk: yes I got it17:55
wsirc_7398rror: [Errno 111] Connection refused17:55
wsirc_7398Can anybody help me how to connect these guys?17:56
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sisalpcedk: I 'm determining the list of modules, then I'll install them with pip17:57
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rmuwsirc_7398: not clear what you are trying to connect to18:14
rmuwsirc_7398: probably doesn't have xmlrpc protocol active18:15
sisalpfor the client,  hg clone -b 3.6 does the job18:16
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wsirc_7398hi rmu18:46
wsirc_7398 It does not connect because of:  1. firewall  2.not sure if gnusolidario org goes xmlrpc, if not I cannot connect with this function, cannot I. If this host is jasonrpc only, can proteus connect it, at all?18:50
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sisalpseems trytond 3.6 is less verbose than previous version 3.4, isn't it ?19:34
rmuwsirc_7398: if this host is jsonrpc-only, then you can not connect with xmlrpc.20:00
rmuwsirc_7398: if it's easier in german, there is #tryton.de20:00
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cedksisalp: yes, it is quite by default but you can fine tune logging20:41
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wsirc_7398rmu: Is he? Cannot it be done by proteus at all?21:36
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rmuwsirc_7398: proteus only can use xmlrpc or local (in-process) trytond21:53
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wsirc_7398ok, then it is to check if has a port for xmlrpc open? Does anyone know?22:15
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wsirc_7398root@kubuntu:~# nmap -p 8000|grep 80 8000/tcp open  http-alt root@kubuntu:~# nmap -p 8069|grep 80 8069/tcp closed unknown22:20
wsirc_7398This means offers no connect via 8069, so probably none per xmlrpc, is not accessible through proteus. What can one do?22:22
wsirc_7398so is not accessible through proteus22:23
wsirc_7398thanks rmu22:23
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