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sameerahi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?02:36
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sameerahi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?05:01
sameerahi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?05:28
sameerahi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?05:28
sameerahi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?05:28
sameeraanyone alive?05:28
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sameera hi, is there a way to log all queries that neso client makes to local sqlite file?05:34
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pokolicedk: did you plan to backport ?10:53
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cedkpokoli: yes10:55
pokolicedk: ok, thanks ;)11:00
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meanmiciocongratulations for the 3.8 release !12:08
cedkmeanmicio: thanks12:13
cedkit was not easy with the new release process for sao on npmjs.com12:14
meanmiciocedk : I can imagine ! Keep up the great job. I'll be installing SAO shortly on the gnuhealth community server.12:18
pokolimeanmicio: cedk: do you have some docs about installing sao from npm?12:40
cedkpokoli: npm install tryton-sao12:43
pokolicedk: and then point the jsonrpc to to node_modules/tryton-sao/dist ?12:45
cedkpokoli: but because of issue5098, you should wait the next release12:45
cedkpokoli: to node_modules/tryton-sao if you want the standard index.html12:46
pokolicedk: I see that the standard index.html is poiting to dist/sao.min.js but I don't have minifed files on dist12:47
cedkpokoli: yes it is issue509812:47
pokolicedk: mmmm, but you point to dist/tryton-sao.js and i only have dist/sao.js12:48
pokoliACTION trying to npm install sao from mercurial repository12:50
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sameerahi can someone please elaborate on the sale order lifecycle of tryton?12:54
pokolicedk: running npm install doesn't build the dist directory, is this correct?12:56
cedkpokoli: yes it is grunt who build13:00
cedksameera: which part?13:00
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sameera_cedk: payment and shipping13:02
cedksameera_: you mean to ship when paid?13:03
sameera_how is payment recorded in the seller's account?13:04
cedksameera_: seller's account, what is that?13:04
cedksameera_: you mean in the company accounting?13:04
sameera_as per my understanding there are multiple selling parties13:05
sameera_there is option to add multiple companies?13:05
sameera_so how are their accounts managed?13:05
cedksameera_: I don't understand13:06
cedksameera_: what do you name "selling parties"?13:07
cedksameera_: for me who is selling is only the company13:07
cedksameera_: if you want to use multi-company, I will highly discourage for now to use it if it is not absolutly needed13:10
sameera_cedk: i see option to add inventories for multiple companies so does that mean there are multiple selling companies?13:11
sameera_I was exploring if we can have multiple company catalogs actually13:11
cedksameera_: almost all the case where people wants to use multi-company, it should not13:11
cedkyou should consider multi-company as a work in progress13:12
sameera_cdek: oh right... so can you please guide me towards a user manual or functional specification document that describes the workflows13:12
cedksameera_: there is no such document because you make the workflow as it is different for each company13:13
sameera_cdek: ok. Now I need another clarification about payment processing. When I sell a product, there is an entry in the cash register that debits buyer's account but there's no change in seller company's account13:15
sameera_cdek: the main receivable is however credited13:15
sameera_cdek: how is the seller's account reconciled?13:16
cedksameera_: there is no such thing in Tryton standard13:16
cedksameera_: sale module is B2B and so it always generate invoice13:17
sameera_cdek: ok. thanks for the help13:17
sameera_cdek: thanks, this is exactly what I was asking for :)13:18
cedksameera_: I'm working on a point of sale module:
cedksameera_: and you register the payment of the invoice using a cash journal on the invoice or using the statement (for bank)13:19
sameera_cdek: yes, this is what I have understood so far13:19
sameera_cdek: does tryton have an ecommerce web module?13:20
cedksameera_: not out of the box13:21
cedksameera_: there are some possibilities like developping your website using flask with
cedksameera_: or I think there are similar module for other web framework13:22
sameera_cdek: flask link doesn't open13:22
cedksameera_: or there is a nereid, a kind of clone of django over Tryton:
sameera_cdek: ok. thank you for the help13:25
cedksameera_: I think there are also some people who reusing existing e-commerce and synchronise both13:26
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