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cedkyesterday, on the demo server, we get 620 unique connections10:35
cedk46,566 hits on a day10:36
cedkit is about 1 hit every 2 seconds10:36
cedkand the server managed the load without problem10:36
cedkand it is a very cheap server with a lot of other services10:37
pokolicedk: wow, that's amazing, this is new people testing sao?10:39
cedkpokoli: I guess10:39
cedkpokoli: stats are on moretus.b2ck.com10:43
pokolicedk: it ask me a password for awstats on demo.tryton.org10:44
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cedkI published the log of the demo server as there are some traceback that will be good to investigate11:13
pokoliHi, about analytic invoice module, currently is possible to select an analytic account for a diferent company in account_invoice, which breaks when posting the invoice as there is a domain on analytic line11:27
cedkpokoli: I guess the AnalyticMixin is missing a domain on the company11:30
cedkbut as it is a Mixin, it can not guess where to Eval the company11:31
cedkso I think the best is to put a hook in the AnalyticMixin.__setup__ which defines the domain for analytic_accounts11:32
pokolicedk: that's why i was asking, because i can not see where to eval the company11:43
pokolicedk: and using a functional field, that depends on origin will work?11:43
cedkpokoli: no need for a Function field, it is a static information11:50
cedkpokoli: something a litle bit like the InvoiceLine._account_domain from account_invoice11:51
pokolicedk: so I created an issue to improve it12:06
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pokoliIn tryton, the analytic_chart is intracompany, isn't it? By intracompany i mean that all the analytic chart doesn't depen on the user company12:56
pokoliso opening, the chart from different companies gives the same result12:56
cedkpokoli: I think it works the same as accounting13:02
pokolicedk: so each company should see only their moves?13:11
cedkpokoli: indeed I see no rule in analytic modules13:12
pokolicedk: nor I don't see any filter on get_balance and get_credit_debit functions13:14
cedkpokoli: I think the idea was to allow mixin company account13:19
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cedkpokoli: company is not required on analytic account13:20
pokolicedk: yes, so the analytic accounts can be shared between companies, that's what I have in my setup13:20
cedkpokoli: so for the issue5104, the domain should take care of account with empty company13:21
pokolicedk: sure13:23
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