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den2204_who knows what th e problem?08:47
den2204_trytond: error: Missing database option08:47
den2204_and how is it solve?08:47
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pokoliden2204_: you should add the -d <database_name> parameters on the trytond server when updating a database09:21
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den2204_trytond -c <~/trytond.conf> -d  tryton --all09:41
den2204_pokoli thanks09:54
den2204_but i have a new problem09:54
den2204_bash: tryton: No such file or directory09:55
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den2204_and where i should  updating a database09:57
den2204_may be a mistake in  trytond.conf09:57
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den2204_cedk, Hello10:58
den2204_could you help me10:58
den2204_with trytond.conf and postgresql db10:59
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rmuden2204_: you should not have < or > characters on the cmd-line11:04
den2204_may be you have example of trytond.conf for postgresql, version of trytond 3.9.011:04
rmuthere is no real version 3.9.011:04
den2204_no example or no difference between versions11:06
rmuden2204_: i don't have example trytond.conf11:08
rmuden2204_: you should not use development-version of tryton11:08
den2204_ok thanks11:08
rmuden2204_: and you should remove '<' and '>' from your cmd-line11:08
den2204_i need additional modules,  if i installed trytond from repo, i don`t know  how it`s to add11:11
den2204_if i remove  < and> from terminal11:13
den2204_i got mistake11:13
den2204_IOError: Database "tryton.sqlite" doesn't exist!11:13
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rmuden2204_: do not use trunk if you don't have to11:16
den2204_sorry but i don`t understood last message11:19
den2204_rmu and thanks for the help11:20
rmuden2204_: you mentioned version 3.9.0, that is no official release, but the development version. development-branch of repository is usually called "trunk"11:21
den2204_o ok11:22
rmui would recommend you install trytond 3.8 into virtualenv via pip, then configure postgresql, and then follow
den2204_thanks i`ll try now11:24
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pokoliden2204_: the reason why it's better to use a released version is because on trunk they can be API changes, and you modules may break when updating trytond. So I will also recomend using latest stable version (3.8) and then upgrade when you want11:38
pokoliden2204_: stable versions are suported for 2.5 years11:39
pokoliden2204_: an each 6 months there is a new version released11:39
den2204_pokoli: thanks11:43
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pokolicedk: I'm currently testing your scenarios, so I will work on a fix15:12
pokolicedk: BTW, do you have some module that does some of the cases you spoted?15:13
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cedkpokoli: it doesn't matter15:16
cedkpokoli: I have more failing cases15:18
cedkpokoli: and I'm pretty sure I could find even more15:18
pokolicedk: ok, So i assing the issue to you and do whatever you want15:20
pokolicedk: because for me that are *so rare cases* that can perform the rebuild manually15:21
cedkpokoli: please fix your bug yourself15:23
pokolicedk: I will prefer another solution than simply reverting the patch15:26
cedkpokoli: you can propose other solution which should be *reviewed*15:26
pokolicedk: sorry for the fix, but no message in a lot of time I thought there was no problem with the patch15:31
pokolicedk: and BTW we have it running in production without problems15:32
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