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dj_xatraI'm trying "pip install trytond" on Ubuntu 14.04, but it fails on file Python.h.
dj_xatraWhat am I missing?14:26
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rmudj_xatra: you need to install python-dev or something like that14:48
dj_xatrarmu: Thank, that got me 1 step further. Now it fails on libxml/xmlversion.h. I suppose that needs libxml2-dev.14:53
dj_xatraShould I report a bug to update tryton docs with these requirements?14:53
dj_xatraHm, libxml2-dev gives me /usr/include/libxml2 instead of lxml15:00
dj_xatraAh, libxslt1-dev is also needed. I'd better at least write some internal docs, because my colleagues will never figure this out.15:08
cedkdj_xatra: use the package manager of your distribution15:18
cedkdj_xatra: we will not update the documentation about distribution specific packages15:18
dj_xatracedk: Ubuntu 14.04 has Tryton 3.0.2. I thought I'd just go for the newest version. Tryton docs have a section "Installing an official release with pip", so that seemed the way to go to me.15:21
cedkdj_xatra: but we are not responsible for the bad packaging of your distribution15:22
cedkdj_xatra: not distribute headers is their problem15:22
dj_xatra'aptitude install python-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev zlib1g-dev' eventually did get me all the headers. But I had to figure out the package names myself.15:23
cedkdj_xatra: you should know your distribution15:24
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dj_xatracedk: Tryton docs make it seem like pip install Just Works. I was not expecting errors about header files for which I should dig around to find out package names. A heads up in the docs in the docs would be nice.15:28
dj_xatraI'm trying to sell Tryton to my colleagues as the greates thing since sliced bread. They're used to a Windowsy environment. This is going to get me some frowning.15:29
cedkdj_xatra: why should we document Ubuntu packages and not all the others distribution arround the world15:35
cedkdj_xatra: this is not a task for Tryton but for each distribution15:35
cedkdj_xatra: and by the way, they should update their Tryton packages if they want really help their users15:36
cedkdj_xatra: Tryton never tells you to use Ubuntu, so use one distribution that you know15:36
dj_xatracedk: I'm all for being distro agnostic. But I would welcome a phrase like "you probably have to install some development packages".15:39
dj_xatracedk: or "... development packages like python-dev ...". Less agnostic, but that would already cover a lot of users and rest would have an easier time figurig this out, imho.15:40
cedkdj_xatra: what is development packages?15:41
cedkdj_xatra: most of the OS I know comes with the headers15:41
cedkdj_xatra: what is python-dev? for me I don't know what it is?15:41
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cedkdj_xatra: you seem to be Ubuntu/Debian centric15:41
dj_xatracedk: Debian based distros have header files in their own packages, e.g.
cedkI never understood why those distributions don't distribute the headers15:42
dj_xatracedk: I'm using the OS that my employer has set up for me to use with Tryton.15:42
cedkdj_xatra: yes Debian specific politics so if you choose such distribution you should know about their weird behaviour15:43
cedkit is not the problem of Tryton15:43
dj_xatracedk: I can understand your opinion, but regular users usually don't need header files. Maybe most of them are happy with the older Tryton packages provided by the distro, but still I believe not documenting this is a hurdle in the acceptance of Tryton.15:52
dj_xatraBut I suspect I won't convince you, so I won't argue it any longer.15:52
dj_xatraMaybe I'll write a blog post about it and hope that it will show up in search engine results.15:53
cedkdj_xatra: you simple don't give any good information to put15:54
cedkdj_xatra: why should we document Ubuntu specific package and not all other distribution that exist in the world?15:55
cedkdj_xatra: Tryton documentation goals is not about documenting the job of the package manager15:55
kstengerACTION sugests as a good resource for posting such information dj_xatra16:00
dj_xatracedk: I'm pretty sure there are ongoing efforts to converge package names across distros, e.g. So the list of required packages for 1 distro will be the same or very similar for a lot of other distros.16:00
cedkdj_xatra: all the distribution I use don't have at all python-dev package16:03
cedkdj_xatra: your still Debian/Ubuntu centric16:03
dj_xatraOn Fedora it's called python-devel. Whatever. That's a lot easier to find if docs say 'install something like python-dev' than when they say nothing at all.16:07
cedkdj_xatra: so we will have fedora people telling us they don't find python-dev package16:08
cedkdj_xatra: great now we have more problems16:08
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dj_xatraNevermind. Maybe we can continue this discussion when/if my employer has a need for your professional services. :)16:12
dj_xatraMy work day is at an end. Cya later.16:12
cedkdj_xatra: "professisonal"?????16:13
dj_xatracedk: aren't you the one who runs B2CK?16:14
cedkdj_xatra: I don't see the point16:15
dj_xatraYou don't provide training/consultancy around Tryton?16:16
cedkdj_xatra: I don't see the link with the installation documentation16:17
dj_xatraNo direct link, just a conversation topic if we might meet in person :)16:18
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csotelo_Dear coders, I am trytin to understand the relation between sale and invoice, I had undertood that "an invoice is the document for a sale used for accounting processes", on tryton I have seen that are completely differents and hace different models and entities, and that is confusing me, could you helping me to understand that?18:08
cedkcsotelo_: it is different models because a sale can generate many invoices18:13
cedkcsotelo_: for example, you can generate one invoice each time some products are shipt18:13
csotelo_thanks cedk, that is a help ( I was trytin to find the relation between sale and invoice ), I will continue18:15
cedkcsotelo_: the sale manage all the business workflow like ensuring product are sent or invoiced etc.18:19
cedkcsotelo_: invoice is just the accounting document that request money from customer18:19
csotelo_cedk, I am tryng to understand it in order to implement it, as a POS, where the process is smaller, and each sale have and invoice, there is a payment, and invoices allways are paid inmediately, but I must understand how is tryton in order on working on the right way, I have building, coding and tetsing many py modules on task that were implemented on the tryton as usual workflows, I guess I just need to implement or create custom modules from the18:23
csotelo_generic.. then I need to understand it well18:23
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cedkcsotelo_: normally a POS doesn't create any invoice by default18:29
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csotelo_cedk, then how to manage payments or money received?19:05
csotelo_as I have understood ( here on peru manage an invoice on two reports printing ( balet and simple invoice ) ), but always, always an invoice msut be created19:06
csotelo_well, I understand that19:06
cedkcsotelo_: what you call an invoice is not necessary an invoice in Tryton19:08
cedkcsotelo_: because most of the time when doing POS, you don't know the party while Tryton requires to have a party on the invoice19:09
csotelo_cedk, you are completely right19:19
csotelo_according peruvian laws, POS print tickets, however these tickets have the same behavior of an invoice, for normal invoincing a party is needed, but for simple invoincg, no party is needing19:21
csotelo_SUNAT ( the taxing authority allways require invoicing )19:21
csotelo_my question is related directly for health ( gnu health ) , then I need something like a POS, since there is cashiers and there is an cash open process and cash close process for selling health services19:23
csotelo_what do you suggest for it? is like a special POS, right?19:24
cedkcsotelo_: as I already told you Tryton doesn't have yet a POS19:24
csotelo_cedk, yes, I know that, also I have read your code on your POS for tryton, trying to understand the right process, then my question is related to that. since the process on healthy services are not as a common workflow19:25
cedkcsotelo_: I don't see any questions19:32
csotelo_sorry, do you think that I must create a POS for health services? or just make a custom invoice process with a similar pos behavior?19:36
cedkcsotelo_: I don't know19:38
cedkcsotelo_: it depends of the requirements19:40
csotelo_ok,.. I gues .. is no wrong creating something like a POS, no exactly a POS,19:40
cedkcsotelo_: I guess we can say that inside a health institution, all the patient are known and so you create invoices19:40
csotelo_that is an issue o the implementation here19:41
cedkcsotelo_: I knonw there is something for the pharmacy which is not yet flexible19:41
cedkcsotelo_: and you can just use the pay button on the invoice for cash management19:41
csotelo_for exmaple, here on Peru there are two big groups ( also on public and private ) healthy professionals consulting offices building and healthy buildings19:42
csotelo_healthy buildings, all healthy offers 1. health professional appointments 2, pharmacy, and healthy services19:43
csotelo_then, before using some of theses three categories items, a payment is required19:43
csotelo_no appoitment could be prepared withput paayment ( also on public institutions )19:44
csotelo_no services given without payment19:44
csotelo_and, on private, before a patient is hospitalized, must do a payment on guarrantee and and invoice is created19:45
csotelo_after the hospitalization, before the patient gone, must do a payment19:45
csotelo_on public health institutions, before the patient go home, must do the services payment19:46
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