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RandomNoobHello guys01:41
RandomNoobi just found tryton. Installed it from package manager, old version 3.0 it is bit slow. its cuz it is  connection to tryton server?01:44
kstenger1RandomNoob: what do you mean? The package is old because probably nobody packed a newer version for your OS.01:47
RandomNoobkstenger1:  is it getting information from server? data like for invoices. opening invoices and other staff takes second of loading before it presents.01:49
RandomNoobi think im too far away from servers01:52
kstenger1RandomNoob: The client only works taking information from the server, altough it caches a lot of things. So network speed will affect the speed when refreshing tabs etc01:52
kstenger1usually, phisical distance from a server doesn't change much over the internet (at least in my experience)01:53
RandomNoobits all about MS01:53
RandomNoobim from georgia with 30 mb/s speed connection01:54
RandomNoobif servers are in USA01:54
RandomNoobthen it should affect to speed01:54
kstenger1RandomNoob: you are on the demo server ?01:55
kstenger1well, I don't know it's specifications. But, you know, it's a demo server... If you want to try it for real the best would be to install your own server (of course if you install it locally you will get rid of any lag01:57
RandomNoobyeah that will be nice01:59
RandomNoobi really like tryton01:59
kstenger1RandomNoob: welcome :)02:07
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gytisHi, it is possible to generate new list for field.Selection with on_change_with?12:59
cedkgytis: no, Tryton is designed to avoid side effect13:01
gytiscedk, thanks13:01
cedkgytis: you have to use a selection method which is instance method13:01
cedkbut the doc is missing the instance method definition13:03
gytiscedk, something like that: ?13:06
cedkgytis: yes but I don't see the get_type_claim13:10
cedkgytis: but there is no dynamicity there13:13
cedkgytis: also in such case it is better to use a Many2One13:13
gytiscedk, i just created (on 7th line there is only one '@'). The concept is correct?13:40
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cedkgytis: pass does nothing, I guess you want to return an empty list13:46
cedkgytis: but still I think it is better to use a Many2One with a domain and you can put the selection widget in the view13:47
pokoligytis: I also thing it's better to use a many2One ;)13:48
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Nico7878Greetings everyone! Basic question I assume I missed something : when I have different uom for purchase and for inventory, for unit type uom, tryton generate purchase request with real number and not integer? Did I miss something in the configuration?13:59
cedkNico7878: it is not clear14:05
cedkNico7878: what are the units?14:05
Nico7878default unit : unit, purchase unit : batch of 5, stock:4, generated purchase request : 3.2 batch of 5 unit, to meet the max quantity of 20 unit14:06
cedkNico7878: if you have said the "batch of 5" can have decimal, nothing wrong14:08
Nico7878yup, but batch of 5 is not supposed to have decimal, "showed decimals : 0"14:09
cedkNico7878: ha yes it is issue450014:12
cedkNico7878: the rounding will be done when the purchase is created14:13
Nico7878I'm not totally sure it's the same issue is it?. By the way if I set the decimal to 0, I have an error message telling me that 3.2 is not compatible with 0 decimals when generating purchase request.14:29
Nico7878Oh sorry I indeed made a mistake : I set the number of shown decimals to zero, but not the rounding. Once rounding set to 1 it works perfectly. Thank you cedk!14:41
gytisI'm trying to write a domain for getting party categories of selected employee, well, something goes wrong...
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cedkgytis: you can not Eval dotted notation15:40
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Nico7878Hi again and sorry for another maybe stupid question ^^. It seems that stock forecast for a given product don't take into account on going incoming shipment from rank 2 or 3 suppliers? Or is it me again? It could, definitly.18:51
cedkNico7878: what is rank 2 or 3 suppliers ?18:53
Nico7878Suppliers that are in 2nd ou 3rd position for a given product.19:01
Nico7878anything after the first line actually19:02
cedkNico7878: the computation of stock quantity doesn't care about the supplier19:02
Nico7878Yes it seems obvious to me but well, once I've performed my purchases according the purchase request, the only one that still generate is the one where I've manually set a purchase to supply from another supplier that the one suggested by the purchase request.19:05
cedkNico7878: probably you are receiving the goods too late19:07
Nico7878no, until the expected reception I don't have any moves forecasted19:09
Nico7878but I feel a bit uncomfortable with stock forecast, I'll dive into the process to check I don't have misconfigurations19:11
cedkNico7878: that's not the only reason19:13
cedkNico7878: you can miss product before19:13
Nico7878on this product I have no shortage recorded or forecasted. And what's strange to me is that the only product where I've this issue for now on is the one where I've overided the purchase request19:16
cedkNico7878: how do you know about shortage?19:18
Nico7878I run with tryton in production for less than 3 months, so it's easy for me to check all the moves on this product. But I wonder if my mistake is maybe to have generated a purchase order from scratch, without editing the generated one. Could it be the reason why this supply is not taken into account?19:21
cedkNico7878: no19:22
cedkNico7878: computed manually is almost always wrong19:23
cedkNico7878: you must look at the forecast computed by the system19:23
cedkNico7878: or the warehouse quantity history19:23
Nico7878... indeed the warehouse quantity history show me zero in stock but I have way more than that in the viex product per location19:33
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Nico7878and by the way if there is a clever way to check the stock for a product than going into the warehouse, printing the full inventory, selecting the product and asking the view product per location... I assume there is but I can't find a way19:36
cedkNico7878: from the product there is a relate19:39
cedkNico7878: I really mean the product/variant not the template19:39
Nico7878oh ok, I think I've always tried via the template. Mmm...  I'm in front of the variant and I can't find the relation?19:41
cedkNico7878: the green arrow in the toolbar19:45
cedkACTION should really add stock quantity at template level19:48
Nico7878mmm... for me the only related record is the supply rules. And I'm pretty sure I'm in the variant19:48
cedkNico7878: you must be in the stock group19:51
Nico7878the default location of the variant, in the product general tab?19:52
cedkNico7878: the user must be in the stock group19:53
Nico7878I'm logged as admin19:57
Nico7878oh ok, it seems that it's bugged on Mac client. On Linux client I have indeed the shortcuts in the variant view20:02
cedkNico7878: it should be their if you have stock installed20:02
cedkNico7878: but I think you are not at the variant but on the template20:02
Nico7878and I already love it ^^20:02
Nico7878And it would be sooooo nice to have that at the product level too20:03
Nico7878Many many thanks once again cedk, appreciate your patience and time )20:05
cedkNico7878: which version of the Mac client?20:12
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Nico7878Got to close my factory, good evening/day, and thanks again cedk20:18
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