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cedksisalp: did you find the origin of slowness?10:08
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sisalpcedk: no I restarted the service and created a new database.11:15
sisalpI think I'll propose databases models already set with accounting/sales/and purchase for different countries to ease discovery by new comers.11:17
cedksisalp: I think you PG is not correctly configured11:18
cedksisalp: on normal setup it should take few minutes11:18
sisalpcedk: ok, then I'll investigate and try to reproduce11:27
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sisalpcedk: I got another symptome : I get the list of all databases in the log, "connecting to"11:52
cedksisalp: that's normal when requested the list of database12:03
sisalpbut also on databases of different roles12:04
cedksisalp: still normal as it will check if it can connect12:06
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sisalpcedk: it is a problem for me as I want to share the log with database administrators.12:21
sisalpcedk: what happens if it can connect ?12:22
cedksisalp: it can be used12:23
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dj_xatraI see that you're working on Python 3 support. Will that be ready with the next release?12:40
cedkdj_xatra: some12:42
cedkACTION if at least someone would take time to review proteus patch12:43
sisalpI add modules with sao, not easy but done. Then I connect with gtk, and I'm proposed to configure my system.12:44
sisalpWhy this did not happen on sao ?12:44
sisalpIs gtk required fro module installation ?12:45
cedksisalp: fill an issue with reproducibel scenario12:50
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meanmicioIs the Property model going to be removed in the upcoming version(s) ?13:06
cedkmeanmicio: don't know13:09
meanmiciocedk : So for setting default values on fields we should code it ? Or should we come up with another approach ?13:11
cedkmeanmicio: are you working on removing it?13:11
meanmiciocedk: I'm OK with it as long as it works as expected :-)13:11
meanmiciocedk: And of course, I don't want to put time on it if it's going to be removed in the near future13:12
cedkmeanmicio: Property should be removed13:15
meanmiciocedk : But if is to be removed, it would be nice define default values for model fields from the frontend too.13:16
meanmiciocedk: Otherwise we have to do it via default_13:17
cedkare you going to work on otherwise I'm not interested in talking about13:19
meanmicioWow ! Did you have a good night sleep ? Let me first read it ... When you say "otherwise I'm not interested in talking about" you're closing your eyes to other valid alternatives.13:37
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meanmicioI don't think we should link the properties / default values to a company... that will limit the functionality. Anyways, I will join the discussion on that issue . Thanks !14:03
dj_xatraReason why I asked about Python 3 support is because there's not much Python experience at our office and there's some fuss about whether we should learn P2 or P3.14:07
dj_xatraA sensible choice would be "whatever Tryton is using".14:07
cedkmeanmicio: no I'm just tired to see people requesting features but not providing any code. So I don't see why I should spend time on such things14:09
meanmiciocedk: But Cedric, that's how the cookie crumbles in Free Software projects. People make suggestions and requests, and many of those people don't have the technical fields to transform those suggestions or ideas into code. That does not make the suggestion or idea less valuable. On the contrary. Free Software projects are enriched by those suggestions. The code is just one aspect.14:14
cedkpeople can talk but I will not listen (that's my freedom)14:14
meanmiciocedk : We can not confuse Freedom with being rude.14:16
meanmiciocedk : because, after all, we're all here because of people14:17
cedkmeanmicio: I think I'm not rude indeed it is quite the opposite as I tell what I will do14:17
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cedkbeing rude will be to just ignore14:17
cedkbut I can do that also, if it is prefered14:17
meanmiciocedk : not listening (purposely) and ignoring are close to equivalent ;-)14:19
cedkdj_xatra: Tryton will probably still be in Python2 for 5 years14:28
ninaI have a selection field with 4 tuples. I need that one of the tuples will be visible just if an other field is marked. Is it possible?14:33
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cedknina: you can put a domain on it14:34
ninacedk: put a domain for a respect tuple?14:35
cedknina: you put a domain that define which values are valid14:38
ninacedk: ok. Thanks. I'm going try do it. ;)14:40
dj_xatracedk: interesting. So when issue #3211 is resolved it will be compatible with both until 2020?14:43
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cedkdj_xatra: that's the idea14:45
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ninacedk: Could you help me about domain on field selection? I din't get to do it correctly.16:30
ninacedk: Can you show me some example?16:32
cedknina: it should probably looks like: [('field', 'in', <PYSON list>)]16:32
ninacedk: Can I send you an email with more details about that I want to do?16:39
cedknina: I cannot promise I will have time to look16:40
ninacedk: That's ok.16:40
ninacedk: Thanks16:41
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manuel_Do any of you know if there is an error with GNU Health Online demo?22:19
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cedkmanuel_: shoud ask on #gnu-heath22:49
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