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csotelodear coders, how could I define a field, which must restrict a range between 1 and 100?, for a percent manege for example, thanks00:57
cedkcsotelo: use a domain and factor01:11
csoteloany model sample, please01:11
cedkcsotelo: tax rate use factor01:11
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petermmmhi, I read about the server option "auto_reload = True". Where its goes (what section) in the config file ?11:24
cedkpetermmm: it is no more a configuration option but only a command line option11:25
petermmmok, what is the syntax or the option ?11:27
petermmmmy version is 3.8.311:27
cedkpetermmm: it is the devlopment mode11:28
petermmmok, thank you !11:29
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petermmmHi, is it possible to inherit a model (the class) but use a new table ?13:54
cedkpetermmm: you can make a Python inherit but you will have only the class that you inherit without any further extention13:58
petermmmOk, will try this. Thank you.14:00
cedkpetermmm: but I think you should really reconsider doing that14:01
cedkpetermmm: why do you want a new table if it is exactly the same object?14:01
cedkpetermmm: or maybe you just want some part in common and so it is better to declare a Mixin14:01
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petermmmcdek: I consider this, because I have 4 new entities. They all fit into and will add some fields.14:05
petermmmI know I won't see not so much of the sql tables from tryton. But if i have to go to sql, i will see in the party_party table all fields and14:05
petermmmthat could be a mess.14:05
cedkpetermmm: if it is properties of Party, it should be in Party14:07
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