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jcmcedk: ok, merci10:29
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dignifiedactionhi!... I have a problem with Tryton on Linux Mint not starting at all, giving no error messages. Suspect the PostgreSQL connection, but don't know how to check if that's the culprit or not.13:47
dignifiedactionthat's the server. Client starts, but can't connect localhost.13:48
dignifiedactionanyone have pointers to what to check first and how?13:49
dignifiedactionthe log file is not informative at all, since all it says is it's using /etc/trytond.conf and is initialising distributed objects services, nothing more.13:51
dignifiedactionan error message would be nice13:51
dignifiedactionok, I tried running trytond from the command line, and it gave me a socket.error, maybe that's what's causing it to stop13:54
dignifiedactionok, I had a previous instance running that the system service manager didn't see13:58
dignifiedactionso I killed all instances of tryton and trytond, and tried starting the service again and it worked!13:59
dignifiedactionalthough... the client still isn't connecting13:59
pokolidignifiedaction: have you created any database?14:02
dignifiedactionnot sure, created a user like a documentation on the web told me to14:05
dignifiedactionah, found the How to set up a database documentation on tryton.org14:06
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dignifiedactionok, the command responds with: trytond: error: no such option: --all14:08
dignifiedactiontried to run: trytond -c <config file> -d <database name> --all14:08
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dignifiedactionno idea.14:21
Timitosdignifiedaction: looks like you installed an old version. which version of tryton did you install?14:34
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dignifiedactionlet's see14:46
dignifiedactionthat's from the Ubuntu LTS repositories I think14:48
dignifiedactionI'll try the pip install14:49
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dignifiedactionok, need to take a break. I'll be back later...14:56
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perillacedk: on issue 3211 about porting modules to python 3.  I dont use Tox before, can you explain me this, or post a link with documentation... I dont have problem with the other steps...15:58
perillacedk: I will install tox (pip install tox) and run tox inside module source?16:02
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pokoliperilla: yes, you have to run tox16:39
pokoliperilla: be sure to have python2.7 and some python3 version installed16:39
perillapokoli: I use archlinux that have python3 by default, and for trytond I use virtualenv, can I use tox inside my python2 virtualenv?16:41
pokoliperilla: yes, i use inside a python2 virtualenv : )16:42
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Sebas_Hi all, pleas some database backup and restore help: i backed up my database using: sudo pg_dump DBciclos > outputDBciclos -U postgres -h localhost -p 5432. Then i created new database using: createdb -T template0 newDB. And restored database using: psql dbname < infile -U postgres -h localhost -p 5432 . How do i make tryton connect to this new database? i try to check profiles but it doesnt give me option to connect do new database.17:04
Sebas_when i connect the server it says it is connected to the old database and to the new one, but i see no where the option to connect to the new one in the client... can anyone give me a tip?17:23
pokoliSebas_: you have to create a new profile, with the new databse name17:32
cedkperilla: yes just run tox inside the module directory17:33
Sebas_how is that cedk? what is to run tox?17:34
Sebas_it wont show me the option to the new DB in profile managing...17:38
cedkSebas_: I guess you created the database with a different DB user than the one used by PG to connect17:48
Sebas_i am trying again specifying tryton user...17:49
Sebas_that did it! thanks!17:55
Sebas_Say, if i want to print in the purchase order, an attribute field of the product instead of its ID, because in the case we use different ID than our suplier, is it posible to do that? print an atribute field instead of the name or the id of a product?18:26
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