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aronceroHi, I have two databases in the same server with the same code13:11
aronceroone of them is new ant the other is upgraded from a previous version13:12
aronceroit his line: talks = super(HelpdeskTalk, cls).create(vlist)13:12
aroncerovlist is identical value in both versions13:13
aroncerobut in the upgraded one, fails13:14
aroncerothe error is in trytond/protocols/
aronceroresult = rpc.result(meth(*c_args, **c_kwargs))13:41
aroncero*c_args -> [[Pool().get('helpdesk')(6)], {'talks': [['create', [{'message': 'fsadfasdf', 'email': u''}]]]}]13:42
aroncerowhen it works13:42
aroncero*c_args -> [[Pool().get('helpdesk')(202)], {'talks': [['create', [{'message': 'asdfasdfasdf', 'email': u''}]]]}]13:42
aroncerowhen fails13:42
aronceroany ideas?13:42
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aronceroI have no idea what is happened.... any suggestion?17:42
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aronceroHi, I am trying to modify a v3.4 trigger condition to 3.820:11
aroncerobut i can't, always received "incorrect PYSON expresion"20:12
aroncerowhere can i find an example?20:12
aronceroI tried Eval('self', {}).get('name') == 'Bar') from trigger tests but fails too20:14
cedkaroncero: there is an extra ending parenthesis20:28
aroncerocedk: thank, is it correct? IN(Eval('self', {}).get('name'), ['Bar','Foo'])20:30
cedkaroncero: it seems20:30
aroncerocedk, I'm trying to understand but I don't find too much doc20:32
aroncerocedk: thanks I read it but I am confused in some aspects... :D20:39
aroncerocan a bad trigger condition generate this error: ProgrammingError: relation "ir_module_module" does not exist ??21:04
cedkaroncero: no but I guess you still have trytond/ir/module directory with __init__.pyc21:07
cedkaroncero: it was removed but if you updated not cleanly it prevents to import trytond/ir/module.py21:08
aroncerocedk: I don't have trytond/ir/module directory21:12
aroncerocedk:just in case, I delete all pyc files with "find /opt/tryton -iname *.pyc -exec rm -rf {} \;"21:18
aroncerocedk: never mind, it is an error in electronic_mail_template21:31
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