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ashishkHi, I am Ashish. I am an undergraduate pursuing my degree in computer science and engineering. I like contributing in open source projects, In the past I have been an active contributor in google-melange, opendaylight, mailman projects. I would like to be part of tryton and would like to code through gsoc 2016.07:28
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vamsiCan anyone explain this "The goal is to be able to use the FODT format as it is a flat-XML" to me?please.14:16
nicoevamsi: hello14:18
nicoevamsi: Libreoffice and OpenOffice can generate FODT file instead of ODT file14:19
nicoevamsi: ODT files are in fact zip file with some XML files in them14:20
nicoevamsi: FODT file are a unique XML file14:20
nicoevamsi: Thus FODT file are not binary file and are more usable for a source code management system14:21
nicoevamsi: And to do review also14:21
nicoevamsi: Does it answer your question?14:22
vamsiyes,thank you.14:23
cedknicoe, vamsi: I think it is better to anwser on discuss.tryton.org14:24
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kstengerwhen is a user supossed to change the state of a ShipmentOut from 'draft' to 'waiting'? I'm trying to understand the difference between both states besides the fact that you cannot modify the shipment in 'waiting' state (unless you set it back to 'draft')19:09
cedkkstenger: waiting is when you tell other to do it19:29
cedkkstenger: when something draft is because someone is working on it19:31
shroxcedk: Hi, as you must remember I was working on resolving the following bug yesterday - I have made the required changes in the code. Can you help me with proceeding now, please? How do I go about testing the code?19:39
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vivekjainI was able to successfully install trytond and tryton19:53
vivekjainI want to know how to connect to the database.19:53
vivekjainI am behind proxy therefore i am getting network unreachable error19:53
vivekjainHow to configure proxy in tryton so that i can connect to demo server ?19:54
shroxAlso adding to vivekjain's question, I am unable to login because of bad username/password20:04
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kstengershrox: to run the test suites "export TEST_DIR=<trytond installation dir>" then "cd $TEST_DIR" and finally "PYTHONPATH=$TEST_DIR $TEST_DIR/trytond/tests/ -m"20:49
kstengerIn your case -m will be of use because it will test all the modules (it's necessary because despite you changed one or two modules, other modules may be affected by the tax change), I also like to add -v for some verbosity.20:49
shroxkstenger: okay, thanks so much!20:50
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