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Omk_I'm trying to fill in inventory. If I use "complete inventory", it lists all the products in alphabetical order, which is different than the order of products in the stock, thus also inventory list is not in alpabetical order. If don't select "complete inventory" then tryton doesnt reset the stock to the invented quantities but just adds the inventory to the current stock values.10:46
Omk_So using "complete inventory" is difficult to fill in because one cannot sort the fields using UOM or other headers. Only alphabetical sorting is allowed.10:47
Omk_and not using it is impossible due to the inventory bug10:47
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Omk_Tryton version: 3.0.210:48
Omk_Also in "complete inventory" seems to allow only one lot number per inventory line. I don't know if it allows adding new lines with same product but different lot number.10:49
cedkOmk_: if you think there is a bug, please report it10:50
cedkOmk_: if you think that sorting on some of the Function field is needed, you can propose a patch10:51
cedkOmk_: adding sort on uom should not be difficult10:51
cedkOmk_: in 3.8, the expected quantity is always computed which allows manual entry10:52
Omk_cedk: I think it is known bug, you referred to a patch in 2013 on the mailing list
Omk_cedk: how do I propose a patch?10:59
Omk_cedk: thx11:02
cedkOmk_: but for me, this was fixed by issue492811:06
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pokolicedk: will you backport ?12:48
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cedkpokoli: yes12:53
pokolicedk: thanks12:55
pokolicedk: BTW I'm wondering if we can add a mark on the issues that you plan to backport or something so others we can now12:55
cedkpokoli: normally, I backport in one week but I got some delay because of the workload for Python312:59
pokolicedk: no problem for the delay13:00
pokolicedk: but we backport some changes in our sources, and then you backport and we get conflicts usually. So I will like to know what to not backport13:01
cedkpokoli: for now, my queue is a mailbox with the commit to backport13:04
cedkpokoli: if you find a way to manage that easily, I don't mind to change13:05
pokolicedk: we can add a tag on bugtracker, and you can use a custom filter, to search what it needs to backport and update them once backported13:14
cedkpokoli: this means 3 new actions to perform for each commits13:15
cedkpokoli: plus how do I find the issue that needs to be evaluated for backport?13:16
pokolicedk: you find the issue the same way you do now (by email I suspect)13:18
pokolicedk: yes, maybe it's a little bit more of work, but it makes the list public available13:19
cedkpokoli: I will change only if I have no more work13:20
pokolicedk: Ok, I will try to give it some thought and try to simplify it a little bit13:24
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tafodinhohello everyone i'm Tafang Joshua and will like to get a heads up with the project for the GTK-3.0 Support thanks16:44
cedktafodinho: did you read:
tafodinhocedk: no. let me check on it now16:49
tafodinhocedk: is the project already assigned to someone?16:51
cedktafodinho: do you mean for the GSOC?16:52
tafodinhocedk: yes16:52
tafodinhocedk: because i will really love to work on it as my GSoC project16:53
tafodinhocedk: if it is possible16:53
cedktafodinho: assignation did not start yet16:54
cedktafodinho: see
tafodinhocedk: i will love to put together all the resources that r needed to handle this project16:56
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cedktafodinho: the first step is to familiarize with Tryton17:16
cedktafodinho: so the best is to contribute a patch for an easy issue17:16
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umeshksinglatoshad: any problem?18:43
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itachi_uchihahi toshad18:44
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umeshksinglatoshad: ?18:50
umeshksinglatoshad: please don’t ask to ask. just ask18:52
toshadIs anybody working on the tax_rounding issue?18:54
cedktoshad: which tax_rounding issue?18:56
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kstengershrox was working on this 'tax_rounding' issue yesterday but he didn't assign the issue19:07
kstengercedk: do you get notifications on discuss wiki modifications?19:10
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cedkkstenger: yes why?19:33
kstengercedk: just to know, as I made some modifications a while ago, hope you like them :-)19:34
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andrespolitihi, i have class A with a one2many field to class B. Is there a way of accessing the fields of A from a default_ method of B?20:00
andrespolitii ask this because i need each B created to be assigned a sequence number, and the iterator that generates the sequence values has to be in A20:02
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toshadI am unable to find the config file mentioned in Can somebody help me?20:55
cedktoshad: you have to create it20:59
toshadOh! ok21:00
toshadwhat am i supposed to name it?21:00
cedktoshad: as you want, you have to pass the name with the -c option21:01
cedktoshad: but usually it is named trytond.conf21:01
andrespolitiif i have an istance of class A, which has a one2many to class B, can I access to the fields of class' A instance from class' B instance? These aren't created yet21:06
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cedkandrespoliti: it depends how you create the instances22:12
andrespolitithey are created from the view, from the one2many widget22:12
cedkandrespoliti: so yes you can access with Eval and using _parent_<manyone name> key22:13
andrespolitiokey, i will try it22:18
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