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ylandHello, my name is Amate Yolande, I've been trying to setup tryton with sqlite, but so far when I try to create a database I get the following errors
cedkyland: have you pysqlite2 installed?16:23
cedkyland: if yes which version?16:24
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cedkyland: did you see my question about pysqlite2 installed?17:06
ylandcedk, No, I and am just seeing it now.17:11
tafodinhohello everyone please i have an error cloning the tryton code please view error at
cedktafodinho: try without ssl17:16
cedktafodinho: otherwise can you access it via browser?17:17
tafodinhocedk: no.17:17
tafodinhocedk: please hw do i do it17:17
cedktafodinho: open a browser and type the URL17:19
tafodinhocedk: i have done just that17:19
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cedktafodinho: and what is the result?17:21
ylandcedk: I do not think pysqlite2 is installed. I am trying to install it.17:21
tafodinhocedk: i have the tryton repository under the mercurial17:21
cedkyland: no need to install it17:21
cedkyland: which version of Python do you have?17:22
cedktafodinho: ok so your browser doesn't have ssl issue17:22
cedktafodinho: did you retry once to clone?17:22
tafodinhocedk: so what can be the possible problem. Yes17:22
ylandcedk:  python2.717:22
tafodinhocedk: can i use ssh17:23
cedktafodinho: no, http or https17:24
cedkyland: more precisly17:24
cedkyland: because it seems you have a sqlite embeded that doesn't have context management on the connection17:25
ylandcedk:  python2.7.1017:25
tafodinhocedk: because i also had some problem like that with github and i am using ssh on github17:26
cedkyland: this is very strange because I have the same version and sqlite support context management17:34
cedkyland: are you really sur you don't have pysqlite2 installed17:34
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ylandcedk: I am not certain but when I run trytond -c conffile -d database --all -v, it runs for a while then it stop with "database is locked"17:46
nicoeyland: Can you execute the example given there
ylandnicoe: yes , I can execute the example.17:52
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cedktafodinho: if you have similar issue with other website, I guess it is linked to some router that has a wrong MTU18:01
cedkyland: it is not clear if you have run the code successfuly or not18:02
ylandcedk: running python ran successfully, but running trytond -c conffile -d database --all -v, it runs for a while then it stop with "database is locked"18:05
ylandcedk: I just get errors when trying to access or create a database18:07
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kstenger1yland: what result do you get after running the example above?18:10
ylandkstenger1: example.db file if created and data is inserted into the file18:12
cedkyland: so I'm pretty sure you have a very old pysqlite2 installed18:13
kstenger1yland: that's the example nicoe posted above?18:13
ylandkstenger1: yes it is.18:14
ylandcould this have any thing to do with configuration ?18:15
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kstenger1yland: I think you are not runnign this example  it has nothing to do with tryton nor it's configuration. When I run it on a python2 terminal I get "couldn't add Joe twice" as output, which output do you get when you run it?18:23
ylandkstenger: sorry for the mix up, ran the program and I got "couldn't add Joe twice"18:28
cedkthat's what I think, you have a good sqlite3 lib but trytond first try to import pysqlite218:29
cedkand I think you have a too old pysqlite2 installed18:29
nicoeyland: can you run "python -c 'import pysqlite2' ?18:30
nicoeyland: If so cedk analysis is right18:30
ylandnicoe: yes, I ran the command and I got no errors.18:32
kstengeryland: what's your OS/distro? maybe the package name is different18:33
ylandkstenger: fedora 2318:34
kstengercould be the package python-sqlite2 ?18:36
kstengerbah, there seems to be another called python2-pysqlite18:37
kstengerwould this be easier if she tries to run inside a virtualenv?18:41
ylandkstenger: I have been using virtualenv throughout18:43
ylandThanks everyone for the help I would try to install it all over on ubuntu14 and report back with any updates18:43
kstengeryland: ok, just keep in mind that as suggested by cedk it could be solved if you update your pysqlite2 version (I particularly don't know exactly how to do this on fedora)18:46
ylandkstenger: Do you know how I could update it on ubuntu, if I run into the same issue ?.18:48
kstengeryland: it would be easier to find it out, but I somehow doubt you will run into the same issue18:48
kstenger(you may get other issues heh, but probabilities of the same one are low ;-) )18:49
ylandkstenger: Thanks18:50
cedkyland: or you can uninstall pysqlite218:51
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softcoder32hello, i am a gsoc 2016 aspirant well versed in python and c programming. i wish to participate under the tryton org. if i wish for some directives on where to start. thanks20:07
kstengersoftcoder32: hi, and welcome, take a look at this
softcoder32@kstenger, are gsoc aspirant just expected to submit patches or i can also commit, hence cloning repo with ssh??20:11
kstengersoftcoder32: you can submit patches to the bugtracker20:12
cedksoftcoder32: submit patch following:
cedksoftcoder32: direct push access is given after showing deep involvement in the project20:13
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shroxHi, I have a question about using to submit patches. When I run the following command, how will the file know the location of the code that I want to submit for review? python ~/.local/bin/ --oauth222:18
cedkshrox: you must run it from within the repository22:21
shroxcedk: I see. Okay, thanks!22:22
shroxcedk: It says "No valid patches found in output from hg diff" even though I have made changes to the code. Am I missing something?22:38
cedkshrox: what happens if you do: hg status22:40
shroxcedk: It says there are files not added to version control22:42
shroxcedk: ..and shows a number of files22:42
cedkshrox: if you only created new files, you must add them with: hg add command22:43
shroxcedk: these are .pyc files that were created when the py files were run22:45
cedkshrox: you must not add those22:46
shroxcedk: Yes, I haven't.22:49
cedkshrox: so is hg status showing any modification or addition?22:51
shroxcedk: I found the mistake I was making. I had cloned the modules that I made the changes in separately so the hg command on the main repo didn't consider them.22:56
shroxcedk: I will just have to separately run the files in the two module folders I think.22:57
shroxcedk: Sorry, just the one module.22:59
cedkshrox: if you have modified 2 repositories, you have to run twice on each one23:01
cedkshrox: also you can use hgreview extension which could be easier23:01
shroxcedk: Yes, I have figured it out now :) Thank you so much. I'll hopefully not have any problems with my next patch. And yes, I'll try the extension. I read about it on the 'to contribute' page. Thanks!23:08

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