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eeshangargkstenger: ping00:10
kstengereeshangarg: yes, I'm here, but I'm sorry to tell that webdav is kind of a mistery to me ...00:12
eeshangargkstenger: Oh, that's fine, I have a question about the migration to ldap3 project for you, I saw you on the mentors list for that. Isn't that project kinda small, if I'm not mistaken? Is there more to it than the page says?00:14
kstengerdid you check the first comment Cedric did on the project discussion page? I think that's the idea to extend it00:16
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kstengerah, they already added it to the general description00:17
eeshangargkstenger: I have a rough idea on how to write a proposal for the migration but the synchronization is something I'll have to take a look at.00:19
eeshangargkstenger: Can I please get some more details on that, the synchoronisation part? Where to start looking for more info?00:26
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kstengereeshangarg: maybe you can check this to start
cedkeeshangarg: I think the synchronisation should only occurs at login00:55
cedkeeshangarg: and will probably requires some mapping table00:55
cedkeeshangarg: also don't forget to submit one patch on an easy issue00:55
kstengercedk: eeshangarg also wanted some guidance about the webdav to wsgidav topic00:59
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cedkeeshangarg: this is mainly to replace the current pywebdav by wsgidav01:04
cedkeeshangarg: but they are very different so it is like implementing a Tryton backend for wsgidav01:05
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prayashmCan anyone help with setting up the database?04:10
kstengerprayashm: I may give you a hand for a while, on what point are you now?04:11
prayashmI have cloned sao and trytond04:12
prayashmI want to work on sao04:12
prayashmkstenger: to run it, one needs to configure trytond locally right?04:12
prayashmkstenger: Reading through the docs, I made a configuration file04:13
kstengerI know I can help you set up the database, but I have myself still some issues with sao, so let's see up to what point I can guide you :-)04:13
kstengerprayashm: ok, so what's your doubt now?04:14
prayashmkstenger: when I run the command trytond -c CONFIG -d tryton_db --all04:14
prayashmkstenger: It says --all isn't recognized04:14
kstengerok, which version are you running?04:15
prayashmso I used tryton-admin instead04:15
kstengergood, so for current 3.9, you don't use trytond --all, you should use the trytond-admin command for updating the database04:16
prayashmShows me this error:
kstengerprayashm: show me your config file content04:18
prayashmCONFIG file
prayashmkstenger: Is it wrong?04:21
kstengerit's apparently complaining about some of the values in the uri, I'm checking04:22
prayashmanother doubt: I had just installed Postgres, Set the password for postgres user, Made a db tryton_db.04:27
prayashmThis should be enough, right?04:27
kstengerdid you create the db under the postgres user ?04:29
kstengerthat's good, give me a min, I'm close to figure it out I think04:30
kstengerdid you do anything to try to install trytond ?04:31
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prayashmI had first used the pip install trytond04:34
prayashmlater I cloned the repo and used python install04:34
kstengerok, did you uninstall the previously installed version from pip ?04:35
kstengeror are you working on different virtualenvs?04:35
kstenger(if any at all)04:35
prayashmI hadn't uninstalled the previous ones04:40
prayashmI just did now.04:40
kstengerany change now?04:40
prayashmYes, a slightly different output04:42
prayashmshould I use bin/trytond-admin instead?04:42
kstengeroh you are using a global one, so you are not using any virtualenv I suppose04:43
prayashmyes, you are right. no virtualenv04:43
kstengerok, try using the relative path as you just said04:44
prayashmJust did, this is the output
prayashmshould I try virtualenv?04:46
prayashmOr go for starting over again from cloning of the repo?04:46
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kstengerI think there is something wrong on your postgres setup, but I don't realize at first what it is, let's check some more docs04:49
kstengerdid you install psycopg2 ?04:51
prayashmI don't think so. Thanks for helping. I am heading to college. Will surely try that.04:51
kstengerok, you can install it with pip, make sure version is >= 2.504:52
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shroxcedk: I don't need to conform to the python software foundation gsoc template in its exactitude, do I? It's just for reference purposes, isn't it?12:24
cedkshrox: I think so but it is better to follow it12:30
shroxcedk: Okay.12:30
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shroxcedk:  Will 'FODT support for relatorio' project will require me to work entirely with the relatorio code base?12:46
shroxcedk: Also, will the proposal to move away from genshi affect this project?12:51
shroxkstenger: maybe you can answer my questions?12:56
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prayashmkstenger: Thanks for helping. I finally got past the database config. I hadn't installed psycopg2 :(14:59
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kstengerprayashm: great!16:28
kstengerI finally got MY sao working last night too, hehehe16:29
prayashmI am still trying to figure out issue5243.16:36
kstengerprayashm: is there some specific question you can formulate on it  or some concept hard to figure out?16:45
prayashmkstenger: I am trying to replicate the issue. For that am trying to edit one of the already defined views. But it seems they are uneditable.16:46
kstengerprayashm: what did you try?16:47
prayashmkstenger: Went to Administration/User Interface/Views16:47
prayashmkstenger: Then filtered to the form views.16:48
prayashmkstenger: Clicked on a view e.g. party.address16:48
prayashmkstenger: I could see the View Architecture. Clicked on Show. It showed the preview.16:49
prayashmkstenger: But am unable to edit any of the xml.16:49
kstengerprayashm: views are located in each module in the views subdirectory. You should modify them there, just in case make an update of the database and re-run the server (and reconnect from the client) (altough sometimes not both actions are needed to refresh, it's better to do it)16:49
prayashmkstenger: I had installed all the modules using sao interface. Where do those modules go?16:52
prayashmkstenger: they aren't at the trytond/modules folder16:52
kstengerprayashm: for modules to be available for "install" (within the client, sao or gtk) they need to be already placed in the server's subdirectory trytond/modules/16:53
kstengerunless you installed them with pip or the like... which makes your install a mess, not good for development, because you need all the development versions for this16:54
kstengerprayashm: you should install everything from repo for development16:55
prayashmkstenger: so i'll all the modules installed via sao interface. and use the repo version instead, isn't it?16:56
prayashmkstenger: i'll remove*16:56
kstengerprayashm: I think you would be better off starting from scratch, with a new repo for all, clonning everything with the hgnested extension of mercurial. But before you would need to uninstall all you had installed so far (uninstall, not just delete)16:57
prayashmkstenger: Ohkay. I'll do exactly that16:58
prayashmkstenger: I did pip uninstall tryton trytond17:00
prayashmkstenger: For the repos installation. There's no argument for uninstalling in python --help17:01
prayashmkstenger: Should I delete the /var/lib/trytond for uninstalling?17:02
kstengertry pip list and  pip uninstall (I have had to run uninstall twice for each package)17:02
kstengerprayashm: no, I don't think so17:02
prayashmkstenger: Oh right right. pip list has all the modules that I had installed through sao interface17:03
kstengerbut again, you had to install them to the system before they even appeared in the sao client17:03
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prayashmkstenger: why is that?17:04
kstengerprayashm: it17:04
kstengerit's how it works, the client only sees the modules you installed in your system/virtualenv where the server runs17:05
kstengerwhen you tell the client to install a module, what it does is to apply the changes of this module to your database17:05
kstengerand adds all the logics provided by the module (and any of it's dependencies). Only database wide.17:06
kstengerprayashm: tell me if this is not clear for you17:10
prayashmkstenger: But isn't client supposed to see what the server (trytond) provides?17:10
kstengeryes, but the server will only see what you install in your system17:10
kstengeryou could install a server with no modules available at all17:11
kstengerbut you can have a server with all modules available, then you can have several databases, each of them working with a different subset of those modules17:11
kstengerwith the same server17:12
prayashmkstenger: Oh great! Then they'll be sharing the modules installed in the system right?17:12
prayashmkstenger: :D That's really great!17:13
kstengerso, in development, the only thing to keep in mind, is that, if you had a setup like the one I just described, all the databases should be updated to work well with your changes so you usually work just one db at a time unless you need a complex system in production :-)17:14
prayashmkstenger: When I am using the repos of individual modules. I'll clone them to trytond/modules. How would those modules be served i.e. show up in client?17:15
prayashmkstenger: As the database installation will be system wide.17:15
kstengerprayashm: you update the database with  --all so the new modules won't be directly installed to the db, but they will become available for install.17:18
kstengerprayashm: if you used update with -u modulename, then you are directly installing the module to the database, as if you did it from the client17:18
prayashmkstenger: understood. I'll avoid that.17:19
prayashmkstenger: I removed all the trytond- modules from pip list by uninstalling them one by one.17:19
kstengerprayashm: sometimes it's useful, if you missed some dependency, because else, the server will complain17:19
kstengerprayashm: good17:20
prayashmkstenger: I see. So shouldn't one be ideally cloning the repo for that module into the trytond/modules/ directory?17:21
prayashmkstenger: i.e. cloning the repo for missing module dependency17:21
kstengeryes, you have to clone it... I feel something is not clear for you on this point but I don't see what17:22
kstenger(brb, preparing lunch)17:22
prayashmkstenger: I think I got it.17:26
prayashmkstenger: Hehe. I'll be having my dinner here.17:27
kstengerprayashm: the system works like this because then you can have installed in your system not just from the "official" modules, there is a lot of useful modules that are not official,  and you can create your own modules too. Any module should go to the trytond/modules dir. Then you decide on which database(s) you want to install it17:29
prayashmkstenger: Perfect!17:31
prayashmkstenger: the picture is getting clear :D Really I just can't stop thanking you! :D17:32
kstengerprayashm: you are very welcome :-)17:32
prayashmkstenger: are you free?17:33
kstengerfree? in what sense :-D lol17:34
prayashmkstenger: Hehe. You were preparing lunch. I am beginning to start cloning again. I just wanted to make sure that I am on the right track.17:35
kstengerprayashm: I have to go out, something is missing for acompany food, but I'll be back in a few minutes, so ask whatever you need, and I'll see it at my return17:36
prayashmkstenger: I removed the files /usr/local/bin/trytond (and tryton-admin, trytond-cron etc.)17:38
prayashmkstenger: I deleted the repos trytond and tryton as well.17:38
prayashmkstenger: I'll be using virtualenv for trytond from now on.17:39
prayashmkstenger: Can I consider this state to be fresh to start over? Or some traces of trytond can still be somewhere?17:39
csotelodeasr coders, about the invoice deposit module, deposit could generate invoices or movements or are just simple deposits? thanks17:49
kstengerprayashm: you have to try the new install to confirm so, but it looks good!17:59
kstengercsotelo: I don't know, and the channel seems quiet today (except for me and prayashm) you may consider asking out in the mailing list18:00
csotelokstenger, I have noticed that... anyway thanks a lot18:01
kstengerprayashm: inside the virtualenv, and for development purposes it's better to use "pip install -e" for each repo you download18:04
cedkcsotelo: a deposit is an invoice18:19
csotelothanks a lot cedk18:19
cedkcsotelo: there is a coming sale_deposit module18:21
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eeshangargcedk: I have been reading some of the pywebdav code and I've also been taking a look at wsgidav. And you are right, they take quite different approaches towards implementation. Will we need to start from scratch or will some of the existing code still be relevant?18:52
eeshangargcedk: I only have a couple of questions about whether I am taking the right approach. If you could please answer some of them, I should be able to get started with a proposal. :-)18:53
cedkeeshangarg: I think all th network/protocol must be done from scratch18:54
cedkeeshangarg: but we need to keep the data model which uses the ORM of Tryton18:54
cedkeeshangarg: so mainly it is about to replace the files webdav/ calendar/ party_vcarddav/carddav.py18:56
cedkalso it will be great if it could be composed in the current WSGI application18:56
eeshangargcedk: Ok, that makes sense. Wait, we don't need to replace webdav/
cedkeeshangarg: normally no, except maybe small changes19:01
cedkeeshangarg: it is the data model19:01
eeshangargcedk: which doesn't need to change to accomodate wsgidav. Ok, sounds good. A couple of follow up questions. It would mean a lot to me if you could tell me if I'm on the right track or not. In, WebDavAuthRequestHandler can just be a wsgidav RequestServer, and TrytonDAVInterface can be reimplemented as a wsgidav DAV-Provider, right? I'm sort of new to webdav. :-)19:05
cedkeeshangarg: I think so but I'm not very familiar with wsgidav for now19:07
eeshangargcedk: Hmm.. I think that should be it, because the rest of the architecture, like the webdav thread should be independent of the protocol implementation and should require minimal changes.19:11
eeshangargcedk: Alright, I'll submit an easy patch today, and work on a draft proposal. Can I please send it to you on the mailing list for a review before I submit?19:14
kstengereeshangarg: you can send a draft proposal, and receive comments in it if you use a google doc19:16
cedkeeshangarg: you can submit draft proposal via the Google application19:17
eeshangargcedk, kstenger: Oh, okay! I actually didn't know that. This is my first time applying for GSOC. I am a first year CS undergraduate at Memorial University, St. John's, NL, Canada. :-)19:19
cedkeeshangarg: we don't know so much the google application because it changed a lot since last time we participate (3-4 years ago)19:19
cedkeeshangarg: also you can apply for up to 5 ideas19:20
eeshangargcedk: Oh, okay. I would like to work on the webdav thing. It seems the most challenging and the most interesting, even though I am fairly new to webdav and tryton itself. But I believe I can do it with the mentors' guidance.19:23
cedkeeshangarg: yes I think it is a good project if you want to learn about HTTP and WebDAV19:24
cedkeeshangarg: by the way, do you speak french?19:24
eeshangargcedk: No, I don't. But plan on taking it in university next year and apply for a bilingual certificate. Always wanted to learn French, because a lot of my friends speak it19:28
cedkeeshangarg: just in case because we have #tryton-fr19:29
eeshangargcedk: That's great. I'm guessing that most of the developers of the project must be French speakers then. :-)19:31
cedkeeshangarg: not really, we are two in the core19:34
kstengercedk: what does it mean when reviewbot says it's not aplicable?19:37
kstengerthe patch is not aplicable*19:38
eeshangargkstenger: Did you figure out the problem with the sqlite database? The one with the client always saying that it was locked? cedk: I would appreciate some help with this. I setup a sqlite database with a config file using trytond-admin. and then I start the server with the same config file. and then I invoke the client, log in to the database as admin but when I get to the module configuration wizard, and click on ok, it gives an error that the19:38
eeshangargdatabase is locked. Any idea why this may be? :-)19:38
kstengereeshangarg: no, I don't realise what the problem is19:40
cedkkstenger: it means it could not apply the patch on the current repository19:40
cedkeeshangarg: normally it is fixed in the repo19:41
kstengercedk: ok, thanks19:41
eeshangargcedk: Oh ok, so if I clone again, I shouldn't get this problem again?19:42
kstengereeshangarg: just pull and update19:43
eeshangargkstenger, cedk: Cool! Thanks! :-)19:44
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