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shroxcedk: kstenger: Will 'FODT support for relatorio' project will require me to work entirely with the relatorio code base? Also, will the proposal to move away from genshi affect this project?02:20
cedkshrox: yes, relatorio is a sub project02:52
cedkshrox: maybe at the end, we will convert tryton report to be fodt02:53
cedkshrox: but the contribution workflow is the same, except that we use this bugtracker:
shroxcedk: Saw the bugtracker :P Looking at the documentation right now.02:54
shroxcedk: I cannot find where to clone the repo from. I just downloaded the tar file to have a look at the codebase02:55
shroxshrox: thanks02:57
shroxcedk: ^02:57
cedkACTION going to sleep02:57
shroxkstenger: Are you online? Are you fairly acquainted with the relatorio documentation?04:05
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awasumHello, am awasum, i will like to discuss the email notification project with a mentor. I like to do the project for Gsoc.06:38
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shroxcedk: In the relatorio documentation, the in depth example mentions this code
shroxcedk: While the quick example mentions this -
shroxcedk: The in depth example seems to not use the at al, the file that has the dictionary that's supposed to be used.10:46
cedkshrox: I don't understand10:47
shroxcedk: The documentation is divided into 'quick example' and 'in depth' example
cedkshrox: could you explain what is your problem?10:48
shroxcedk: The first link, which is the in depth example, does not use at all (as given in the example itself)10:49
cedkshrox: so what is the problem?10:49
shroxcedk: How would the report be generated at all without using the content that needs to be generated?10:50
cedkshrox: I don't understand10:50
shroxcedk: Can you have a look at the indepth example, please? There is a which has a dictionary. The goal is to take the information from the dictionary in and render it into the template.10:51
shroxcedk: But the code that we use seems to be incomplete as the file is not accessed at all10:52
shroxcedk: This is three lines of code that's used -
cedkshrox: if you think there is improvement to do in the doc, fill an issue with a patch at
shroxcedk: I cannot submit a path till I figure out how it's working. :P10:54
shroxcedk: The documentation is old then, is it?10:54
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shroxkstenger: Are you familiar with the relatorio code base?12:54
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vivekjaintryton mein aur koi IIIT se kar raha hai pata hai?15:18
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prayashmHello, can anyone help me understand the issue 5243. I want to replicate the issue. Should I define a new models, and then make views for it?15:40
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kstengerprayashm: no need to create a new view, just look for any view that uses the pattern state in the bug report to see how it behaves. You can go to the definition of the model and play with the required value of the field if needed to test. But the real changes will be on the client's code. I could help you with the GTK client part.16:02
kstengershrox: I know the code of relatorio, altough I am not in deep knowledge of it. If you have specific questions I could help, altough I may be unable to give you a generic idea at first.16:04
shroxkstenger: You're here! For the project, if I understand correctly, I will primarily have to work on creating a version of as in the relatario code. Can you confirm?16:06
prayashmkstenger: But this is a SAO bug. I'll just search for views having similar pattern.16:12
kstengershrox: yes, basically, altough I'm unsure if you should modify or better add a new file for fodt, I'll check it a bit more and come back to you on it if cedk doesn't first :)16:17
kstengerprayashm: the bug doesn't state if only happens in sao, on the contrary it seems it's a problem on both clients, because the "components" defined on the bugtracker point to both of them16:18
shroxkstenger: Haha, sure. That can be clarified later. I just wanted to clear up which bits of the relatario code I've got to play with. It could mean either modifying directly or being inspired from, that's secondary.16:18
shroxkstenger: Is it just FODT that I have to worry about or even FODS, etc.? At this point I'm unsure what I'll have to do for the other formats. I do think it will use the same code though.16:20
kstengershrox: hmm good question, there is no mention to fods in the wiki, I guess it could be good to add both16:26
prayashmkstenger: Okay. I'll explore tryton client as well. There's a problem I having. Running bin/trytond -c CONFIG, when I open http://localhost:8000/ there's only one line in the body saying "http://localhost:8000/index.html"16:26
prayashmkstenger: I am using virtualenv now. I am dropped and created the database again, but no luck.16:27
prayashmkstenger: Any idea, where the problem might be?16:28
kstengerprayashm: you probably miss to add the 'root' value in the web section of the config file pointing to the directory where you have sao installed16:28
shroxkstenger: Okay, thanks! Another question. since I am not acquainted with genshi. The function insert_directives in, it says it "adds the genshi directives, handle the images and the innerdocs.".16:29
shroxkstenger: By add does the function actually add them in the template, or do they mean recognize the directives that are already on the template?16:30
prayashmkstenger: You are awesome! I don't know how it was working earlier this morning when I cloned everything from the start.16:30
shroxkstenger: Here is the function for your reference16:30
shroxkstenger: Forgot to paste the link :P16:32
kstengerprayashm: I was dealing with that for a while and got it solved 2 days ago :p16:33
kstengershrox: from the repository you can paste references to the lines, like this (I'm analising your question)16:40
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ovnicrafthi i found this mirror  on github, are official from tryton_org ?16:43
kstengerovnicraft: yes, for what I know it is updated on a daily basis16:44
kstengershrox: it is adding the requested directives from the template for what I see here
kstengershrox: but I'm not sure f this answers your question16:46
ovnicraftkstenger, great16:46
kstengershrox: it does not add to the template, it is parsing the template16:54
ovnicrafti am lookin for run sao client, so i clone hg repo and install it17:05
ovnicraftbut i cant find a grunt task to run it17:06
ovnicrafthow can i run it ?17:06
prayashmovnicraft: You need to clone trytond, specify root as the path of the sao repo, and then run trytond server. That's how sao runs.17:07
prayashmovnicraft: Specify root and database in the config file.17:07
ovnicrafti cloned both repos and installed trytond deps i found this
ovnicraftprayashm, just needed that  ?17:09
ovnicrafti refer to documentation link17:09
prayashmovnicraft: right. go on and run the trytond server with bin/trytond -c CONFIGFILE17:10
prayashmovnicraft: You have added the root = /path/to/sao/repo to config file, ryt?17:11
ovnicraftprayashm, by now my conf is
ovnicraftneed an specific section for root ?17:13
kstengerovnicraft: development version ?17:14
kstengerovnicraft: if so, you have to check development docs here
kstengerah, then no17:15
kstengerovnicraft: before 3.9, web section was called jsonrpc17:16
kstengerset the root and listen variables in the jsonrpc section17:16
kstengerhopefully it will work, altough i didn't try this on 3.8 yet17:16
ovnicrafti can switch to default branch and do it17:17
kstengerovnicraft: it's the preferred version if you plan develop17:17
ovnicraftkstenger, python deps change from 3.8.4 to default branch  ?17:18
ovnicraftmy venv has 3.8.4 deps from nantic tasks/requirements.txt17:18
ovnicraftbtw, my first issue is try to run tryton and sao client17:18
kstengerovnicraft: I think psycopg2, it needs to be >= 2.517:18
kstengerovnicraft: I cannot tell for others17:19
kstengerovnicraft: which are the issues?17:19
ovnicraftwerkzeug dep17:20
ovnicrafttryton has not requirements.txt  :(17:20
kstengerovnicraft: ah yes, I had to install that one17:20
prayashmkstenger: Is there any reason for two docs instances? One at and another at
kstengerprayashm: version17:21
prayashmkstenger: is for 3.8, what is the readthedocs instance for?17:21
ovnicraftok now its installed17:22
kstengerprayashm: development version17:22
ovnicraftsao runs at 8000 ?17:22
kstengerovnicraft: same port you set up in your config file, usually 800017:22
ovnicraft6727 139996409247488 [2016-03-20 16:21:09,563] INFO werkzeug  * Running on http://localhost:8000/ (Press CTRL+C to quit)17:23
kstengerso yes ovnicraft17:23
ovnicraftkstenger,  and browser render this in plain text http://localhost:8000/index.html/17:24
kstengerovnicraft: show me a paste of your current config file17:24
kstengerovnicraft: still on 3.8 ?17:25
ovnicraftnow in default17:26
kstengerok, so add a web section as explained in the docs, with listen and root values17:26
kstengercurrently your root value is inside database section17:27
kstengerovnicraft: ^17:27
ovnicraftkstenger, yay !17:28
ovnicraftso next step the db17:30
kstenger(bbiaw, lunch)17:31
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sisalphello, need an explaination about "send the report" button17:48
sisalpis it enough to configure smtp to make Tryton server send the mail ?17:49
sisalpis there a mail template somewhere ?17:49
sisalpand I don't understand where to indicate smtp server user/password in configuration.17:51
sisalpsorry, have to dig a bit, seems I already have part of the answers.17:54
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shroxkstenger: Thanks for the clarification!18:04
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shroxkstenger: The following is an import in in the trytond code18:46
shroxkstenger: from relatorio.templates.opendocument import Manifest, MANIFEST18:46
shroxkstenger: But manifest has never actually been used18:47
shroxkstenger: Nor has anything else from opendocument18:47
shroxkstenger: How is trytond then using relatorio to make reports?18:47
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kstengershrox: it seems the code where Manifest and MANIFEST where used was removed (trying to figure out when and why). So you should focus on the use of relatorio.reporting I believe.19:17
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kstengershrox: check "hg diff -c 5115" to understand why it was removed19:24
prayashmkstenger: Could you tell What are Static and Dynamic states of field?19:40
kstengerprayashm: give me more context pls20:08
prayashmkstenger: I am trying to fix the required field issue for separators.20:09
prayashmkstenger: I was reading through documentation, came across that fields can have a required attribute and states attribute which has a dict which can have required value (dynamic)20:10
prayashmkstenger: So I didn't understand the requirement of a static and dynamic states.20:11
kstengerah prayashm, yes, as you can see the readonly and required fields can be passed in two ways, one is directly as a parameter (with a static value), and the other is through the states parameter (as a dynamic dictionary where you can use pyson statements [so making it dynamic])20:27
prayashmkstenger, pyson statements. I am yet to read that.20:28
prayashmkstenger, I think I could fix the issue for sao. Optimizing a bit.20:29
kstengeryes, well, it's a way to set the value of these parameters depending on some condition at each time, the best way (in my own experience) to understand them, is to see a lot of examples from the code20:29
kstenger(talking about pyson ^ )20:30
kstengerand usually, when you have a pyson expresion that depends on the value of another field, then you have to add it to the depends parameter20:30
kstengerit's a bit complex at first, but I think you don't need this for this issue at least20:31
kstengerif you feel confident with sao, then I can help you with gtk, remember both patches should be ready in order to be able to apply them to the repo :-)20:32
prayashmkstenger, the thing is I am not cent percent sure. Can I just send the sao patch for review?20:33
kstengeryes, and you can even get it accepted, but both should be ready to be commited to the repo20:33
kstengerit would be on hold until both are ok20:34
kstenger(I have a patch myself in this condition... but I'm just learning JS... I hope I can get it ready some day soon :)20:34
prayashmkstenger, Is there any document for Coding Guidelines?20:44
kstengerprayashm: did you check ?20:46
prayashmkstenger, Yep, I was reading the same page.20:47
prayashmkstenger, Under Submitting Codereview the first point is follow coding guidelines. I was wondering if there's any specific page for it.20:47
kstengerprayashm: ok, I guess you wanted some more on the coding style, but I think there is nothing on it (altough I may be wrong). Just try to follow the same style you see in the existing code. In case something does not fit it will raise up in the code review.20:48
prayashmkstenger, great.20:49
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kstengerprayashm: I remembered, for python code, follow PEP820:56
kstengeron javascript I have no clue20:56
prayashmkstenger, Thanks20:56
prayashmkstenger, which way do you use for codereview?20:57
prayashmkstenger, or hgreview?20:57
kstengerit's the best20:57
kstengerand I never could make work for me :D20:57
prayashmkstenger, I am unable to install hgreview20:57
kstengerit's also recomended in the guidelines20:57
kstengerwhat's the issue prayashm20:58
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prayashmkstenger, pip install hgreview shows
prayashmkstenger, and here's the pip.log21:00
prayashmlemme compile from source21:03
kstengeryes, I was going to suggest it, but it also looks like some dependency is not met, mercurial version?21:03
kstengerah... review... hmm21:03
kstengeryea, try from source... I don't know what it's trying to do21:04
kstengerremember to pip uninstall it21:04
prayashmkstenger, installing from source worked21:05
kstengerbtw, hgreview is probably something you want to install system wide21:05
prayashmkstenger, sure ... i'll do it.21:06
prayashmkstenger, can you recommend any fast introduction to mercurial?21:07
kstengerer... no... I learnt it the hard way, depending on the needs I was having at each time... you can probably easily google some tutorial, it's well documented too, and the #mercurial channel is very helping too21:08
kstengerdo you come from git?21:10
prayashmkstenger, I do. :)21:10
kstengerthen I have something for you... let me find it21:10
kstengerthis is useful for me, altough I'm doing the opposite path, leaning git after mercurial :)
kstengerACTION hating git... ugh21:12
prayashmkstenger, Thanks a hundred times!!21:14
kstengerglad to help :)21:14
prayashmkstenger, why are you hating git?21:15
kstengerprobably because I got too used to mercurial, and altough at first it seemed hard, later I understood it's simplicity, kind of the same happened to me with tryton (which I learnt at the same time). Now I have to use tome github repos and each thing I have to do gives me a headache :-D in particular, I don't yet understand the meaning of git branches...21:17
kstengerbah... :D21:18
kstengerfeel free to give me some advice prayashm :D21:18
prayashmkstenger, I read this book
prayashmkstenger, First 3 chaps are enough for most of the tasks.21:19
kstengerprayashm: thanks, I'll take a look :)21:20
prayashmkstenger, It is said that branching is the best feature of git.21:20
kstengerI don't know... I use hg log -G and everything makes sense to me in mercurial :)21:21
prayashmkstenger, are branches encouraged in hg too?21:23
kstengerjust do hg log -G in trytond repo and you'll see, there is a branch for each version, but the meaning of branch is quite different... altough I cannot explain it because I yet dont understand the concept in gt21:24
prayashmI saw it.21:24
prayashmkstenger, there are not many branches as much as generally used in git21:25
prayashmkstenger, they are like this
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prayashmkstenger, I uploaded the patch to codereview21:31
prayashmkstenger, the #1 message went blank. At what stage I could have specified that?21:33
kstengeron the git thing, as I understand it you make a branch for each fix before it get's applied to the develop or main  branch, right?21:37
kstengeron the patch, 1) the first "message" you see in rietveld is always blank (every time you upload a new patch set the message is blank)21:38
prayashmkstenger, yes ... after you are done with a branch, you can merge it with the master branch. And you can even delete the fix branch after merging.21:38
prayashmkstenger, oh okay then.21:39
kstenger2) you have to put the description of the fix in the message parameter to hg review (if it didn't open an editor like if you were doing a commit)21:39
kstenger(it should actually open an editor, I'm wondering if some config might be missing for you if this didn't happen)21:40
prayashmkstenger, I used -m flag21:40
prayashmkstenger, isn't that used for passing the comment/message in a single line?21:41
kstenger3) when you place this message, you put the commit message on the first line, and a longer description starting at the third line, leaving the last line for the issue number (the number in the bugtracker)21:41
kstengerah, no, don't use -m and it will open the editor21:41
kstenger4) if you already uploaded a patch without this info, you should go to rietveld and edit the issue (you should see a link for this on your own issues)21:42
kstengerand the message you will put should follow the ones stated in 3)21:43
kstengerprayashm: tell me if something is not clear21:43
prayashmkstenger, I understood. Editing the issue21:44
kstenger5) do not put the issue number in the commit message, no need for it as it goes below21:44
kstengerjust explain the fix21:44
kstengerprayashm: did you test your patch so the label shows accordingly to each state?21:47
prayashmkstenger: I tested for required, not required21:48
prayashmkstenger: I should have checked for readonly as well?21:48
kstengercool, the patch is surprising for me in my lack of js knowledge :)21:48
kstengerwell, the patch only talk about required. You can discuss this on the bugtracker, maybe they consider it could go all together21:50
kstengers/the patch/the bugtracker issue/21:51
prayashmkstenger, Does this mean "s/the patch/the bugtracker issue/" I should read "the bugtracker" as "the patch issue"?21:52
kstengerin my opinion, it should not go on this issue21:52
prayashmkstenger, I am new to irc too!21:52
kstengerno, when we use s/something/whatever/ it means a substitution (usually used in vim, so very common in opensource idiom :-)21:53
kstengersubstitutes "something" by "whatever" in the previous sentence21:54
prayashmkstenger, oh okay... that's nice21:55
kstengerprayashm: if you look at rietveld patch now, it has a link pointing to the issue21:55
kstengerand in a few minutes there will be a link in the issue pointing to rietveld patch21:56
prayashmkstenger, yep, I noticed that.21:56
prayashmkstenger, btw can I delete the #3 message on the patch?21:56
kstengerso, wait until this link appears and add a message in the bugtracker saying you posted a new review for it21:56
kstengerprayashm: nah, don't worry, it's just for exchanging information during the life of the patch in rietveld21:57
kstengerall comments, general or in-line will appear there and be emailed to you21:57
prayashmkstenger, I thought the issue had to referenced in the message21:57
prayashms/to/to be21:58
kstengerjust in the first message when you submit the review21:58
kstengerahh, there is something else... when you mess up the first message this happens, the bugtracker doesn't put the review number accordingly until you resend the review22:00
prayashmkstenger, Ohhh!22:00
prayashmkstenger, So first I will close the patch issue and then resend?22:00
kstengerso just use hg review again, and put 'repost' (or the like as the message) this just describes the patchset, so no need for more22:00
kstengerno need to close22:01
prayashmkstenger, where should I put the "repost"?22:01
prayashmkstenger, in the commit message22:01
prayashmkstenger, ?22:01
kstengerin this case you can just hg review -m 'repost'22:02
kstengerthat's it prayashm :)22:06
kstengernow you should wait for a review, and take care of any comments you get22:06
prayashmkstenger, I just noticed the reviews field in the bug tracker. I could have put the codereview number and updated the bugtracker issue isn't it?22:07
kstengeryes :)22:07
prayashmkstenger, great!22:08
kstengerbtw, dont forget to put a message regarding your new review upload in the bugtracker, nosy list get's notified for new comments but not for new review22:08
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prayashmkstenger, Just did that. Thanks a lot for helping throughout!22:15
kstengeryou're welcome prayashm!22:21
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