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prayashmHello! Does anyone have the postgresql export of the demo instance? Or point me to the place where it exists, I couldn't find it.03:58
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shroxkstenger: Hey! I know you're probably not online. But just to let you know, I've submitted the draft of the proposal. Check it out and do let me know if there are any changes that I need to make. And let cedk know too, of course.04:44
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shroxcedk: I have submitted my proposal as a draft. Do check it out and let me know what changes I might need to make. Thanks!09:16
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cedkshrox: OK09:19
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shroxcedk: You are Belgian, right? Really sad, the attack. :/14:44
cedkshrox: yes but not in Brussels, thx14:58
shroxcedk: I'm working on the tax_rounding patch. Can you help me interpret the errors that I am getting?
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shroxcedk: I know the error is somehow related to the configuration.xml file which tries to parse15:12
cedkshrox: you have a search attribute in the XML that doesn't return a unique value15:13
cedkshrox: also you must update your proteus version15:13
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phellerHello - cedk:  Was sorry to hear the news today.  I hope you, all the B2CK people, and all your loved ones are ok.15:25
cedkpheller: thanks, as far as we know we are all rights15:27
shroxcedk: Okay. But I can't figure how to correct it. Why was the same XML working okay in the account_invoice module?15:30
cedkshrox: I guess it is linked to
cedkshrox: you don't register the model so it is not in the database and so the search doesn't find it15:36
shroxcedk: I see. I see. Thanks for the nudge! Will check it after dinner.15:39
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Lipehello, can anyone help me to understand what is up with this error when i try to import productcs ? .  This is the file i am trying to import
cedkLipe: a Many2One value is not an ID16:54
cedkLipe: are you trying to import a Tryton export?16:55
Lipeyes i am testing import a product that i exported from tryton and changed a few fields...16:56
cedkLipe: the Tryton export is not necessary a compatible Tryton import16:56
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Lipeis the file i posted in second pastebin wrong?16:57
cedkLipe: i can not say because I don't understand the titles16:59
cedkLipe: but for many2one, you should have the record name as value17:00
Lipeyou sayng that there is a many2one field that has a wrong value right?17:01
Lipecould it be the product name?17:03
Lipedoes product name has to be between quotes?17:04
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Lipecedk: english versiĆ³n of my import file
Lipecan anyone give me hand solving this import issue?17:41
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Lipetrying to import this product . When i use autodetect fields i get this error message: , when i select the fields manually i get this error message: please, help?17:46
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Lipei miss-selected fields so know i update, when i tryto to manually select fields i get a "invalid literal" error when i auselect fields still get errors as posted before, if you know how i can improve importing funcionality please help me18:03
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